Ty'vak Telres

Ty'vak Telres
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Physical Description

5' 10"


173 lbs





Political Information



Velara Colony


Chief Security Officer

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Character Information

Gender: Male

Species: Andorian

Age: 30

Physical Description

Like all Andorians, Ty has blue skin and White hair. He has a light blue scar on his right jaw line from Academy training. He is of average build, but has slightly longer antennae then average, giving him a slightly taller appearance. He also has a large white burn mark on his left hand, received in the dominion war.


Spouse: None

Children: None

Father: Ter'chek (deceased)

Mother: Nara'zon (deceased)

Brother(s): None

Sister(s): None

Other Family: Many

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Ty has a strong personality, is incredibly driven and moral conscious. He has spent most of his life dealing with conflict, so is usually quite calm in many situations. Like may Andorians he has very intense emotions and is prone to mood swings when angered. He follows the tenants of honour, but understands that there is sometimes a necessity to manipulate the truth when the situation calls for it. He is very active and exercises on a daily basis. However, he is not as literary as some of his colleges, and dislikes most art forms in preference for more direct forms of entertainment. He also has a decent analytical and mathematical mind, which generally gives him an advantage in his field of expertise.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Strengths: Physically fit, Good mathematical mind, strong personality, good at working alone or as part of a team, exceptional marksman, above average linguistic capabilities, Truthful.

Weaknesses: Morally blinkered, Unpredictable moods, Poor appreciation of the arts, Drinks prolifically, combative with others who do not share his view.


To advance within Starfleet and one day captain a ship like his father.

Hobbies & Interests

Martial arts of all kinds, Running, Target practice, Swimming, Rock Climbing, Piloting, Martial History.

Personal History

Born on Andoria in 2356 (Earth Calendar) he was an only child, although his parents tried many years to have more children. His father was a Starfleet officer and his mother worked as a member of the Civilian law enforce on Andoria. He didn't meet his father until the age of 6, but as they had kept in contact via subspace for many years he held no resentment. He knew his father was helping others as much as him, and so idolized the man, who from a Childs perspective was a heroic figure. His life on Andoria wasn't perfect. He was a loner in school, although his mother had taught him how to defend himself from an early age, preventing any real bullying from taking place.

He progressed quickly through school. He was not the brightest member of the class, but was a quick learner and had a very mathematical mind, allowing him to excel in many areas. However, he always had a poor relationship with both literature and the arts, preferring to concentrate on activities of a more sporting nature.

Tragedy struck Ty at the age of 15 when his mother was killed in a shootout between Andorian security and a band of well armed robbers. Ty was devastated, as he had idolised his mother for the job she did. He spent several months in the care of family friends until his father returned from active duty. The pair then moved from Andoria to Earth so that Ty’s father was better able to continue with his career whilst keeping Ty close. His father became Security officer on one of the several orbital Starbases, with Ty living with him aboard. Much to Ty’s surprise, the other officer’s children were happy to integrate him into their community, and soon the young Andorian had more friends then he had ever had before, and felt better then he had since his mother’s death.

This situation continued right up until 2373, when the dominion war began. His father was assigned to the USS Themes, a new Sabre Class vessel as its CO. Ty remained on the Starbase as his father ventured to the front lines, fighting off the advancing Jem’Hadar ships whilst Ty remained safe in orbit around Earth.

Ty joined Starfleet the next year, and advanced quickly, the War footing speeding up the training, with more conflict oriented scenarios being used to educate the cadets in this troubled time.

It was in the final weeks of 2374 that Ty’s father died, his ship destroyed by a Jem’Hadar ambush. Ty was shaken up by the news. However, grief quickly formed into anger, and Ty threw himself into his studies, growing more proficient with shipboard weaponry and tactics by the day.

By the end of the dominion war Ty was serving as a cadet tactical officer aboard the USS Trafalgar, an Akira-class ship that was part of the second wave to assault Cardassia during the final battle. There he got his revenge many times over destroying several Jem’Hadar ships whilst at the tactical station. However, he had to be rushed to sickbay after a direct hit caused his station to catch light, badly burning his hand.

After the USS Trafalgar he returned to the academy to finish his training in 2378. He was then assigned as a Security/Tactical officer to the USS Tesla, a Nebula-class ship that was sent to enforce the boarders between the Dominion and the Federation. It was a varied assignment, allowing for many different opportunities to be experience, although there was a fair amount of action as the treaty was enforced.

In 2381 he transferred to the USS Hawking, a Nova-class scout ship. It was a dull assignment, but there had been a lack of places among Starfleet ships at the time, so it was either the Hawking or some dead end ground posting.

He served there for a year, exploring the depths of space whilst having almost nothing to do. Fearing he may be getting rusty he moved over to the USS Moldova, A Defiant-class ship. It was an active posting, with much in the way of combat training for the ever imposing threat of invasion from the Borg. He spent 4 years in anti-pirate/terrorist operations within the federation itself, and developed his skills far enough in the first year to a receive promotion to Lieutenant JG.

However, as time progressed he sensed his position was stagnating. The CS/TO was only a year older then him, and it seemed like she was unwilling to leave her post. So when an opening became available on Velara Colony for a CS/TO Ty jumped at the chance, regardless of the Colonies scientific nature.

Service Record

2374-entered Starfleet academy

2375-Cadet placement aboard the USS Trafalgar

2378- Graduated Starfleet Academy

2378- Assigned to the USS Tesla, S/TO, Ensign

2381- Assigned USS Hawking, S/TO

2382- Assigned USS Moldova, S/TO

2383- Promoted to Lieutenant (JG)

2386- Assigned Velera Colony, CS/TO

Service Awards: 3 Commendations for Duty

1 Award for Valor

1 Purple Heart