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Lieutenant Traenai is a Starfleet Officer, and Chief Medical Officer serving on board the U.S.S. Nakatomi as of 2389. She was born in the year 2064 on the planet El'Aurian, and is one of four children. Her race is El'Aurian and she is around 325 years old she was absent when the Borg invaded the planet being between Andor and what became known as Auria where her family settled in the Beta Quadrant. She has been married once however has no children and is not currently married.

General Information

Physical Description

Traenai has long black hair, and dark olive skin her complexion is nearly perfect and she barely looks like a woman in her sixties. She has hazel eyes and no distinguishing marks, and Traenai is also five foot two inches tall and weighs just under one hundred and thirty pounds.


Traenai has had many personalities over the years, she has been anything from cold and ruthless to heart-felt and warm around others. After the death of her only husband she fell into a deep depression and found it very difficult to move on. Currently she is sincere and very loving and caring towards those around her. Since starting her new career in Starfleet Medical she tries to be what the patients need, and rarely accepts their death as this brings back painful memories.


Spouse - Eric (Deceased)
Children - None

Father - Juru
Mother - Yanti
Brother(s) & Sister(s) - Trevik, Jahanna, Trisa



Traenai was born on the planet El’Aurian sometime in the year 2064 she was the second child born to the family following her sister Jahanna. Trisa and Trevik are her younger sister and younger brother, and her mother and father’s names were Yanti and Juru. Much of her childhood was not spent on the planet however as her father commanded a small science vessel named Idle Way that left El’Aurian shortly after Traenai’s second birthday, and following the birth of Trisa. Trevik was born on the starship three years later. Traenai spent much of her childhood on board the science vessel as the ship traveled on a long journey across the galaxy in search of new life, and new things to discover.

The Idle Way traveled from El’Aurian across the Delta Quadrant heading in the galactic south direction until arriving at the Beta Quadrant. By the time the ship had arrived at the Beta Quadrant Traenai was no longer a child, nor was she a teenager. By now the young girl was an adult and studying to specialize in chemistry and physics. She attended the on board college for nearly eight years while also exploring the region with her family. Upon graduation however she chose to go about her own way and in 2090 at the age of 26 Traenai left the Idle Way and her family behind.


For years afterwards she would travel from star system to star system gaining knowledge of different cultures across the Beta Quadrant. Much of her youth, because a thirty something year old El’Aurian is still pretty young, she spent with unknown cultures, and even took the time to visit several pre-warp societies. It wasn’t until the year 2115 when she was fifty one years old that she would finally come across what would one day be known as the Klingon Empire. While she stayed away largely from the society there she did take a vested interest in something stirring in the Alpha Quadrant. Eventually she got on board a passing Vulcan cargo vessel and made the trip from the edge of the Alpha Quadrant to a planet called Earth.

While she was on the planet Earth she met a man named Ethan who was significantly younger then herself, and chose to keep her race and age a secret. She felt that humans did not need to know who the El’Aurians were, much less that Ethan would find out that she was around fifty three or so years old. It would be Ethan that would spark her interest in the medical field and she would begin college at Yale University to gain her Doctrine in Medicine. She loved the man dearly and even for a time considered marrying him, but something held her back and after fifteen years of their relationship she decided to put an end to it. By this time she had earned a second degree and was preparing to open her own practice. She even changed her name for a time to mask her true identity not wishing to cause panic amongst the people on the planet.

In fact she didn’t make an attempt to leave the planet for another thirty years where she remained a Doctor, and completed several research projects into internal medicine while studying humanity. Nearly a hundred years old, and having exhausted her stay on the planet she decided to leave once more and travel the stars. By this time the United Federation of Planets had formed, and she had been out of contact with another El’Aurian for decades. She wondered what had happened to the Idle Way and her family, but without a means of contacting them she simply put it off. Deciding to travel to the distant planet of Andoria where she would study along side the Andorians, but continued to act as though she was human. She changed her appearance, and changed her name once more to continue with the disguise.

She spent much of her time learning about the culture of the Andorian people, and continued to practice medicine having changed her name on all her documents to match up. Her time on the planet led to another relationship this time with an Andorian named Shekka who practiced medicine with her. But, things on the planet were different and it was harder to keep her true identity a secret around the Andorian people, and in the year 2167 she found that she was pregnant with Shekka’s child. Things did not bode well for her as she lost the baby a month into the pregnancy which resulted in a major falling out with Shekka and Traenai once again left the planet.

