Sean O'Connell

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Sean O'Connell is a Federation Starfleet officer serving as Chief of station Security on Starbase 332


Strengths & Weaknesses

Both the same in his opinion every strength is a weakness: No field experience made up with experiences at the academy as instructor. Expert marksman, Hand to Hand combat specialist.

Hobbies & Interests

Spends his free time finishing for his Master's degrees. Also likes to study historical mysteries and training his martial arts. Now and again uses the holodeck for re-enacting old Irish/[[Klingon battles and playing in ancient Earth football games.


Father: Dr. Padraig O'Connell M.D. (Lt, ret.)
Mother: Captain Moira O'Connell-Finnigan
Brother: Cadet 1st Year T'Kar O'Connell


Sean was born in a fleet family. His parents met during a seminar and it was hatred at first sight! They spent the whole seminar At each others throat. After that months of bickering over subspace... at some point his father suggested in jest that marriage might make the bickering easier on both, because they would be assigned together... His mother agreed so next stop Risa and the two became married. Opposites attract and so the O'Connell Family was born.

After a few years of marriage Sean was born his father and mother both left Starfleet to raise Sean in Ireland. His father decided that he liked being the 'country doctor' and removed himself from the reserve list from Starfleet to raise Sean and his younger brother T'kar aptly named after the Klingon who settled next door because he loved the green hills, whiskey of Ireland and the way Irish people ended in the pub when drunk.

Sean spent most of his youth in Cahersiveen playing football as a right back and doing so admirably if he was born 300 years earlier he probably would have been one of the best and overpaid footballers on Earth then. He had a an easy childhood, till his younger brother was born and his mother left. he hated not being the centre of attention and he hated his mother leaving for her career. As his father would often tell Sean left his younger brother with several people he even tried to sell him to the old lady down the street. This is where T'kar stepped in as unofficial godfather to Sean he decided that Sean needed distraction and started training the boy in moQ'bara and teaching him to respect and protect his younger brother, because someday he would be the leader of the house.

Sean cooled down and spent much time with his Klingon godfather and as he grew he started focusing on martial arts and dropped football completely. He still didn't have a good bond with his mother, but the bond with his younger brother and his father became stronger. He didn't turn Klingon, but he respected their teachings and heard great stories from his father about irish warriors. Deciding to learn gaelic he spent his teen years mastering the Irish tongue and being reared on the old Irish-and klingon stories. At 18 he decided to go to university and study history.

While at university he spotted a girl Marijke Visser, she studied law and Sean who was very much in love also enrolled in her classes. To afraid to ever speak up to her, but slowly working his 'charm' he started to get a bit too focused on the courses and after four years he received his bachelor degrees in history and law. Never even haven spoken to Marijke.

After hsi graduation he spent a few weeks at utopia planitia and felt he was missing something...not the Starfleet uniforms which looked like ugly potato bags too him, but he was staying on Earth while other people started to see the galaxy. He started speaking to his father and mother and his good friend T'kar why they had joined Starfleet or in the Klingons case the Klingon Defence Force. All speaking about their years at the academy the adventures and sheer boredom as well.

somehow it appealed to him...he was missing something. So deciding on having a few years off he enrolled into Starfleet. After two weeks of training for enlisted crewman he was 'strongly' advised to join the academy. being 22 and joining the academy he thought he would be on of the oldest humans especially with a few prodigies aged 16 in the front row at the start of the academy year he quickly found out that age didn't matter. While deciding his major he was advised with his academic background to focus his attention to the science departments, but arguing that spending four years in the books and from the stories of his parents he wanted some action. As a keen martial arts practitioner he excelled in the combat training especially in the hand to hand section despite being the worst marksmen of his year he showed that he could be a great security officer. Also deciding that to have a better chance of having a good,albeit short career n Starfleet he also enrolled in the tactical part, learning how to operate a ship in combat was something he really had to study for.

In his first two years the awkward around girls slowly shed and slowly became more confident in speaking to girls and even go out on his first date. He wasn't that bad looking, but just didn't feel he had anything to offer. Eventually he grew into a confident yet cocky security officer. Which is most common for young good cadets who start as some insecure young sprat after four years at the academy.

Before graduating he was offered a Staff position at the Academy. After speaking to his classmates he agreed on the position and after graduation was assigned as an ensign at the Academy as junior instructor.

Spending the last two years training new cadets in several field he also gained a chance to master a few of his own failings, it was like having a couple of years extra of training. Also developing his leadership skills and training his weaker points. Yet never being into space longer then a week or two he decided to scratch the itch of why he even joined Starfleet... adventure and seeing the galaxy. He could have stayed to finish his degrees in his original timescale he had figured that he would have obtained his masters degree in history or law by now. He did start the work spending his off time on studying historical mysteries and working on the paper work to obtain his master's degree in history, but for some reason it wasn't going as fast as he wanted he seemed impatient he was missing something

He decided to apply for a new posting a small ship yet hopefully some where close to some level of danger. Hearing from his mother there was a new ship being commissioned the USS Hawk...Sparrow or Eagle...what ever the name was he decided that the ship needed a well trained and highly educated security or tactical officer. He had a good discussion with his superiors explaining his reasons on cutting his assignment to the academy short and eventually them agreeing on his course of action. He sent an application to the CO of the USS Eagle with the recommendations of his superiors.

Due to reshuffling on the Eagle and his reassignment as Commandant of an Academy annex falling through. Sean accepted a temporary reassignment on Starbase 332. Even though his Assignment was thought to be Temporary he was offered the position of Head of station security and unofficial head of sector security with the promotion of Full Lieutenant.

Service Record

  • Starfleet Academy - Cadet
  • Starfleet Academy - Instructor
  • USS Eagle - Chief Security/Tactical Officer
  • Starfleet Academy Annex, New Holland - Academic Director
  • Starbase 332, Station Chief of Security