Rosaria Corsi

Rosaria Domenica Corsi
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Physical Description

5' 10"


136 lbs




Steel Grey

Political Information

United Federation of Planets Starfleet


USS Shiloh


Chief Security Officer, Chief Tactical Officer

Played By:

Matthew Williams

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Lieutenant Rosaria Domenica Corsi is a Federation Starfleet officer serving the Eleventh Fleet. She is most noted for her position as Chief of Security of the USS Shiloh, a Lexington-class vessel.

Rosaria's natural appearance does anything but betray her profession as a security officer, or her proficiency in martial arts. A lithe build, her skin is very smooth and clear, a trait that has been inherited through her family since its roots in Renaissance Italy's nobility. He blonde hair, hanging just past her shoulders, is usually brushed but left to hang free around her neck, unless she is in a training program or is expecting personal combat, in which case she will tie it into a pony-tail.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Rosaria is a very bouncy individual, often smiling and wanting to have a laugh with people, and make new friends. However, during her career as a security officer, she has learnt to temper that bubbly personality with seriousness when it is required. She will not shy away from berating a junior officer who deserves it, and she knows when the time and the place is for jokes and odd comments.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Strengths: Highly proficient in martial arts (Mok'bara and Aikido among others)
Holds a good reputation amongst her security team
Strong knowledge of the security protocols of Starfleet, and the standard procedures used for most Alpha and Beta Quadrant species.

Weaknesses: Cares a little too much what others think of her sometimes.
The rift between her and her father/grandfather can be bothersome to her mentality during work hours at times when it is brought to the front of her mind.


Rosaria hopes to progress up the rank ladders, aiming for the rank of Commander. She is happy with the security field, but has not decided yet whether she wishes to transfer to a command track at any point in the future.

Hobbies & Interests

Rosaria enjoys practising her martial arts, and she enjoys playing both the Lute and the Viol, preferring the music of the Renaissance era of Earth - she can even play a few of the songs composed by her ancestor, Jacopo Corsi. She also enjoys telling others of the history and culture of her birth country, a topic she herself finds fascinating.


Federation Standard, Italian, Portions of Klingon, Romulan and Cardassian


Father: Giovanni Calogero Corsi
Mother: Delia Caterina Corsi
Sister: Carmina Bruna Corsi
Brother: Eduardo Rufino Corsi


Born in Florence, Italy, Rosaria is the oldest of her two siblings, Eduardo and Carmina, and has always acted as such, being the protective big sister that they have both sometimes needed, and have both certainly become accustomed to. Her hometown is where she developed the love of her country's history, and the Italian Renaissance, as Florence (or Firenze, as it was known to the locals of the time) was the birthplace of the era, spawning many of the great figures known throughout Earth's history since as Renaissance Men.

Unfortunately for her, she had to move away from her birthplace at the age of 14, so that her father could live closer to the hub of activity that was San Francisco, in order to run the business he had inherited from his brother the year before. Corsi Haulage was a long-standing freighter company, with a history in the Federation spanning over a hundred years, and Giovanni was keen to keep it alive and well after the passing of his brother.

The company had not been without its black marks, however. One particular such mark was the cause of the deep-seated resentment both Giovanni, and his own father, Jacopo, felt for Starfleet. In the year 2306, one of the Corsi freighters was passing on a route which would take it near what became the Romulan Neutral Zone as it delivered cargo from Sol to Tarod via Benzar, before returning via a detoured route taking it to Kaleb. The course was so close in fact, that the ship's sensors, with a few modifications, would be able to scan well past the borders, and pick up any ship movements by the Romulans nearby.

Tension with the Romulans was still precarious, but the Federation had been trying to develop a cloaking device of its own to mirror the Romulans' for decades, and so they recruited the captain of the freighter - Jacopo's brother, Eduardo, for whom Rosaria's brother is named - to perform a spy operation, boosting his ship's sensor capabilities and asking that he transmit them all data he can find the other side of the border. Needless to say, the plan didn't go accordingly, and the freighter was discovered, Eduardo captured, his crew killed. Eduardo died in captivity months before the Tomed Incident which led to the banning of the Federation's research into the development of cloaking devices.

Starfleet's refusal to interfere for fear of political retaliation angered Jacopo to a frenzy, and he even cut off contracts with Starfleet for the remainder of the time that he ran the company, now under sole ownership as his brother and he had each owned 50% shares. This action had to be reversed in order to preserve the company when the business was transferred into Giovanni's name years later, but it was not a decision he took lightly, having inherited his father's dislike of Starfleet.

It was this incident which caused a huge rift to form between Rosaria and her family when she decided to join Starfleet herself. She had always dreamt of the stars, but had wanted to do more with her life than ferry cargo around; she wanted to serve a real purpose, and her logic told her that by joining Starfleet as a security officer, she could prevent anything from happening to anybody under her watch. Since the day she was accepted to the Academy, Rosaria hasn't spoken a word to either her father or her grandfather. Her mother on the other hand, was more conservative in her feelings - not being born into the family, she didn't grow up with the seed of hatred, and understood Rosaria's choice. They still speak from time to time, though Giovanni becomes furious if he discovers the discreet communiques between the two.

Rosaria's life in Starfleet wasn't exactly easy. Without family support, she had no stick to lean on as far as any emotional insecurities or troubles came, and it took her a long time to begin to lean on the counselling arm of Starfleet Medical for assistance, believing that to see a counsellor would be to accept a weakness, and present it to the world.

At the end of her third year in the Academy, she met and began dating a fellow Cadet, Howard Starkly. Starkly was on a different career path to her, as he was studying medicine, hoping to be a healer rather than a fighter. Though their two philosophies and career choices clashed, their personalities did not, and the two stayed as a couple for six years, until they finally decided that the distance wouldn't work for them, after they each got posted to separate quadrants, Starkly on a long-term deep-space mission, where live communications wouldn't be possible.

Despite this, Rosaria's career progessed well. She became a tactical officer on the USS Hightown, before shifting her position slightly to that of a security officer, when her department head made note of the skills in martial arts she had been practising since she was fifteen. She continued to serve on the Hightown until she was reposted, replacing the outgoing assistant chief of security on the USS Medici, instantly warming to the ship due to the rich history behind its name. During her assignments to both ships, she became known as the walking history lesson, often spending her time in the mess hall explaining little bits about Renaissance Italy to anyone who would listen. Eventually, she would become the chief of security on the Medici, until the old vessel was due to be retired.

Due to her impressive service record, and the extensive amount of away teams she led and flew on, she received nothing less than a glowing recommendation from her commanding officer, and as a result was posted to the USS Shiloh, one of the largest and frontline ships of the newly-reformed 11th Fleet, in the Galactic South.

Service Record

  • Enrolled, Starfleet Academy -- Cadet
  • Tactical Officer, USS Hightown -- Ensign
  • Security Officer, USS Hightown -- Ensign
  • Security Officer, USS Hightown -- Lieutenant JG
  • Assistant Chief of Security, USS Medici -- Lieutenant JG
  • Chief of Security, USS Medici -- Lieutenant
  • Chief of Security, USS Shiloh -- Lieutenant