Starbase 14

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Starbase 14
Technical Details
Class: Ethereal
Registry: SB-14
Role: NPC Resupply, Repair, and Shoreleave
Status: Operational
Crew Information
Commanding Officer: Captain Jorin Linas
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Starbase 14 is a resupply station in the Galactic South orbiting the planet Auron (pronouned OR-on). It is in an orbit just outside the planet's rings and can be seen at night in the sky above the settlements as a very bright point in the sky. Along with resupplying ships in the region, another role it plays is the protection of the population below and the colonies in the nearby systems by means of the Defiant-class USS Tiger, commanded by Lieutenant Commander Leroy Hargood, the station's second officer and Chief Security & Tactical Officer

Starbase 14

Starbase 14 is commanded by Captain Jorin Linas, a veteran of the Dominion War. The starbase was placed as a resupply station for ships in the Galactic South, the 11th Fleet and other courier ships carrying members of Starfleet Command. SB14 is known for its night life and the endless array of shops and restaurants, of which a few are listed below.


Solar Flairs

The main installment of Solar Flairs Lounge is on Earth, however Solar Flairs is found throughout the quadrant and is known as one of the best for its food and entertainment. Every Saturday the local band performs and alcohol and appetizers are served for the concert. It is run by Tyler Dane, a native of Betazed that is not Betazoid. Just be sure to leave your rank at the door.

  • Monday - Enlisted Night
  • Tuesday - Gambling Night with Game of the Week
  • Wednesday - Pool Night
  • Thursday - Ladies Night
  • Friday - Date Night
  • Saturday - Concert

La Italia Bella

La Italia Bella is run by George DiPietro and is often frequented by starbase personnel for its romantic atmosphere. Dim lighting with candlelight and ambiance with a large dance floor sets the stage for a night to remember. No fighting please.

The Kyoto Tea Room

A tea room set with bonzai trees, waterfall fountains and small koi ponds is perfect for relaxation. It is owned and operated by the Matsumoto family and serves wasabi as well as traditional Japanese food. The music played is traditional Japanese music and Japanese calligraphy adorns the walls.

Jim's Bar and Pool Hall

Owned and run by Jim's son, Jake, the pool hall features twelve pool tables mn. The bar also has a dance floor and often plays technorock or classic rock music from Earth. Jazz night is popular with the officers though it mainly attracts the enlisted and civilian population.


Kilan Jewelry Ltd

The main installation of the jeweler belonging to a symbiont, it is known for its tasteful jewelry and exotic jewels such as Jenefran emeralds, Kibberian fire diamonds, Risian diamonds, and Lobi crystals. The jeweler is over 200 years old, and sells every type of jewelry and also tiaras, brooches, gem sculptures, and crystal products such as candlesticks, vases, and others.

Terlai's Salon and Spa

Owned by Terlai Yuli, this salon is one of the most popular shops on the station. However, the main draw is the spa which is adjacent to the gym. It features a mud room, a salt scrub room, facials, full body massage, and everything else that could possibly be found at a spa. The salon itself features hair styling, make up for a night out, and manicures and pedicures.

T & J's Holography and Machine Repair Shop

Run by the brothers Tom and Jared Schmidt, this repair shop fixes almost anything from padds to holocameras and anything else mechanical. It is a family owned and run business and always welcomes anyone, from the station commander to the lowest crewman.

Galactic Traders and Antiques

Pril runs her business in a friendly but ruthless manner; she will smile to your face while trying to swindle you. However, no one can find what you need better than Pril.

