Ryan Lawson

Ryan Lawson
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December 12th, 2354

Physical Description

6’ 0”


160 lbs





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USS Illinois


Commanding Officer

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Physical Description

Standing at six foot tall Ryan looks very much like his father at his age you’ll normally see him wearing his gold Starfleet uniform at all times except when he’s of duty which consists of a long sleeved shirt, jeans, boots and a jacket or normally whatever he can find the is clean around his quarters as he hates to do the washing. Ryan has dark blue eyes and brown hair that is cut to Starfleet regulations but still Ryan hates long hair and as soon as it gets to his nose he’ll cut it of.

Personality & Traits

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Strengths & Weaknesses

Fast to act, can adapt to new things quickly, Intelligent

Stubborn, trouble finds him, too trusting and loyal,

Hobbies & Interests

Martial Arts, Reading, Spending time in the Holosuites,


Federation standard, Klingon, Vulcan, Romulan, Cardassian.



  • Ryan Lawson SR


  • Jessica Lawson


  • Daniel Lawson


  • Katrina Lawson


Born on Earth in Australia Brisbane Ryan Lawson’s mother died in childbirth leaving his father to care for him. Ryan’s father was a Starfleet Captain in charge of a starbase light years away from Earth. Ryan was sent to his grandparents place in Sydney to be looked after during his school years. At the age of eighteen Ryan applied for Starfleet Academy. Ryan started the process and he got accepted into the Academy after passing the exam tests, however Ryan didn’t tell his father that he had applied for Starfleet and so weeks before he was shipped out he visited his father on starbase 956. Ryan returned to Earth and was shipped out to San Francisco to the Starfleet Academy where he began his career.

Ryan’s academy life was hard, he struggled through his first year only to get a small passing grade. Ryan began to get better with each passing year. Ryan’s final year at the academy saw him being placed onboard the USS Hawk for his final training exercise. Ryan found himself not getting along with his fellow cadets but after their mission in an unknown nebula they found themselves working together to get through. Ryan graduated from the Academy and was transferred over to the USS Vulture as a junior Security Officer. It was weeks before Ryan experienced his first actual combat mission.

The crew of the USS Vulture was tailing a Breen frigate. The Breen frigate was under investigation and Starfleet HQ wanted to know what happened to the civilians of the planet Rox’ina. After a day into the tailing the Breen frigate suddenly stopped and span around moments later two more Breen frigates exited warp and joined the first. The USS Vulture’s Captain hailed the lead frigate but they had no response from it at all and before they knew it the Vulture was being hit from all sides. The bridge was targeted and the Captain received major injuries causing The Vulture’s XO to take temporally command of the ship. Ryan was ordered to assist the assistant security officer. Their task was to board the lead frigate and take it down.

The fight didn’t last long and the USS Vulture had soon one the battle and the lead frigate’s Captain Mer was placed under arrest. The USS Vulture suffered heavy damage and the only place that had a spacedock was starbase 956 and so Ryan’s father was contacted and asked to receive emergency injured crew, however the Captain died before they could reach the starbase. The USS Vulture was docked at starbase 596 for months before it was ready and it received its new commanding officer which was it’s xo. The USS Vulture left starbase 596 and continued it’s current mission the Breen Captain was shipped back to Earth for further questioning.

It wasn’t long before Ryan was soon transferred back to Earth he was placed in Starfleet HQ. Starfleet HQ was in need of security officers for a much needed mission. Ryan spent eight months at HQ wondering what Starfleet had in store for him it was soon clear that they were mounting a rather large fleet to invade a Borg controlled planet so they could stop them at their plans. Ryan was ordered to the USS Omega a galaxy class starship. The many starships left Earth and became Epsilon fleet and the USS Omega assumed the role of the fleet’s flagship. Ryan was nervous as they approached the Borg planet as was everyone else.

Epsilon fleet arrived at the planet and all ships exited warp. The Borg attacked first and the Omega immediately began its assault. They were able to destroy the first wave of Borg ships but more Borg ship soon arrived. Only three ships made it through the blockade but this was Starfleet’s plan. The USS Omega, Typhoon and Apollo reached the planet and beamed down security team after security team. Ryan was among the first teams to be beamed down. Ryan’s team reached it’s target first they had been ordered to place several explosives around the inner main city before doing anything else. The outer wall was down and Starfleet troops moved in. Ryan’s team quickly made their way to the shipyard while the other team rescued human prisoners that hadn’t been turned.

The Borg shipyard was successfully destroyed and the human prisoners were beamed onboard the Omega, Typhoon and Apollo. The Starfleet security personal were beamed back to their ships shortly afterwards. The space battle was ending with the remaining Borg ships destroyed, Starfleet had won this battle for now at least. Epsilon fleet returned back to Earth to undergo some much needed repairs and Ryan was permanently stationed onboard the Omega as the security chief xo since the old one died during the space battle. It didn’t take long before the USS Omega was up and running. The Omega was sent into Romulan territory. It was a week before they were attacked by Romulan’s but the USS Omega was ready for action as always.

Ryan assumed command of security when a Romulan strike force boarded the Omega and killed the security commanding officer. Ryan ordered the spread out security officers to reinforce Engineering, Bridge and other important places. The battle was over after three long hours fighting the Romulan’s. Ryan was given a field promotion and was officially placed in command of security. The USS Omega followed the Romulan ship that attacked them and warped out moments later, they found them in a spacedock orbiting the K’Larn world. The crew of the USS Omega discovered the [[Romulan]’s were trying to adapt borg tech into their own so they could be more powerful then the other species.

The Captain of the USS Omega decided that they should destroy the spacedock but in order to complete the mission they needed to beam over a small team of engineers, marines and security personnel over in order to shut down the force field that was stopping them from attacking it. Ryan took command of the strike team and was beamed over while the Omega fought back the ships that the Romulan’s sent in. Soon the force field was taken down and the strike force team was beamed back to the Omega shortly afterwards the spacedock was destroyed and they had stopped the Romulan’s from using Borg tech. Ryan soon received new orders to report to the USS Illinois for new assignment.

Service Record

Accepted Into Starfleet Academy

Y-o1.png USS Vulture (Security Officer)

Y-o2.png USS Omega

Y-o3.png USS Omega (Assistant Chief Security Officer)

USS Omega (Chief Security Officer)

R-o4.png USS Illinois (Commanding Officer)

R-o5.png USS Illinois (Commanding Officer)