The thoughts of losing a child stuck with her and it was difficult for her to return to practicing medicine, or another planet. She found herself aboard a Federation exploration vessel serving as a Diplomatic specialist. The U.S.S. Ryder which was one of the first starships in the fleet, and they would make contact with around three different species as they traveled across the alpha quadrant on a short three year exploration mission. Having once again assumed the role as another person she could feel her own mind beginning to shatter. It was difficult for her to remember who she really was, and worse still she missed her home and her people. Following the mission and in 2169 she decided to locate the Idle Way and the fate of her family and friends on board.

She managed to scrap together enough money for a small freighter which she named Hope and set out to find her family with the small crew that was on board. She told the people her secret as they left Earth explaining to the nearly entirely Human and Vulcan crew that if they wanted to leave so be it. She was out to find her parents and her siblings and nobody was going to stop her. Surprisingly to her the entire crew stayed on board seeing this as their opportunity as well as hers. The crew would begin their journey by heading into the Beta Quadrant and traveling towards the last known coordinates of the Idle Way knowing that the ship wasn’t there any longer.

With little hope for the crew and morale spinning dangerously out of control and having lost many lives eventually the Hope arrived at the coordinates it had been nearly two hundred years since that ship was there, but something told her they were close by. Now more than two hundred years old Traenai and the remnants of their crew would find the location of the Idle Way her parents hadn’t went too many star systems after their daughter had left. She found them having colonized a small world which they had named Auria and was a mixture of El’Aurians and several species from the area.

Her father had explained to her why they had done this. News had traveled from their homeworld of the Borg and their destruction of the El’Aurian homeworld. Traenai and the survivors from the ship settled on the world named Auria, and she remained there once again practicing medicine, but only for a short while deciding to go for an expedition to explore portions of the planet not seen yet. And, in the year 2321 more than fifty years later she would return having explored more than ninety percent of the planet, and upon returning to the capital of her world she would meet someone who would take her for another long adventure.

She had met a man named Eric who looked very similar to Ethan, and later would discover that Eric was descended from Ethan’s family, and the two would settle down. However, things didn’t go happily as she would like and ten years after they’d gotten married Eric suddenly fell very ill. On his deathbed his only request was that she would go back to practicing medicine because he knew this to be her passion. His illness remained unknown, but in 2333 Eric died three days after his request. Once again she was tossed into deep depression, and with no where to turn she left Auria in search once more of Earth. It would take a long time, but eventually she would return to Earth.

Starfleet Career

In the year 2358 she returned to Earth the journey only taking twenty five years because of the enhancements made to the ship. She settled down this time using her real name and deciding to enter into Starfleet with the intent of practicing medicine. It would, however, take her four years to finally get into Starfleet Academy having a difficult time and still dealing with depression. And, in 2362 she would be enrolled as a Medical Student intent on brushing up her skills, and learning what she needed to. Her first station would be the U.S.S. Khitomer as a medical officer. She would spend eight years on board, her focus remaining elsewhere and making promotion difficult. While on board the ship was destroyed and she would be one of the few surviving members of the crew. The ship came under attack by the Dominion while on patrol during the war. Her responsive timing allowed for the entire medical ward to be evacuated.

She was promoted to Assistant Chief Medical Officer, but chose to keep her rank not caring about it. Her next station was on board the U.S.S. Kirk as the Assistant Chief Medical Officer, and one of the leading researchers in multiple diseases. She remained on board for ten years and was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and made Chief Medical Officer sometime in the year 2379. In 2384 she would be transferred to work at Starfleet Medical Headquarters where she would assist in researching a way to help those injured during the war, and the scarred worlds of the war. This is where she would stay for five years before finally coming back to serve on board the USS Nakatomi as the Chief Medical Officer.

Service Record

T-c1.png Medical Cadet Year One 2362 - 2363
T-c2.png Medical Cadet Year Two 2363 - 2364
T-c3.png Medical Cadet Year Three 2364 - 2365
T-c4.png Medical Cadet Year Four 2365 - 2366
T-o1.png U.S.S. Khitomer, Medical Officer 2366 - 2374
T-o1.png U.S.S. Kirk, Assistant Chief Medical Officer 2374 - 2379
T-o2.png U.S.S. Kirk, Chief Medical Officer 2379 - 2384
T-o2.png Starfleet Medical Headquarters, Research Department 2384 - 2389
T-o2.png U.S.S. Nakatomi, Chief Medical Officer 2389 - 2390
T-o3.png U.S.S. Nakatomi, Chief Medical Officer & Second Officer 2390 - PRESENT