Trill (Planet)

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  • 4 communication satellites
Native Species:

Trill System, Alpha Quadrant


United Federation of Planets

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The city of Mak'ala
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Trill, or Trillius Prime, is a class-M planet that is home to two sentient species: humanoid Trills and non-humanoid Trill symbionts. It is unique among planets for this reason. Trill appears similar to other M class planets from space—green landmasses and oceans underneath a few clouds. However, Trill’s oceans are in fact purple, both from orbit and on the planet itself and the sky from the surface is a blue-green and the rocks are slightly bluish in color.


Trill’s economy is dependent on engineering and science and some of the best engineers and scientists in the Federation are Trill. However, there is a wide gap between joined and unjoined Trill when it comes to jobs as the joined Trill have experience that the unjoined will likely never have and thus are the candidates of choice for many employers.

Another source of economic income are the Trill Science Institute and the Trill Engineering Academy

Geographical Data

Caves of Mak’ala
These underground caverns house kilometers of underground pools of a milk-like substance that is the natural habitat of the symbionts. The salty liquid allows the symbionts to communicate with each other and joined Trill hosts through bioelectric currents. The symbionts will die unless they are in the pools are joined with a host, although it is possible to keep them alive for a short time with specialized care. The symbionts are looked after by the Guardians of Mak’ala who spend their lives making sure the symbionts have the right environment for them to live.

Leran Manev
Leran Manev is the capitol city of Trill and is the location of the Trill Senate Tower, Trill Science Ministry and the Trill Symbiosis Commission and is one of the largest cities on the planet, but is not the largest.

Tenaran Ice Cliffs
The Tenaran Ice Cliffs are some of the most dangerous cliffs in the Federation. Mountain climbers like to test themselves against the wintry mountains and the cliffs have become a great tourist spot as a result.

Other Geographic Locations include:

  • Ganses Peninsula
  • Gheryzan (City)

Points of Interest

Trill Science Ministry
The TSM is the governmental science agency on the planet Trill and encourages the expansion of Trill knowledge about the universe and is responsible for the discovery of the Vulcans in 2067. Ever since, the TSM has kept in contact with various species to help each other learn about the galaxy, each other, and their planets.

Trill Science Institute
The Science Institute is the premiere science academy for several sectors. The Trill are a very curious race and have a love of learning seen in the young people of few races. It is not quite at the same level as the Vulcan Science Academy, though it is quickly gaining in prestige.

Trill Engineering Academy
The Trill Engineering Academy was once called the Leran Manev Academy of Engineering before the planet unified itself under one government and is now one of the best engineering schools in the sector. Trill are not satisfied with work that is not perfect and teach this to the next generation, thus instilling the same dislike for bad workmanship in them.

Symbiosis Commission
The Symbiosis Commission is the body of government that deals with the symbionts and are the ones who decide what symbionts go to whom. They have around 300 symbionts annually for joining, but 1000 initiates. Thus, they have secretly lied to the populace that only 0.01 percent is capable of being joined and was discovered by LCdr Jadzia Dax and Capt Benjamin Sisko in 2371. If it was revealed that 50% of the population was capable of being joined, symbionts would become black market commodities causing Sisko and Dax agreed to keep the secret for the good of the planet

Trill Senate Tower
The Trill Senate Tower has existed in Leran Manev since the early 20th century and was built shortly before Trill came to have one world government. Ever since, it has been the center of government for the people of Trill so the Trill Senate and president’s offices are held in the tower.


Trill’s history with the symbionts began 10,000 years ago when a shaman first discovered that they extended life and healed illness. It was then that it was discovered that memories and even personalities were carried over to the next host and thus the symbiotic relationship between the slug-like life-forms and the humanoids was born.

Over the next 9000 years they learned to make tools, machines, and art. At the forefront of this revolution were the joined; they learned faster than those without symbionts and they remembered skills from one host to the next. They made self-propelled transportation vehicles around 1950 but unlike those on Earth, these did not pollute the environment. Indeed, the Trill would never think of harming their environment due to the delicate nature of the Caves of Mak’ala and the symbionts that lived there. Around 2067, they achieved warp drive and made the first successful warp flight to another planet in their solar system and a Vulcan ship passing through at this time diverted their course to meet with them. The Trill were astounded to learn that they were not alone in the galaxy, as they had never considered it before and when they learned of Humans they wanted to meet these strange people. They met the rest of the races of the Federation in 2189, and were debating about becoming members until 2285. They were hesitant to enter the Federation due to their protectiveness of the helpless symbionts but in late 2285 they became members and soon had two seats on the Federation Council. By 2373, nearly every Starfleet installation had at least one Trill officer or enlisted within its ranks