Steven Anderson

Steven Anderson
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Physical Description

6' 6"


240 lbs





Political Information

United Federation of Planets Starfleet


USS Relentless


Chief Counselor

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Steven Anderson is a 24th Century Starfleet officer, serving as the Chief Counselor of the USS Relentless.


Standing 6'6" Steven can be a bit intimidating physically. He does not have any distinguishing features.


Steven is, above all other things, grounded. If life has taught him anything it's that no matter how good or bad things may seem to be at any given moment, they can change in an instant! He prides himself in being able to see all sides of an issue, and basing a decision on what he feels is right, regardless of what others may think.

Strengths & Weaknesses

His biggest strength is his ability to relate to people from all walks of life. He has learned that at the very core we all have the same basic needs and desires. The only true difference between most races is how we go about fulfilling those needs/wants.

His biggest weakness, by far, is that he tends to be too blunt at times. Steven does not do subtle: he doesn't get it when someone is subtle with him, and he isn't able to be subtle with others. This can be an asset at times, and a serious detrement at other times.

Hobbies & Interests

Reading, writing, sports


Father Richard Anderson - Deceased
Mother Shelly Anderson - CMO - USS Hornet
Spouse Patty
Children Samantha
Other Family


Steven was born and raised on the USS Blair. His childhood started out rather typical as a "Starfleet Brat". His father was in the Tactical division, and his mother in the Medical. As they worked their way up in the ranks, they shared the duties of raising Steven. This all changed though when Steven was 6 years old. He was too young to understand, but suddenly Dad was no longer around. Later he would understand that his parents had divorced after several months of their relationship deterorating from loving to hateful and violent. It would be years before he learned that his father had actually been arrested for domestic abuse, something that Steven never had forgiven his father for.

Steven struggled with his Father's departure, and his grades began to suffer, and his attitude took a serious turn for the worse. He gradually began to grow out of this rebellious stage, but the scars from that time still remain.

To everyone's surprise (and with a whole lot of help from his mothers CO) Steven was ultimately admitted into the Starfleet Academy. The only condition was that he started on academic probation, due to his grades through out his academic career to that point. A week after Steven officially enrolled in the Academy he received word from his mother that his father had died in a drunken bar brawl on some remote outpost. Steven wasn't surprised, but despite the hatred that he had come to feel towards his father, the reality that his father was dead hit him a lot harder than he would have expected. Unable to focus and once again returning to his rebellious attitude, Steven ended his first semester at the academy on both Academic and Disciplinary Probation. Had it not been for a young cadet named Patty, and a wonderful counselor named Noah, Steven would surely have been kicked out within the next few months. Fortunately, these two people took a very active interest in Steven, and helped him learn to cope with his anger and other feelings. To this day they both remain huge parts of Stevens life: one as his lovely wife, and the other as a trusted friend and mentor.

Steven managed to pull things together enough to graduate from the Academy. He certainly did not receive any "honors" but just having actually completed the training made him feel like he had graduated at the top of his class. At Noah's urgence, Steven applied for and was accepted into Starfleet Medical's Counselor Training Program; an additional two year intensive training program. He and Patty managed to maintain a long distance relationship while she was off exploring the stars, and he was learning how to explore minds.

Service Record

2373 - 2375 - USS Ambassador - Counselor's Aide
2376 - 2381 - USS Ambassador - Counselor
2382 - 2387 - USS Saturn - Assistant Chief Counselor
2387 - Current - USS Relentless - Chief Counselor