Trevan Axlyn

Trevan Axlyn
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Physical Description

5' 4"


122 lbs


Dirty Blonde (Graying)



Political Information

United Federation of Planets Starfleet


USS Nakatomi


Chief Engineering Officer

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Lieutenant JG Trevan Axlyn is the Chief Engineering Officer on board the Ronin-class starship USS Nakatomi he was born in the year 2359 on the planet Trill and is also a joined host to Axlyn who has had four previous hosts. Three of these four previous hosts have all served in Starfleet and two of those officers were in the engineering department. Trevan's mother and father are named Stacen and Paxis respectively and he has one brother named Yancton.

General Information

Physical Description

Trevan is five foot four inches tall and has a medium build. His eyes are hazel and his hair is a dirty blonde with some graying going on. He is your typical appearing trill with black spots that run from the base of his head down his neck and along his shoulder blades.


Trevan is generally easy going and somewhat of a nerd in his engineering quirks. He isn’t the shy type at all, but rather outgoing and expressive though he tries his best not to offend those around him primarily because he would feel hurt if someone offended him in such a manner.


Spouse - None
Children - None

Father - Paxis
Mother - Stacen
Brother(s) & Sister(s) - Yacton
Other Family - None



Born in 2359 to Stacen and Paxis on the planet Trill in a small village just outside one of the major cities on the planet Trevan has one brother who was deceased prior to Trevan’s birth. In childhood and like many of the Trill on his planet he dreamed of one day being considered for the joining ceremony which is one of the highest honors bestowed upon his species. Once selected he went through the process slowly and even reconsidering on multiple occasions until at long last he was put through the ceremony itself.

Axlyn’s previous host had recently died from cardiac arrest having died at an old age, and Axlyn had been saved just in time. Trevan would become Axlyn’s fifth host when Trevan was just seventeen years old and preparing to go off into the academy. Axlyn brought with him the knowledge of three Starfleet officers two of whom were engineering and the third was a security officer. By all accounts Axlyn had brought with him the knowledge of Starfleet which would assist Trevan later in life while serving in Starfleet.

Starfleet Career

Of course Trevan would never know the full affect of the Dominion War having never served during the time period, but he studied it and quickly adapted to the aspects of what had transpired. His dreams had come true and he was successful in attaining his degree in bio-engineering and served aboard the USS Pasteur an Olympic-class medical ship. He would stay on board for a couple years quickly rising to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade and being assigned as the Assistant Chief Engineer by the Chief Engineering Officer late that year.

Trevan wouldn’t stick around for long because his knowledge of mostly every engineering sub-system and his knowledge of how some engines worked would lead to the referral that he become a department head himself. It was decided that after he learned the many ins and outs of the new Ronin-class starship that he would be elected to be the Chief Engineering Officer on board the USS Nakatomi.

Service Record

Y-c1.png Engineering Cadet Year One 2377 - 2378
Y-c2.png Engineering Cadet Year Two 2378 - 2379
Y-c3.png Engineering Cadet Year Three 2379 - 2380
Y-c4.png Engineering Cadet Year Four 2380 - 2381
Y-o1.png U.S.S. Pasteur, Engineering Officer 2381 - 2384
Y-o2.png U.S.S. Pasteur, Assistant Chief Engineering Officer 2384 - 2389
Y-o2.png U.S.S. Nakatomi, Chief Engineering Officer 2389 - PRESENT