The Spartan Nations

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The Spartan Nations
Basic Information

Galactic South, Quadrant 54 (Alpha Quadrant)


Lacedaemon, Sparta



Major Species:

Spartan (Terran Origin)

Official Language:

Corrupted form of Federation Standard

Political Information


Head of State:

Co-Kings (x2)


Independent; Hostile


In 2180, a small band of human settlers set out in a Warp-2 capable ship in search of a new life, away from the fledgling Federation. They set a course south. They endured great hardship during the period and, in that time, over 200 of the settlers died. When they eventually reached their destination, many of the settlers had become embittered and shattered by the things they had seen. They became savage and almost feral. The ship, the tiny ship, had become their home. It took the leadership of two of the more prominent settler families to impose a code of ethics onto their people.

Over time, this developed into an adoption of the ancient Spartan ways. The families adapted the code to help them take what they needed from smaller races. They managed to adapt the technology that they had in order to reproduce parts and systems. As their work expanded, they managed to move out to other planets in the system, establishing The Spartan Nations, an enclave of


Their technology is either adapted from ships, weapons etc. that they have stolen. Their engineers are very skilled and they regularly attract mercenaries, capable of getting the best ships and weapons from anywhere in the Quadrant.


The USS Seraphim was dispatched on a mission to find the colonists in 2269, she eventually located them in 2270. The ensuing skirmish claimed many lives on both sides and the Seraphim only just managed to limp home.


Spartiates: Full members of The Spartan Nation state. These people will own land or have been accepted to the States based on services rendered. They are full members of the Assembly (or Apella in the Spartan vernacular).

Perioeci: These are half-members of the States, people with a vested interest and those looking to become Spartiates.

Helots: The most numerous among the Spartan military. It is the collective title given to slaves, mercenaries and other parties who fight/pirate under the banner of The Spartan Nations.