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"Remnant Part I"
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Experimental starship Chariot acquired by Borg Remnant. Captain Byrne and Lieutenant Kessel assimilated

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Arc: Remnant (1 of 2)
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As the Endeavour and her crew return to the Klingon border to continue their patrol, they receive a distress call from a private research station conducting tests on a new type of engine. Before the crew can even begin the investigation into the disappearance of the prototype vessel fully, the station is attacked by a Borg Cube.


As the USS Endeavour departs Klingon space to return to its previously assigned patrol route, the ship rendezvouses with the Starship Scimitar to transfer the survivors of the Tomahawk and to take on a small number of new personnel transfers. A few hours later, the ship makes a rendezvous with a shuttlecraft carrying their new chief of security, Lieutenant Ciaran McIntyre.

The ship continues on its patrol of the border regions with relatively no further disruptions, which gives the crew plenty of time to consider the death of their former security chief, Tettly Biggs, who was killed by a former Romulan agent with a past affiliation to the captain. The melancholy aboardship is disrupted by the receipt of a distress signal emanating from the private research outpost Hyperion, and the ship changes course to investigate.

Unable to establish communications contact with the station due to background radiation, Commander Ra-Xialii leads an away team to the station to conduct a search and try to find out what the cause of the distress signal was. Though the station's staff are initially unable to communicate with the away team, Lieutenant Kessel is able to determine that the same background radiation disrupting communications with the ship is interfering with the Universal Translators, and is able to alter the station's shield harmonics to filter out the radiation sufficiently for the translators to begin functioning again.

Before the station's staff are able to explain the cause of their distress call, the Endeavour detects a ship approaching the station and - communications with the station now established - advises the away team to stand by while the crew identifies the craft. Though oddly mis-shapen as a result of hull plating and intact parts of entire starships being absorbed or grafted onto the hull, it is clearly identifiable as a Borg Cube, and the captain orders the ship to red alert. Instructing the away team to begin evacuating, Byrne orders the ship to be positioned between the Cube and the station, just as the Borg issue their customary greeting, instructing the crew to prepare to be assimilated.

Ordering all forward weapons to fire on the cube, the Endeavour is able to buy enough time for the station to be evacuated before leaving the area at warp, but at a cost to several forward sections of the hull. While meeting to discuss the situation, Doctor Serafim - the chief scientist of the station - informs the bridge crew that he recognised one of the forms emerging from the Cube's hull. Bringing up a visual on the observation lounge's viewscreen, he tells them that the almost intact ship visible on the Cube's hull is called the Chariot. The Chariot was testing a new type of engine called a Binary Open Core, which contains matter and antimatter in a containment field rather than the traditional warp core casing, and which allows the reaction to be manipulated with far more precision than previously possible. By operating two of these cores in tandem, the scientists had hoped to be able to allow starships to travel much faster and farther than is possible with standard warp cores. The station issued its distress call because they had lost contact with the prototype vessel.

Deciding that the Borg could not be allowed to keep this technology, and deducing that the unusual state of the Borg vessel is likely a result of the virus introduced to the Collective by the Starship Voyager cutting them off from the rest of the Collective and from their usual resources, the crew decide that they must destroy the vessel by overloading the Open Core. Captain Byrne elects to lead the away team onto the Cube himself, and instructs Commander Ra-Xialii to begin laying a cloaked minefield to try and lure the cube in should their plan to overload the core fail.

Beaming aboard the cube with Doctor Serafim, Lieutenants Kessel, McIntyre, Stott and two other security officers, Byrne leads them to the chamber emitting the highest power readings on the ship, and the team discovers that the Borg have been able to extract the entire Open Core drive, and tunnel it through their own vessel to bring it closer to their power conduits. As Byrne orders charges to be set on the data nodes storing the Borg's schematics of the drive and orders for the core to be put into overload, Doctor Serafim tries to save as much of the data regarding the core as he can, triggering an alarm. Their presence now seen as a threat by the Borg, the team rushes to try and complete their task, but during their escape, the Borg capture and assimilate Lieutenant Kessel, prompting Captain Byrne and Lieutenant Stott to go to his aide. While Stott is knocked from the suspended walkway the team are standing on and falls to his death, Captain Byrne is assimilated by another drone, and McIntyre must escape the Cube without them.

As the Endeavour finishes laying its minefield, the ship receives the distress signal from the away team, and moves in to retrieve them. Using the assimilated knowledge from Lieutenant Kessel, the Borg are able to abort the overload of the open core, and enters warp, leaving the Endeavour stranded without its captain.

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  • Remnant Part I and II were conceived by chief engineer Benjamin Lowe (Lieutenant Kessel) and game master Matt Williams as a series of episodes to build more upon the character of Kessel. Williams has always been wary of writing episodes involving the Borg due to the tendency for them to be written as overpowered and yet still ploughed through by the crew of the game writing the mission, but stated that he found the premise of the episode and the far diminished form of the Borg set to appear in it appealing and a 'new take on the idea'.

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