Remnant Part II (USS Endeavour Mission)

"Remnant Part II"
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Gorn-Klingon Corridor

  • Destruction of Borg Remnant's Cube
  • Recovery of Lieutenant Kessel and Captain Byrne from the Borg
  • Apparent destruction of the USS Endeavour and apparent death of Captain Byrne
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Arc: Remnant (2 of 2)
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With Captain Byrne and Lieutenant Kessel assimilated by the Borg, and the plan to destroy the stolen Open Core technology unsuccessful, the crew of the Endeavour must try to fight past their emotions and complete the task set out for them by their Captain.

Remnant Part II is to be the conclusion of the story as begun in Remnant Part I.


Information on the events portrayed during this mission are coming soon.

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Background Information

  • Remnant Part II is set to see a cameo of a ship formerly commanded by Endeavour assistant game-master Kyle (Gaius Ra-Xialli); the USS Scimitar. The Scimitar will be commanded by Kyle's former character, Marine Colonel Kyle Shafto and his first officer Commander David Murdoc, who was played by game master Matt and later incorporated into other sims within Pegasus Fleet, though each sim closed down before the end of the episode the character was introduced (USS Caboto and Starbase 519).
  • The inclusion of the Murdoc character in this mission is a contradiction to previously established canon both of the Scimitar sim and of Pegasus Fleet sims, but it has been described as a ret con, due to the character's minimal use since the closure of the Scimitar sim.
  • Remnant Part II is set to be the final appearance of the USS Endeavour as a sim in its own right, with the surviving crew transferring to the USS Highlander to continue the game under a different name. Game master Matt is due to replace the character of Benjamin Byrne with the character Captain Tim Williams

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