Tettly Biggs

Tettly Biggs
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2389 (age 33)

Physical Description

6' 3"


201 lbs





Political Information

United Federation of Planets Starfleet


USS Endeavour


Chief of Security & Chief Tactical Officer

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Lieutenant Tettly Biggs was a Federation Starfleet officer serving within Starfleet Security for the 11th Fleet. His most notable posting was as Chief of Security for the USS Endeavour

Tettly is a large, well muscled man. He typically bears a trouble-making smirk and a mischievous grin that would set most officers on edge. Still, in spite of his larger-than-life personality, he carries himself with an air of authority and keeps himself rigidly in-line with Starfleet Standards.


Tettly was raised in a suburb outside of Indianapolis, Indiana. He was brought up with his twin brother Stone, and by the age of 6, the two were already competing. Unlike other parents, Tettly's made no bones about their favourite kid being the one who did the most. Stone got a leg up on Tettly by being born first, and never gave that leg back.

Kindergarten was their last quiet year, because when both boys went into first grade, the competition began. Kickball, tee-ball, baseball, football. From first grade into and all the way through high school, there was no end to the competition, and their parents encouraged it.

At one point, Tettly had almost had too much, and exploded to his father, venting all of his frustration at the constant need for competition to buy their love. In a rare moment of honest and genuine love, Alexander Biggs explained to his son that their competition wasn't to buy their love, that both boys had and had equally, it was to drive them forward and make them the best they could be.

After that, with a renewed understanding of what was happening and why, Tettly took everything in stride, still trying to beat his brother in every thing from the prettiest girlfriend to the fastest car, but knowing that the love of his parents was not at stake. After all... what's a little sibling rivalry between brothers.

Starfleet Career

Starfleet Academy

Tettly was a star pupil (his grades only slightly lower than his brother's); he excelled over all of his classmates and held the highest marks in just about every simulator in the school, constantly competing with his classmates. Despite a few demerits for fist fights with rival students, he graduated from Starfleet Academy with Honours and was given very good chances to wind up secure aboard a Federation Starship.

Early Career

Unfortunately for Tettly, he was a part of one of the larger graduating classes, and the starships were filled before he could acquire a position. That left Starbase 119, the one place he didn't want to go. Given the option of venturing among the stars or orbiting Uranus, he would have much rather chosen the stars. A long year passed with him assigned there until, finally, Tettly got assignment orders for a ship: USS Angel.

The USS Angel was a medical ship, and not exactly what he was hoping for, but it was better than what he'd had before. He worked as a Junior Security officer, and before long he'd worked himself up to Senior Security officer aboard. He enjoyed his work on the Angel, but was still looking for more forward action in a posting.

Needless to say, he was ecstatic when the orders to Transfer to the Akira-class USS Starbuck came in.

Later Postings

The USS Starbuck was where Tettly really began to shine. The Starbuck was stationed along the Romulan Neutral Zone and as such was in direct line to receive the panic when the planet suffered suffered it's massive quakes. The system was alive with people trying to get out, trying to get in, and trying to take advantage. It was up to the Starbuck to stop that.

He was assigned the position of Assistant Chief of Security and made the best of it, quickly advancing in rank to Lieutenant JG. His crew mates and superior officers were impressed with him to say the least, and he loved it. His chief loved it too, as their department tightened up to record breaking levels of efficiency.

USS Endeavour

Tettly served aboard the Starbuck for five years, before orders finally came through that he was being transferred. Now, leaving his home of the last five years, he looked forward to a higher position, and the opportunity to run his own department. Tettly Biggs, large and in charge. What could possibly go wrong?

Personal Life

Tettly is gregarious and outgoing, typically laughing and smiling and enjoying a good drink with good friends, telling stories of his various misadventures in Starfleet. A Klingon once told him he'd have made a good Klingon, and the comparison wasn't far off. He's just not as violent.

Tettly is a hard worker, a dedicated friend, and an unstoppable force when he puts his mind to something. He gets the job done, and he gets it done well. He is a natural born leader. The problem is that his drive can often cause him to forget to enjoy life like he needs to. In addition to that, he takes failure more deeply than most. He also has a hard time following from time to time, his need to compete overruling his need to comply.

Nothing but the top for Tettly, his ambitions are to run his own ship and reach the Admiralty. And if at all possible: To beat his brother there.

Tettly likes to rock climb, hang glide, play ball, target shoot, and practice archery in his spare time. He's also been running a holoprogram for quite a while, trying to get an old earth hot rod working again.

Personal Relationships


Much to his chagrin, Tettly is the baby of the Biggs family. His relationship with his family is both loving and nurturing, however no one could confuse it for being warm and fuzzy. The Biggs have long been a family more interested in sibling competition rather than cooperation, and Tettly has been in his older brothers shadow since he followed him out of the womb.

Stone got "the good name", was accepted to the Federation as a Marine, got his ship assignment first, was a decorated war hero. He is the parents favorite child, and they make no bones about it. Favoritism was not given, it was earned.

Tettly on the other hand was named after his mother's Pomeranian (who was named after a box of tea) and the midwife that birthed him, he was denied entry into the Marine's due to a severe allergic reaction to Penicillin, had to attend Starfleet Academy for Security like "a common fleeter", and it took almost a full year after his graduation to get a permanent ship assignment. Tettly is not the favorite child. By a long shot.

Tettly and his brother tease each other mercilessly when they're together, but the truth of the matter is, both brothers would die for the other if need be and they both know it. Call it sibling rivalry, call it touch love, but whatever you do, call security because when those two get together, it's almost guaranteed to end in a row.


Tettly has never had any significant romances, to date, too focused on his career to bother with a serious relationship. He has, however, bragged to have been with well over a hundred women, which is one number he leads his brother in.


Tettly has friends strewn all throughout the galaxy, but his best friend in the universe is Travis McDade, his old combat partner in the Academy. The two of them converse on a regular basis and meet up whenever possible. He and Travis took their Cadet Cruises together and became close friends, especially after the USS MacTaggart was attacked by Borg and Tettly saved Travis' life. They've been fast friends, and while to date they've never managed to get assigned to the same ship, it hasn't stopped them from trying.


Preceded by:
Lieutenant Mattias Zekkstrom
Chief Security & Tactical Officer of USS Endeavour
Succeeded by:
Lieutenant Ciaran McIntyre