Taban Kata

Taban Kata
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Physical Description

1.52 meters


55 kilograms





Political Information

United Federation of Planets Starfleet


USS Eagle


Executive Officer

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Taban Kata is a Federation Starfleet officer serving as the executive officer of the Sentinel-class USS Eagle.

Physical Appearance

Short and stocky, but the ever present nasal ridge and slender features leave no room for doubt on his Bajoran heritage. His oriental skin color inherited from his father makes him stand even further apart from the normal Bajorans


General Overview

Taban's early youth with his traditional Japanese grandparents has made him a person who is very disciplined, humble and hierarchical. He believes in a rigid order, physical and mental exercise and only a modicum of personal pleasures as they distract from his duties. Traits which were enforced by his 4 year stay on post-occupation Bajor. Taban rarely jokes or indulges but his honest and straightforward demeanor makes him a likable person

Strengths & Weaknesses

Taban's biggest strength is also his biggest weakness. His rigid and inflexible adherence to the protocols and command structures.

He is also very introverted when concerning personal relations, and therefor is very slow to make friends.


Taban wishes to become the best he can be so he can make his family and his ancestors proud.

Hobbies & Interests

Taban spends most of his spare time meditating and training. However he also enjoys painting, poetry and music, both traditional japanese, as well as classical european and 20-21st century


Father: Kata Arigona (deceased)
Mother: Leana Nerys (deceased)
Grandfather: Kata Shinji (deceased)
Grandmother: Aoinii


Taban was born in the DMZ son to a young Starfleet engineering lieutenant jg and a refugee Bajoran priestess. After the occupation his mother wanted to go back to Bajor, but his father wouldn't leave the fleet. They struggled and fought over this a lot. So when Terok Nor was to be administered by the Federation as deep space nine, This seemed like an opportunity for them to both get what they wanted. Taban's father applied to an engineering post, and soon they were on their way to the Bajor system. Taban's mother Nerys went to work in the Bajoran chantry. She was one of the few Bajoran proponents of Mrs O'Brien's school, despite Vedek Winn's disaproval. The relocation meant that Nerys could spend time with her family, while Arigona could keep working in the fleet. Soon the two were back in love, just like the first time they met.

Taban's memory of his life aboard the station is very erratic, a fact the counselors attributed to a form of post traumatic stress. All he can really remember of his life aboard the station, is that it was the only place that ever felt like home, and how even at that young age he was amazed at being able to live in space. Well, that and the nightmares. During the dominion wars both of Taban's parents were killed during an attack on the station.

After the attack the orphaned Taban was sent to live with his paternal grandparents in Kyoto Japan on earth. His grandfather was the Mikado, or emperor of the ECON one of the states making up the Federated Earth Government. Although this was mostly a symbolic title Kata Shinji held a position in the earth's government and many of his relatives held high places within the UFP's administration and diplomatic corps. Also Taban's grandparents were extreme traditionalists and followed the ways of Bushido and the shogunate. Taban was trained in the martial path as well as meditation and art. He was kept relatively cloistered, and had very little friends, and these were handpicked by his grandparents, and as such he never got to fully develop his social skills in the real world. This caused him to grow introvert, and doubtful of himself. During these years Taban felt a longing for space, and frequently dreamt of following in his father's footsteps. He frequently asked his grandparents to take him to San Fransisco, but they tried to reign in his desires, in fear of losing him, as they lost their son.

At the age of thirteen his mother's family requested that Taban came to Bajor, where Taban was to be instructed in the way of life and religion of his mother. Bajor turned out to be less kind towards him then Earth had been and Taban was harassed by his peers. Taban fled into the rigors and studies of the temples, and excelled in both physical and mental tests. This led him to wish even more for a career in Starfleet. When he nearly turned sixteen, he sent an application to the Academy. His test scores, and his extensive and professional cover letter, promted the entrance commitee to invite him. He was enrolled just after his sixteenth birthday. Taban's mental and physical discipline allowed him to pass the entry exams on his first try. At the academy Taban was at first the subject of his older classmates' frustrations. His extreme determination, and his reluctance to let the others get him down however, earned him much respect. After his first year, he found he had a knack for Astrometrics, as well as a talent for flying. He decided to specialise in flight control, with a minor in small craft piloting. He finished the academy at the age of twenty, only the second youngest human graduate ever, only a month older than William T Riker was. As well as winning the Rigel cup with his sublight flight team 3 years in a row.

