Shar kel-Zhane

This character is a PNPC of the player Enor and may not be used without permission.

Shar kel-Zhane is a biologist in Starfleet serving onboard the USS Eisenhower.

Shar kel-Zhane, PNPC
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June 14, 2355

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203 lbs





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USS Eisenhower



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Physical Description

Shar is a young Andorian male that is short for a male of his species and has a muscular build. His silver hair is cut short and his blue eyes make you feel as though you are being X-Rayed. He has many moles over his neck, and almost none below that. His teeth are white and straight.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Shar generally has a good sense of humor and loves playing practical jokes. He loves a good bit of fun, will work his best for his crew, has a high standard of morals and honor, and will attack anyone who tries to harm his crewmates, friends, or family out of his fierce sense of loyalty. He is quite cheerful but has a pet peeve of speaking ill of the dead.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Shar’s soft spot is for his daughter. He would do anything for her to keep her safe. His sense of ethics will sometimes prevent him from following a direct order, thus causing problems in the department. His sense of loyalty has caused more than one fight in his lifetime, and continues to do so. He does not understand languages very well, but is hoping to become a doctor.


Shar's plan is to have a bondgroup with three other Andorians (Andorians are not monogamous) and a family and to eventually make it to Chief Science Officer before he retires. He would also like to travel during his retirement.

Hobbies & Interests

Holodecks, Dom-Jot, Poker, a human game called Pool, art, painting, drawing, reading paper books, motorcycles, traveling, learning new languages


Andorian, Federation Standard, Betazoid, Romulan, Bajoran, Antedean, Capellan



  • Kailar kel-Zhane, Birev kel-Zhane, Jiren kel-Zhane


  • Serai kel-Zhane


  • Jeran kel-Zhane, Muran kel-Zhane


  • Vreni kel-Zhane, Moras res-Lanil


Shar was born in the icy wastelands of Andoria. He loved the cold because he was Andorian but longed to learn more about biology. He had never wanted to be a warrior. He loved science, plants and animals most of all. His older siblings, Jeran and Vreni, liked to pick on him when he was young. But then Shar got bigger and began to give it back to them. Jeran would try to mess with Shar because he wanted to be a scientist instead of a warrior like Jeran and Moras, but then he would get his butt kicked by Shar the next day. Shar may have been smaller, but he was meaner. Whatever the others said, he only saw two rules in combat: what a man can do and what man can’t do. He saw no reason for other rules. He loved to question why. Why was his favorite word for his entire life until he reached adulthood. And then it became why not. He joined Starfleet Academy at age 18 and graduated with good marks, but wasn’t the first in his class. He was transferred to the USS Kalium, a Galaxy-class. He was able to concentrate on his work and finally came up with a way to at least slow down Iverson’s Disease. But the other officer, a nurse who didn’t know a lily from a rose, took all the credit. He tried to correct it, but no one listened. Eventually Shar got over it and was able to concentrate on his work.

He was transferred to the USS Asgard where his career was up and down. He received a letter of commendation for his discovery of a new medication and also received a letter of commendation for making a poultice to treat the bites of an animal that bit several crewmembers; as the crewmembers lay ill due to the poisonous fangs, Shar and a medical officer went to find the right plant that would help them. He asked for a transfer and was assigned to the USS Eisenhower.