Sacha Kajinski

This character is a PNPC of the player Enor and may not be used without permission.

Sacha Kajinski is a Science Officer in Starfleet serving onboard the USS Eagle.

Sacha Mikhail Kajinski, PNPC
Biographical Information

Russia, Earth






Jan 16, 2354

Physical Description



234 lbs




Hazel, Changes

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USS Eagle

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Physical Description

Sacha is a very tall human male with blond hair and beard, eyes that change color and long legs. He is broad and athletic and has a wide friendly face and his teeth are a brilliant white. His eyes are his best feature; they look purple when in shadow, green in bright light, and grey at an angle. He is brawny without being comical and likes to show it off with fitted tshirts and tanktops.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Sacha is a friendly, smiling man but can be quiet when authority figures chastise him. This is a result of his abusive father. Most of the time, though he is outgoing and friendly. He is reasonably good with women but is no Romeo. He has anger issues and is undergoing counseling.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Sacha is friendly man who will help anyone who asks for it. He does okay with women but is not overly romantic. He can sometimes be stubborn and pigheaded and sometimes will lose his temper if things are not seen his way. He can be insensitive at times and irritates his girlfriends but always makes it up to her. He also is scarred from the experiences of his father beating his mother. He is now trying to break the cycle.


Sacha’s ambition was not to be a Starship captain like most cadets but to be an admiral in Starfleet's science division by the time he was 45. Now however, he just wants to break his family’s cycle of abuse.

Hobbies & Interests

3D and 4D Chess, dancing, dating, holodecks, surfing, soccer, and gymnastics holovids, surfing, reading bound books especially Inheritance Cycle and Harry Potter and dabo, pool and poker.


Russian, Federation Standard with Accent



  • Boris Kajinski


  • Tatiana Kajinski



Sacha grew up with his sister in the shadow of the city of Moscow. He loved the snow but hated the extreme cold in winter. His childhood was not very happy because his father was a drunk and beat his mother. Boris was placed under arrest when Sacha’s mother, Tatiana, finally had enough. Sacha was affected the most; he had no father to teach him to be a man. Their neighbor, Lt Mikhail Rabowski, took Sacha and Natasha under his wing and taught them what it really meant to be a man and a father. Sacha saw how Mikhail treated his wife and saw that that was a real man. He began trying to break the cycle, but he still couldn’t get rid of his anger. When his mother became ill, Natasha said that she was enlisting in Starfleet. She said she wanted to get away from it all. As a result she wasn’t there when Tatiana died; Sacha still has not spoken to her since. He decided to study medicine at Harvard and gained two degrees, one in Astrophysics and another in Astrometrics and became fluent in Klingon. At the age of 21, he decided to one-up his sister and join Starfleet. He was accepted into the Academy and flew through it with flying colors, finishing 21st in his class.

His first assignment was the USS Roosevelt. He has been there since its launch, and has done well. He met Laura Ramirez and started seeing each other; eventually the day came when he hit her. It was then he knew he needed counseling. He is now going t anger management classes and is in the care of the counselor.