He was assigned to be the chief Flight Control Officer of the Edison, even though he had little actual field experience, a matter he ascribed to mettling by his paternal family. He served with distinction on the Edison, where he served with distinction. He managed to evacuate his away team and fly them to safety, when the dead planet Charon exploded after the activation of an ancient doomsday device. This mission earned him a bronze star for merit. After returning to earth following this mission, Captain Gehn was taken away by Starfleet intelligence, and the Edison decommisioned. It wasn't long before Taban was transferred to the heavy cruiser Anubis, along with fellow crewmembers Aria Marger, with whom he developed a relationship and Johnatan Swift.

The Anubis was tasked with fighting rogue Cardassian and Jem Hadar elements. It was on the Anubis, that Taban got interested in Command. His commanding officer, Captain Stewart quickly realized Taban's skill at administrative affairs, and his knack for tactical affairs. His social skills however still lagged. Something she attributed to a combination of his introverted personality, and his youthful insecurity. She petitioned the Academy to have him enrolled in Command classes. it was also around this time, that his relationship with Aria started. While attending a function aboard Starbase 352, at which the Anubis was stationed for resupply, Aria was the unlucky recipient of Rear Admiral Becketts stomach contents, after the admiral had a few to many drinks, and attempts to flirt with Captain Stewart. Taban helped Aria carry the 'suddenly ill-stricken admiral to his chambers' After they had delivered the admiral, Taban offered her the use of his quarters to clean herself, as hers were clear accross the section. He tried to be the perfect gentleman, but Aria, with her straightforward, and open Betazoid nature, made him feel oddly at ease, and one thing led to another. The Anubis was led into an ambush by a group of Cardassian and Jem Hadar ships that were part of a movement called the True Way. Captain Stewart, with Taban's help managed to destroy or disable their attackers and escape. The ship itself however was beyond hope of repair.

Taban and Aria asked for a joint posting on the USS Galahad, and although these are not common, the request was granted after a glowing recommendation by captain Stewart. Taban served as Chief Flight Control Officer, and Second Officer. His growing confidence helped him Command Officers, who sometimes tried to treat him as a snotnose brat. The support of Aria really helped him to keep believing in himself. During one of the Galahad's first missions the XO, lieutenant Song was suddenly and mysteriously transferred off the ship. The only explanation given by Captain Peers, was that Song had gotten ill. Taban had to replace him on the away team to station 569 which had gone of the communication grid entirely a few days before. He led a small party of security personnel, and a few engineers to the station, only to find the entire crew was infected by a strange virus, that made them inhumanly strong and agressive beyond reasoning. Surrounded by crazed ravenous creatures, he contacted the ship and requested a code black procedure be started, meaning the entire station would be destroyed three hours later. Knowing that the only way to keep his team alive was to keep them together and get to the shuttlepad. The security team leader however disobeyed his orders, and headed for the jefferies tubes. They found him an hour later, heavily mauled. Taban managed to get the rest of his team to the shuttle. The team got back to the ship, and was thoroughly examined, but no traces of any virus were found. The station was detonated remotely, along with it's compliment of 500 men and women. A fact that still keeps Taban up at night.

After this encounter captain Peers made Taban her first officer. He served her for nine more months, during which he mediated in the Thrassi-Catrian peace talks, helped establish the colony on Quatross four, and had a few relatively uneventful days as well. He proposed to Aria, and They plan to marry before the end of the year. A few weeks ago his grandfather died, meaning that in little under a year, he will be the Mikado, a fact Taban wishes to forget. As far as he is concerned, he is a Starfleet officer and nothing more. Not everyone agrees though.

Service Record

  • 2388 | Lieutenant Commander | XO | USS Eagle
  • 2387 | Lieutenant | XO | USS Eagle
  • 2387 | Lieutenant | XO | USS Galahad
  • 2387 | Lieutenant | cFCO | USS Galahad
  • 2386 | Lieutenant | cFCO | USS Anubis
  • 2386 | Lieutenant | cFCO | USS Edison
  • 2386 | LT jg | cFCO| USS Edison
  • 2385 | Senior Cadet | Student | Starfleet Academy
  • 2384 | Junior Cadet | Student | Starfleet Academy
  • 2383 | Sophomore Cadet | Student | Starfleet Academy
  • 2382 | Freshman Cadet | Student | Starfleet Academy