They Arrive on Tuesday... (USS Endeavour Mission)

"They Arrive on Tuesday..."
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USS Endeavour

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At the heart of the Federation, a new crew takes command of the newest Sovereign-class starship and heads out at best speed for their rendezvous with the commander of the 11th Fleet.


Commander Benjamin J. Byrne is piloting the shuttlecraft Shackleton, his wife and son passengers, at warp speeds heading towards Earth from Alpha Centauri to dock with the USS Endeavour, Byrne's new command. After being hailed by San Francisco Fleet Yards as Shuttlecraft 86105/02, Commander Byrne corrects the flight control officer that the shuttle is called Shackleton, and proceeds to dock in the Endeavour's main shuttlebay, where the family are met by Lieutenant Commander S'Task, the project leader on the construction of the Endeavour, and had also been the ship's commander during its brief shakedown run to Pluto and back. Brief introductions are exchanged, and the Vulcan commander offers the trio a tour of the ship's primary facilities.

Following the tour, Commander Byrne speaks to Vice Admiral Summers over subspace about his senior staff selection; in particular his choice of First officer. When Byrne informs her that his choice is Lieutenant Commander Mark Anderson, she questions his choice on the fact that the officer in question has a teenage son and has authorisation to have the boy live aboard his assignments with him. Byrne brushes aside the concern, reminding the Admiral that he himself has a much younger son living aboard the ship as well. Admiral Summers then goes on to ask about Byrne's selections for his other senior positions, to which he informs her he is yet undecided.

During the first meeting between Commanders Anderson and Byrne, the pair discuss their respective sons, and Commander Anderson passes Byrne a PADD containing a proposal from his son to begin taking courses from Starfleet Academy remotely; which Byrne accepts and confirms he will pass the proposal on before turning his attention back to business matters. Deactivating the holographic display in front of the observation lounge's main terminal screen, bringing up various status updates and crew rosters. He informs his new first officer that they're still waiting for almost all of the senior staff, and confirming which positions he currently has candidates in mind for and which are still undecided. After continuing through the equipment transfers and final stages of construction and modification to suit the particular crew onboard, he informs his first officer that they should be able to leave spacedock by the next week.

After welcoming aboard the majority of the junior and enlisted crew in addition to the ship's first chief medical officer and helmsman, Commander Byrne receives a very short and cryptic communique from Vice Admiral Roman Sanchez on Cestus III, ordering him to make the ship ready to leave in two days and to make best possible speed to Cestus III in order to receive his orders. A few hours later the Endeavour welcomed aboard its first chief of security.

With a number of senior staff positions still vacant, the Endeavour set off for Cestus III as ordered, pushing the engines to maximum speed to make the long-distance journey as her maiden voyage.

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  • "They Arrive on Tuesday" officially began on October 9th, 2009 - mere days before the official launch of its parent, Pegasus Fleet. The USS Endeavour was created as the first simulation of this new fleet, and was originally commanded by the same duo that commanded the fleet, in the same relative positions. Though the ship's first Executive Officer moved on early in the ship's story, the ship's commander has remained the same since its launch.
  • The title of this mission is a play on the famous Generations film quote; "It won't be installed until Tuesday", which has become a running joke throughout the Star Trek community since the film's release.
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