Tevin ch'Shetsh

Tevin ch'Shetsh
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United Federation of Planets


Starbase 519



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Kurt Keller

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Tevin ch'Shetsh is a 24th Century civilian, currently living on board Starbase 519.


Tevin has a complex personality. He can be energetic and alive for one moment, and sad and lethargic the next. This is probably due to the various psychotropic drugs he has experimented with in the past. He is Xenophobic when it comes to the Ferengi, and with good reason, he hates them for the actions of his former employer against him. He can be somewhat accident prone, but he takes responsibility and cleans up the mess he makes.

Hobbies & Interests

Tevin enjoys gambling and drinking. He can be subservient to his addictions which has led him into trouble in the past. He also enjoys to fight. He is a master of Ch'tred'yaha, the Andorian style of combat with bladed weapons and a master of Jujitsu... He has fought for money, much to the dismay of his sister.


Father: Lieutenant Tevil (Deceased), Kazen Dahl (Adoptive, Deceased)
Mother: Ensign Telva (Deceased), Beryn Dahl (Adoptive)
Brother: Damin Moz (Adoptive)
Sister: Lt. Colonel Chenae "Raven" Lenzi Toren (Adoptive)
Grandfather: Valen Dahl (Adoptive)


Tevin was born Tevikshukn ch'Shetsh on March 21, 2366 to Ensign Telva and Lieutenant Tevil who were stationed onboard the U.S.S. Seagate. His mother, Telva died during his birth. She was injured during a failed experiment on the main warp drive of the Seagate, which forced her to give birth prematurely. His father, Tevil was killed when main engineering was exposed to space during the explosion. Tevin was left in the world alone as soon as he was born. He was taken in by an unlikely candidate, Captain Beryn Dahl the commanding officer of the Seagate, who felt responsible for the death of Tevin’s parents.

Growing up for Tevin was difficult. From an early age he realized that he was different from his siblings and his mother, which isolated him from the family. The only member who truly understood him was his elder sister, Chenae. Throughout his childhood Chenae was his only friend. He shared a close relationship with his sister.

During his teen years, Tevin acted out. He wanted everything to be Andorian, he went out in search of Andorian friends, he wanted only to eat Andorian food and he wanted to learn what it meant to be an Andorian. At age eighteen, Tevin left the family and ventured to Andor. Life on Andor was harder than he thought, without any hard currency he soon found himself living in the lowest slums in the capital city. He was soon forced into indentured servitude to a Ferengi business man. He was forced to tend the bar in the Ferengi’s bar, mop the floors, and sometimes sold out to some of the Ferengi’s clients for other services.

After living a terrible life on Andor for two years, he escaped and drifted through the alpha quadrant for a year. He did odd jobs from day labor, to mechanical work to bartending. When he heard that the Federation was opening up the Delta Quadrant to civilians, he saw the chance to find opportunity. So he took the little amount of money he had and he travelled to the Delta Quadrant. He arrived on Starbase Frontier, and got a job as a bartender. He was surprised to hear that his sister, Chenae was stationed on the starbase. He hadn’t spoken to her in three years and was afraid that she would reject him.

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