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Survey Data
Star System:



Gamma Quadrant


Class M

Political Information




Political System:



3.7 billion

Biological Information

Large Humanoid

Atmosphere type:

Oxygen / Nitrogen / Other mix

Development Stage:




Typical Lifespan:

Typical Lifespan - 180 yrs

Number of Eyes:


Empathic species:


Telepathic species:


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  • Planetary Data
  • Class: M Class Planet
  • Type: Planet
  • Native Species: Sirran
  • Location: Gamma Quadrant
  • Day / Night Cycle: 28.3 Earth Hours
  • Year Cycle: 416 Earth Days
  • Satellites: Three
  • Affiliation: Ally. (United Federation of Planets)
  • Gravity: 1.2 Earth Standard
  • Equatorial Radius: 7,165 km

Sirrah is a medium-sized M-class planet with an iron core, the second planet in a five planet system around a star of the same name. The surface is 58% water, gravity is slightly above Earth standard and lacking axial tilt, Sirrah does not know seasons. Surface conditions are mild, slightly cooler than earth standard, with lush forests around the equator and large frozen polar areas. Biodiversity is great, with several thousand of species of fauna ranging from the microscopic to megaherbivores, supported by an equally large diversity of flora.


The Sirran are a republic. The global governing body consists of a dozen Sirran called the consensus, equally divided into both genders, under an elder female. Decisions are made by majority vote, with the elder female called upon to break ties. The elder also has the right to veto, though this right is seldomly used. The consensus advises and rules over a dozen pairs of regional elders, each in charge of an equal portion of the Sirran population.


The Sirran are large, anthropomorphic caninoid humanoids, resembling Earth wolves. Adult males stand on average between 260 and 300cm tall and weigh between 260 and 320 kg. Females are slightly shorter at 230 to 280cm and of slighter build, between 230 and 280 kg. The Sirran are long lived, reaching maturity around 35 earth standard years and reaching an average 180 years of age.

They are of a very powerful, muscular build, with strength and constitution to match. Clawed paws, a thick furred tail, a caninoid muzzle lined with sharp, dagger-like teeth with enlarged canines. Normal fur colors range from off-white to caramel, sand, lighter and darker browns, greys and black. Though their strength and sense of smell are far superior to most humanoids known to the federation, their eye sight is slightly inferior to a human's.

Sirran are infertile outside their own species. Females can have litters averaging between one and three pups, with one or two being the most common.


The Sirran society is a meritocracy, where individuals are encouraged to pursue a career as well as an artisanic hobby. The ability to create something of value and quality is highly valued among the Sirran. A regular work week of eight days consists of four days of work, two days of a chosen artisanic pursuit and two days of weekend, though many are the Sirran who spend their week differently, and there are no set days for particular activities. So it might be that one Sirran has a working day on a day another has an artisanic day, and a third has a weekend day. The products of artisanic pursuits are donated to the local government, who in turn distributes it among the poor. As such, true poverty is a rarity among the Sirran.

Their current system of government is a fairly recent establishment, the end result of a violent political revolution, roughly 96 standard Federation years ago. Said revolution was a brutal and violent uprising, seeing the end of over two million Sirran lives and the deposing and public lynching of a capitalist government. It took several decades for the current political system to establish itself.

A word on Sirran naming convention: an individual Sirran is given a unique personal name and a so-called mother-name; their mother's given name followed by the suffix '-born'. So a Sirran female called, for example, Hyuga Suliborn, would have a mother with the given name of Suli, and her children would have the mother-name of Hyugaborn.


Family unity is of great importance in Sirran, and age is greatly respected. The elders of a family are lovingly called Storytellers or Silvertails, also terms of endearment used for venerable Sirran outside of the direct family. Families often live together in large houses, presided over by an elder pair, along with their children, grand children and often grand-grand children as well. The elders in a family are the undisputed leaders of the family, with their wisdom accumulated over their long lives held in exceedingly high regard.

Females are also greatly respected, especially those who have raised families. This comes from the Sirran regard for creation, especially the creation of things of value. As such, while all mothers are respected, those of successful and famous children even more so.


The main Sirran religion is that of the Great Migrator, an ur-soul who journeyed the stars, ceding part of himself to seed them with life as he went until the universe was seeded and there was nothing left of the Migrator. It is said that the last Sirran to live will reincarnate as the next Great Migrator. Although the Migrator is called 'he' in most religious texts, it is in fact a genderless entity. Roughly 40% of Sirran are followers of the Great Migrator. The majority of the rest is atheistic.


Sirran are by their very nature carnivorous. While capable of digesting small amounts of vegetables and vegetarian seasoning, the majority of their diet has to consist of meat and meat products.

Science, technology and military

The Sirran are behind the Federation in terms of science and technology. Having discovered warp travel only about seventy Federation years ago and being less driven by scientific pursuit than most Federation species. Their artisanic nature means they do have an industry of luxury, warp capable craft but these are mostly limited to small craft, up to large runabouts or small starships in size. Being artisanic in nature, the Sirran value luxury and quality over speed and performance.

They have no military star fleet to speak of, operating only a handful of patrol ships purchased from other Federation races. They rely on a powerful set of Global Orbital Defense platforms - again, purchased from other races - and a series of surface-to-space cannons for defense. In case any aggressor ever breaks through those layers of defense, the Sirran rely on powerful hand-portable energy weapons and their own physical prowess to protect them. The Sirran are powerful hunters, but prefer to avoid physical conflict. They've seen their own capacity for violence, and choose not to inflict it on others.