The Hydra

The Hydra
Organization Info
Date Founded: 2370
Date Disbanded: 2384
Founder: Leland LeMars
Affiliation: None
Type of Group: Espionage/Counter Intellegence
Current Status: Disbanded
Activity Info


Leland LeMars, c. 2379
In roughly 2370, the Commodore Leland LeMars began feeling a growing dissatisfaction with Starfleet and the Federation as a whole. He felt that resources could be better utilized focused inwardly rather than outwardly, and unfortunately he wasn't alone. LeMars began to amass a small following of fellow Admiralty members, quietly, one at a time. They began to call themselves The Hydra.

The Organization began to operate in earnest in the late 2370s when they used their influence to sway a vote on humanitarian relief for a Romulan colony. After an impassioned plea from then Lieutenant Commander Joe Rhimer, however, their stale mate was broken as the few non-Hydra admirals on the Federation council flipped their votes, leaving LeMars and his cronies without the necessary votes. LeMars was enraged, and sought to recruit even more with the allure of wealth and power. It wasn't long before The Hydra had wormed its way into almost every facet of Starfleet and the Federation. LeMars saw a great deal of success, being promoted from Commodore to Vice Admiral, full Admiral, and eventually Fleet Admiral.

His corruption knew no bounds as he ruined the lives of just about everyone he touched. He took what he wanted, when he wanted, and how he wanted, and he used intimidation and guile to keep those effected from talking. He and his Hydra cronies had effective taken control of the Federation from within, and we're corrupting it as it continued on. They sabotaged trade deals and peace accords, they ensured that any humanitary relief scheduled out was cut and returned to the federation coffers, and then made sure that money was spent on the projects they wanted funded.

LeMars had founded a powerful shadow group and he was very clear on how to use it.


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