Auron Colony

The planet on Auron Colony has seven established settlements, including a main settlement, a Latin settlement, a Betazoid settlement, a Tellarite colony, an Andorian colony in the southern polar region, a Trill settlement, and a Bajoran colony. It is also the home to Ft Patton Marine Base and Training Camp. It has three major continents, one northern, two southern, the northern continent having a subcontinent on it located in the tropical region of the planet. There are five oceans, rather large ones as there are only three continents, and a number of islands. One southern continent reaches from 33 degrees south latitude to the pole, where the Andorian settlement is. The other is mostly in the temperate and tropical part of the planet, the tip crossing over into the northern hemisphere (5 degrees north), but not enough to say it cannot be counted as a southern continent. There are 4 deserts (Valley of Death, Havara, Kilgara, and Black Valley which got its name by its color) and many rivers, with lots of lush farmland, woodlands and grasslands. The Appilica Mountain Range is the highest mountain range, leading from desert on the western part of the southern continent to grasslands. The Pilon Mountains on the Northern continent run north-south on the western part of the continent and change the climate from semi-arid grassland to forests. The Janilan Mountains on the other side run east-west and are lower than the Pilons, although the Appilicas are the highest mountain range on the planet. The Janilans cut the temperate forests north of them to grasslands south of them. The last mountain range is the Kalin Mountains on the smaller southern continent, and changes the climate from grassland to jungle. The beaches have white sand and clear blue oceans, occasionally having cliffs to dive off or ride a car or motorcycle on the roads on the face of some of the cliffs. The local wildlife are abundant and very tasty and are sometimes served as entrees at the local restaurants. The hides, however, are not to be desired to say the least for being coarse, and hard to get the smell out and make a profit. The local shrimp and oysters are some of the colony's best exports, along with the produce that the farmers grow.

The main settlement

The main settlement is a group of farmers from many different planets who decided to stop trying to find farmland in the overpopulated Federation worlds and set out into the colonial areas to make a new home. Now, it has grown to be a full size town with several shops and 3 restaurants. No matter how big the town becomes however, they never lose their farming identity. The different species in the main settlement include human, Vulcans, Trill, Caitians, Bolians, Betazoids and others. This is the main spaceport aside from the station, and the one Starfleet officers generally come to when they want some R&R. The mayor of the main settlement is K'roawmin Hrress (Caitian, F)

The Latin settlement

Auron Colony



Planetary Starbase


Starbase 14


Alpha Quadrant


United Federation of Planets

A sunset on Auron
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The Latinos came to Auron with people from Argentina, Bolivia, and southern Mexico. The purpose of the colony was to get away from typical Federation life and get back to Latin values: Dios (God, or Christ), family, and home. There is a pool and dance hall and a restaurant in the settlement along with a dance studio which is frequented by the starbase personnel. It is located near a river and it is in a very green area as it is mostly farmland. The mayor of the Latin settlement is Juan Carlos Enrique Valdez (Human, M)

The Betazoid settlement

The Betazoids came to Auron to create a place where travelers could enjoy themselves and so created an amusement park complete with games and rides. Outside the park is a town where the people make their homes. There are shops and a couple of diners including one for romantic evenings. The mayor of the Betazoid settlement is Tamera Hadren (Betazoid, F)

The Bajoran settlement

The Bajorans wanted to get back to a simpler life and raise their crops, so they came to Auron, a new colony world and brought with them kava, moba and other crops as well as animals to raise for food and for export. Auroni shrimp and oysters are valued in that part of the galaxy. There is no mayor of the Bajoran settlement, but rather a council of elders which votes on issues pertinent to the colony.

The Andorian settlement

The Andorians live in the southern polar region of Auron and keep mostly to themselves. They enjoy fishing and hunting in their wintry home and occasionally come and say hello to the neighboring settlements. The leader of the Andorian colony is Sharen th'Kilfaen (Andorian, M)

The Trill settlement

The Trills settled on the tropical northern subcontinent near the ocean to be fishermen and farmers and hopefully to get away from the competition of symbionts. The colony is a town now, complete with an inn and pub and a little cafe. It is one of the only pure unjoined Trill settlements in the Federation. There is no leader of the Trill settlement, but rather a council of elders, similar to the Bajoran colony.

The Tellarite settlement

The Tellarite settlement came to be because the Tellarite Engineering Institute had an overflow of applications and could not keep up with the demand for their university. They have opened a new satellite campus on Auron to assist in the demand in the Galactic South and near Deep Space 5 in the north of the Federation to help the overflow of student applications. It is now in its sixth semester.

Ft. Patton Marine Base

Ft. Patton is the main Marine installation in five sectors and the closest Marine training facility. It is currently under construction, and will be under the command of Col Earl Fischer.