Lieutenant Tikal is a Romulan Exchange Officer serving as the Chief Diplomatic Officer serving on the USS Washington.

Tikal, PC
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180 lbs





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USS Washington


Chief Diplomatic Officer



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Tyler K.

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Physical Description

She is average height with a slim waist and average build. She has long black hair she keeps in a pony tail. Like the way all romulans have become, she looks close to a cross between a human and vulcan with her features. She has pointed ears and eyebrows, but human complexion. Her nose is small and danty, as are her lips. Slender waist, broad shoulders, muscular look but still feminine, Medium bust.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Her personality is that of an observer. Though she seems somewhat as cold as a Vulcan, she has a passion that is more human than Romulan. She is a homosexual but is not 'in your face' about it rather limiting herself to occasional Public Displays of affection when she is nearby her lover. She is loyal to her people and her new career, but her attitude makes her highly suspicous.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Tikal is a Romulan. Her strengths are shared by her people. Yet she accels at her negotiating tactics and diplomacy. Her weaknesses are also a gentic trait. Suspiscous of everyone, hard to make friends, but when she does it's for life.


She wants to learn everything she can about the Federation since she is an exchange officer.

Hobbies & Interests

Tikal enjoys training her body and has begun to take an interest in boxing. She also enjoys spending time alone with her lover. Her interests include artwork and and Federation History.


Federation Standard, Klingon, Romulan, Reman



  • Sekle


  • Delka


  • None


  • Tavara
  • S'Gana
  • V'les


  • Dolen, Not married, but living together

Other Family


Tikal grew up on Romulus. When she was old enough to understand her own feelings she felt close to men, but not in a sexual way. She never understood her attraction to women growing up and was quiet about it. She was part of a wealthy, upscale family with Reman servants. The Remans had a daughter whom she was close to growing up. Tikal finally decided to explore her feelings with her friend/servant Dolen. When she explored it, it was as if a whole new avenue opened up to her. She felt this was the way she should be. Dolen too had similar feelings. Dolen's parent's approved since it was a way to stick it to their Romulan Masters. Tikal's parents were not enthused. They felt it was a phase, but Tikal never grew out of it. After her parents were ready to send her to Remus if she didn't change her relationship, TIkal found a way to keep her relationship with Dolen a secret. She entered the Romulan Imperial Academy and graduated with flying colors. However she had a panache for Diplomatics. Despite her best efforts, the Empire discovered her feelings for the same sex and instead of executing her or banishing her remall of her privileges for it would be difficult to explain to a changing Romulan populace, they decided to send her to Starfleet to get her out of their hair. She was given "orders" to learn all she could about the Federation. They don't care what she does as long as she stays with the Federation.

Service Record

  • IRW Donatra
  • USS Washington