T'Stala is a Starfleet Officer serving onboard the USS Dauntless.

T'Stala, PC
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USS Washington


Chief Medical Officer

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Physical Description

Standing with perfect posture, T'Stala has a thin, curving frame. Her face is always serious despite her large eyes seeming to hold ecstatic glint within them. Her hair falls just below her shoulders, though usually pulled up and back into a shorter updo. Her skin still has the slight greenish tint despite her slightly tanned color. With long legs and slender hands, T'Stala comes off as an attractive being. It's everything beyond her looks that leaves much to be desired.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Simply to upset her parents, T'Stala always behaved in a slightly rebellious manner. She let her hair grow long and even took to indulging in drinking socially. She has no problem with pushing the limits in terms of testing others – when she is around others. Preferably, she is alone and working alone. Emotionally, she is non-existant [except when she binges on chocolate – away from others]. T'Stala holds back no truth from anyone and always finds a logical way in, through, and out of a situation.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Logic is T'Stala's strength and stronghold. It allows her to be great at what she does. What stifles her in the long run is her wisdom. She tends to occasionally look back on what could have gone wrong or right and ponders how things would be otherwise. T'Stala's desire to be different can also debilitate her. She's never wanted to be like her parents in the sense of how they lived – even down to leaving home.


Ambition? T'Stala simply desires to live until she no longer can.

Hobbies & Interests

Vulcan brandy, chocolate, playing with cadavers, running rogue experiments, meditation, singing, avoiding parties, avoiding crowds


Vulcan, Federation Standard, Rihannsu, Cardassian



  • Sova, 57


  • T'Shevei, 54


  • T'Laria, 31


T'Stala was the younger of two daughters. Her sister, T,Laria, had always been the favored child. She got the better fiance, freer lifestyle, and less responsibility. For this, T'Stala grew to dislike her sister. Luckily, she was taught early in life to repress her emotions considering she never fully ignored them except when in the presence of others. Then, she met who she had been affianced to – and she was not pleased. So, she went to her only friend and made a pact with him to break the marriage when the time came.

Over the years, T'Stala became heavily involved with science and the medical field. She enjoyed learning something new every chance she had. Her intelligence was the only way to outshine her sibling at this point. Her parents hardly knew how to control her as she let her hair grow and she took to behaving rebelliously. When she turned nineteen, they thought their problems were solved.

Two days before her marriage was to take place, T'Stala called for a koon-ut-kal-if-fee; her friend would be the challenger. T'Stala spent years observing her mate and knew that he'd allow logic to win when challenged. Those in their circle agreed that T'Stala wasn't worth fighting for; that she simply wouldn't be worth the trouble. Thus, based on 'logic', she wasn't and she was released from her bond. Her parents stood in shock and felt they were in over their heads. T'Stala knew the perfect way to relinquish them from this misery of a second daughter. Within a week of the broken bond, she left to find herself in the universe.

She soon attended Starfleet Medical School to expand her knowledge in the medical field. Excelling in her courses was a double edged sword. Like many Vulcans, she was compared to the legendary Spock. There were some who felt T'Stala had potential; and others who clearly thought otherwise. The young Vulcan paid them no attention and forged onward. Upon graduation, she was approached by one of the doctors who had taught her. He recommended that she join Starfleet academy. When T'Stala inquired why, his answer was simple.

"Because I was running away, too. And the best place to go when you're running away is further abroad than just some planet - space and a ship is further away from home than anywhere else."

Those were just the right words because the next day, T'Stala was beginning the paperwork to get enlisted. It'd been a trying time period for her, the first few months. She'd been mistaken for a Romulan, shunned by the Vulcans, and thought to be odd all around. Yet, the doctor did not change. Her long tresses remained hers and her unmoving will grew stronger. When she was not training to be an officer, she was reading up on antique and vintage Earth medical science. Compared to what could be done now, it was practically obsolete. T'Stala, however, always wondered what would happen if technology failed them. Going back to square one was always an option.

Those four years in academy, T'Stala waffled back and forth between being an officer and not being an officer. She ultimately decided being an officer was more respectable. The last few days as a cadet, she celebrated with no one. She spoke with few. She might as well have been invisible. Over those four years, T'Stala became friends with no one; she felt better safeguarding her secrets - even if it meant she'd have to be a recluse. When graduation was over and everyone was out partying, the young doctor was instead researching ships to call home.

That was when she found the Washington - or more the Washington found her. Everything about the ship was new down to the ship's Captain. It couldn't be more perfect. T'Stala was happy to be taken aboard and immediately began planting her knew life there, hoping it'd grow. While on the Washington, she encountered many different people and situations. She made enemies, she made associates, and lifelong friends. She astounded some, confused others, and simply brought out the best in the rest. She made her Sickbay a place of tranquility and peace; and wouldn't tolerate behavior that presented negativity. A dedicated doctor, she sometimes [often] slept in her office in case of an emergency. The doctor had been entrusted with dark secrets and kept them close and silent. T'Stala witnessed the ship grow and change over her two years aboard.

Her last mission on the Washington was an away mission. She, along with Executive Officer D. Franklin [at the time] had been captured as prisoners in a war arena. While held captive, she learned some things about herself that she hadn't before. The Vulcan found that if pushed hard enough, she could quite easily behave as her ancestors had. With much care from Franklin and M. Mejia, she didn't have to go beyond the cusp of violence. T'Stala also learned that emotion certainly was pointless and led to nothing but hurt and anger. Sure she'd lost a friend during that mission, T'Stala went back to building her walls again. When she was back aboard the ship, Netolia suggested she take a mental health leave. Others suggested she talk to a counselor. Talking didn't help. What could she say without being cast out in the wind to be lynched by her own words? It's like people forgot: Vulcans do feel, it's merely suppressed. And sometimes, that suppression needs to be relinquished if only for a moment to return to normalcy again. However, T'Stala knew she might never find such a thing on the Washington and left.

While hiding out on a Starbase, she was found by Kejal Buris. He'd been promoted to Commander of his own ship while T'Stala had been on the Washington. He apparently missed her because he asked her to come aboard the Dauntless. Not sure if it was a sympathy job or not, T'Stala was very careful in saying yes and asserted that he should treat her no differently then he had in the past. He agreed not to and she was quite happy to come aboard. Before he gave her an official tour of the ship, that sat on the bridge talking about her captivity in the arena and anything else surrounding it. She finally had the chance to unburden her soul and she did. Going a step further, she decided to mind meld with Kejal. She trusted him and was quite certain he could handle anything she'd be flinging at him. One more friend. Now she had two: her nurse and her commander.

Now she had a new home, another new life - but with baggage. Now, however, she was ready for whatever may come...