Tellar Prime

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Tellar Prime
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  • Kera
  • Phinda
  • 1 spacestation
Native Species:

Tellar System, Alpha Quadrant


United Federation of Planets

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Tellar Prime, also called Tellar, Tellarus, or Miracht, is the fifth planet in the Tellar system. It has an unusually dry climate, though not desert and it only has one ocean, most of the rest of the surface water being large inland seas, lakes, or rivers. There is not much rain due to the lighter atmosphere and in the distant past, the population fought fiercely over this resources. The planet has two moons, Kera and Phinda.


Tellar’s economy is dominated largely by its engineering corps as Tellarites have a single-mindedness that allows them to persist at a problem until it is fixed. Thus, Tellar was warp capable in 1952 and is also the location of the Tellar Prime Shipyards. Because of Tellarites’ extreme engineering aptitude, they are great miners, allowing them to dig for precious metals such as gold and latinum and the moon Kera is rich in duranium and titanium.

Geographical Data

Tellar has an unusually dry climate, though not desert and the reason for so little surface water is that the continental plates shift and trap water underground. The thin atmosphere is also not conducive to forming rain. One of the largest animals on the planet is a porcine animal similar to a boar, making scientists wonder if it is a cousin to the ancestors of the Tellarite race themselves.

Points of Interest

Tellar Engineering Institute
The Tellar Engineering Institute is perhaps one of the best in several sectors, except perhaps Starfleet Academy. The TEI is so flooded with applicants that they have a new second location, located on Auron Colony in the Galactic South near Starbase 14.

Tellar Prime Shipyards
The Tellar Prime Shipyards are employed by not only Starfleet, but several civilian contractors who wish to sell ships for profit. The shipyards put out Starfleet ships, cruise liners, freighters, and others.


Tellar had many difficulties with the scarcity of water, so its people quickly became adept at engineering in order to harvest the water found underground, allowing later for mining precious metals where other engineers thought it was impossible.

The moon of Kera was reached in 1921 and the first warp flight was in 1952. Tellarites soon began to explore other areas outside their home system. First contact was with the Vulcans and because of the argumentative nature of the populace, it was rocky to say the least. Vulcans did not have the patience to deal with a people that seemed to delight in disagreements, though Vulcans considered them trustworthy.

Tellar was visited by Andorians sometime before 2152, whereupon the Tellarites ‘drove those blue demons into their own territory’ and the Tellarites did not trust Andorians for a long time after this.

Tellar came into contact with Humans in 2152. Though they found humans ‘intriguing’ and didn’t understand their reluctance for voicing their opinions they soon began to respect the diplomatic abilities of Humans, and agreed to allow the Humans to head a diplomatic conference at the planet Babel in 2154. In 2155, Tellar, along with Earth, Andoria and Vulcan, began the Coalition of Planets that eventually became the United Federation of Planets upon the conclusion of the Earth-Romulan War.

Tellar was one of the founding members of the United Federation of Planets and as such has been in the Federation since its inception