Sarah Byrne

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A beautiful young woman, Sarah has a clear complexion, and amazingly smooth skin. Often preferring to wear more practical clothes compared to what is deemed fashionable at the time, Sarah always appears beautiful no matter what she wears.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Sarah is an overall friendly person, able to mix and mingle with any number of people. Because of this, she makes friends easily, and is often heavily relied on by her husband for letting him know of any concerns that the crew might be keeping to themselves. She is also a fairly practicle woman, dealing with most small maintenance repairs around the quarters herself, rather than calling for Engineering. Most of her time, she spends with her son, Jacob.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Strengths; Friendly, able to mix with groups well - an 'inside ear' for her husband. Able to handle small repairs in the quarters.

Weaknesses; No specialised Starfleet field of work.


Sarah's main ambition in her earlier life was to start and raise a family. Half of that goal has so far been completed, with the other half 'in progress'.

Hobbies & Interests

Sarah enjoys playing musical instruments and reading, but most of all she enjoys spending time with children.


Federation Basic


Father: Johnathan Johnson
Mother: Amanda Johnson
Spouse: Benjamin James Byrne
Children: Jacob Benjamin Byrne


Born as the only daughter to Johnathan and Amanda Johnson in England on Earth, Sarah grew up with a privileged life. Though everything was provided for her from birth, she began to show a desire for self-independence from an early age, often refusing to be given something that she was trying to get, and preferring to struggle through (or up) to reach her goal.

With her family's wealth and ability to provide for her with no effort, Sarah didn't need to get a job, and was sent through one of the few private schools still in existance in the country. But despite not needing to, she went ahead and aimed for one anyway, ever-persistent in her desire to be self-providing. Taking a variety of lessons for her qualifications, she began training to be a teacher for young children, a group of people she had always immensely enjoyed spending time around. She attained her qualifications in 2366 at the age of 24, and started teaching at a school in San Francisco, an area where her family's influence would find it more difficult to become easily known, and where public schools were the norm.

She became a favourite with the children that she taught, and often received gifts from them at the end of term. During her time out of work, she began to become a regular at a local bar, which was frequented by members of the Byrne family when they were at home. It was there that she met Elizabeth Byrne, who was working at Starfleet Headquarters in the Sciences division. The two became friends, and when any of the other family members were home, Sarah would meet them too. All but one, who spent most of 2370 back on Earth working at Starfleet Command without ever being introduced to Sarah, until Tom and Liz introduced the two of them. She had been told beforehand about the incident with his ex-girlfriend who turned out to be a Romulan spy, and so for their first meeting, she made sure to try and make the man laugh.

Their first meeting was a huge success, and it wasn't long afterwards that they started seeing each other more regularly, and fell into a true relationship. The following year when Benjamin was offered a promotion and a posting on the starship Antartic, he was skeptical about accepting it, fearing that he would lose the life he had built up with Sarah over the months they had been together. She managed to convince him to take the post, but in the end only by agreeing to join him and live onboard.

Living in space was an entirely new experience for Sarah, and while Benjamin was on-duty and she had time to herself, she used it to develop the art of being a ship-board civilian, finding people to talk to and spend time with, and becoming a known person to talk to if someone had a problem or concern on their minds that they didn't want to take through the ship's counselor.

Three years later, Ben was offered a command of his own, but on the little warship Hendrix. There was no room for family onboard, and so when he accepted the command, he was forced to agree to set Sarah down on a planet for the duration of his term there. He only accepted the command after he had proposed to her, and Sarah had agreed to marry him.

After a small ceremony on Pacifica, which her parents were able to attend even at the outbreak of war thanks to their fortune, Benjamin left to fight in the war effort, and make sure his new wife stayed safe.

For the two years that Sarah lived on Pacifica, she expanded on the socialisation skills she had taught herself on the Antartic, and even took up teaching at a local Federation children's school. Benjamin would return to her alive and well two years later, but back as first officer of the Antartic, after the Hendrix was destroyed in the final battle of the war.

Taking up her old residence aboard the Galaxy-class starship, she continued to teach children, as there were a large number of them onboard the enourmous starship. The two of them lived there for another three years, until Ben was finally offered another promotion, and a command in the form of the Nova-class starship New York. It was shortly after his acceptance and promotion ceremony that Sarah learned that she was pregnant, and the two began preparing their quarters and the ship for a new child onboard.

When Jacob was born, he was the only child onboard the small scientific ship, and with Benjamin busy in command, Sarah spent most of her time looking after her new child. She was overjoyed at being a mother - ever since she had been a teenager, she had always wanted a family, as most girls do, and now finally her ambitions were being fulfilled.

She had a quiet life on the New York, raising Jacob for 8 years, taking him to see the various environments on planets they found, watching stellar phenomena with him from the mess hall, and as soon as he was old enough, teaching him the lessons she had been teaching children for most of her adult life. When the New York came under attack in 2386 and the warp core was breached, though, she began to panick. She had never been in a situation like this before, though the crews of starships had always drilled for it, including the civilians. It wasn't until Ben came to find her and his son at risk to his own life to take them to the escape pod that she felt safe. Even as she was forced to watch the little ship explode from their tiny little craft, she knew that Benjamin would protect her and their son.

Later that year, Benjamin was awarded another command, and the family moved in onboard the much larger Sovereign-class starship, the USS Endeavour.