Samson J Herat

Samson Jalil Herat is a Flight Control Officer serving on the USS Washington.

Samson Jalil Herat, PC
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USS Washington


Chief Flight Control Officer

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Physical Description

He has a tall, lean, muscular build with bronze skin and dark eyes. Samson keeps his hair cut short, and is known for his trademark cheeky grin. He's got the tell-tale signs of a tapered build and long legs, but no where near as much bulk on him as the other men in his family. He makes up for this with agility and speed. No marks or scarring on his person.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

A friendly and lively young man, Samson is always willing to make new friends and be a team player. He's still young and brash however, and like any young man his age, he rarely thinks before he speaks. This often lands him in trouble. All his stupidity aside, he has a brilliant mind with a love for anything technological.

While he is still learning how to command authority and respect, Samson is good at separating work and fun, his passion for engineering and science giving him the extra push to focus on the task at hand.

Strengths & Weaknesses

He has many strengths, both physically and mentally, with his intelligence and agility at the top of the list. However, his loud mouth and the naivety that comes with youth often get him in enough trouble to hold him back from his full potential. He is impulsive and eager to prove himself to his superiors and the ideal rose-glasses from which he sees the world can sometimes cloud his judgement.

All his bad points aside, Samson still has a long way to go and is learning fast. He has the potential to be one of the best.


Has a secret ambition to pull apart the engines of the original USS Enterprise. Otherwise, he's content on making his mother proud and making a career for himself in Starfleet as a technical genius.

Hobbies & Interests

Sam shares a strong love for the old Earth game of Ice Hockey with his Aunt, Commander Farnaz Herat. He shares similar taste in music, but unlike his Aunt, enjoys games of risk such as Dabo. He also has an interest in shuttle engines, and in his pet Mongoose, Snoopy.

With studying and working hard at the Academy now behind him, Sam now has the chance to develop a new interest - women.


Federation Standard, Terran Farsi (persian)



  • Captain Jabir Herat


  • Rehana Herat


  • Bilal
  • Sheriar

Other Family

  • Pet Terran Mongoose: Snoopy


Because his father was a Starfleet Captain, Samson never really had the chance to settle down in one place for more than a few years so he was home-schooled by his loving mother, an ex-lecturer of the Academy, until he was 17. He then moved to San Francisco to join Starfleet Academy.

Being the oldest child, Sam is the first in his generation of the Herat family to follow in the proud tradition of joining Starfleet. His brilliant level of intelligence pushed him far and fast through the Academy, and he was soon after graduation taken on in the research and development department of Starfleet Engineering HQ. It was here he worked on engine and propulsion systems as a test pilot, as his secondary training was as an Engineer.

After having spent time in helping to develop the latest warp technology, Samson has now taken on an assignment that caught him by the heartstrings. The USS Washington.

Service Record

- USS Endeavour; Propulsion Analyst (during academy year)
- Starfleet Engineering HQ; Warp Propulsion Research & Development Team; Test Pilot
- USS Washington