Ty Casma

Ty Ty Casma
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349 lbs




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Velara Colony


Chief Engineering Officer

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Physical Description

Ty is tall and looks intimidating. He has tan skin, fuller lips and a boyish kind of face. His hair is cut short and is messy and brown. While he does look like he could be angry or violent he is rather quiet and unassuming in personality. Despite being half-Kzinti Ty looks mostly Human except for slightly sharper teeth, denser musculature and skeletal system and slit pupils. Most do not notice these things unless they are looking for them as Ty's eyes are black enough to hide his pupils anyway. Ty has an intense stare and a shy smile. Unknown to human doctors, the Humanoid genetic code was actually dominant over the Kzinti genetic code, so much of what a full Kzinti expresses genetically Ty does not have. Ty tends to walk with an unconscious grace and balance common to many felines.


Father: Samuel Estes
Mother: Keriael Casma

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Quiet is the main word used to describe Ty. Intense is another. He is good at his job and follows orders to the letter. His quietness hides a strong intelligence. It also hides a man who at his core is a predator and a hunter. He quells these instincts by submerging himself in his surrounding environment. Sometimes this can involve drinking too much and sleeping too often. Ty has to be careful to weigh his instincts with what he does to conquer them. Ty has a difficult time talking to women and can be socially awkward. When Ty is in his "mode" he can become more forward and bold though he is also infinitely more dangerous. His "mode" is mostly when he loses control of himself and lets his instincts take over. Ty is rather shy and has a quirky sense of humor. People know Ty as a gentle man. Sometimes Ty feels like he is faking or pretending to other people until he remembers something his mother told him when he was a child. The fact that you want to be a good person speaks more about who you are than the fact that sometimes you aren't.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Strengths: Ty's senses are heightened from a Human's. He can smell, hear, see and even taste with remarkable clarity. His hearing pitch is four times greater than a Human's, higher than a Vulcan's. He is extremely strong and it is difficult to knock him over due to his incredible balance. None of this is abnormal to a Kzinti, though in Ty it is a more refined and delicate process because he is not ten feet tall and covered in hair and claws. He can jump to very high distances and if it is able to be climbed without claws, it can be climbed by Ty. He is a competent engineer.

Weaknesses: Extremely powerful hunter's instinct, Ty has to resist doing things such as eating raw meat and killing wild animals. He is also capable of hurting others if they get in his way. Strangely enough despite this he has never had an incident of violence on his record unlike some of his Human classmates. Ty is a very rigid individual, a consequence of his control. Some people have compared him to a Vulcan in the past as even his emotions seem to be controlled to an extent. He is very shy and inept at social convention. By the standards of full Kzinti Ty is a runt and very weak, easily able to be put in his place. When Ty is around other full Kzinti such as his mother he has a tendency to become rather docile. Ty has no telepathic abilities unless he is in the mating cycle unlike full Kzinti who have telepathic abilities constantly.


Ty lives it day by day. Most of his dreams as a child involved working for Starfleet, so in terms of his career he just wants to make the most of it. Ty thinks that someday he would like to be an instructor at Starfleet Academy, when he is older and more experienced and wise. Personally Ty just wakes up each morning and vows to himself not to do anything untoward.

Hobbies & Interests

Ty enjoys meditation and exercise. Both of these things help with Ty's volatile nature extensively. Ty learned how to meditate when he was a child as one of his teachers was Betazoid and taught him some methods that he still keeps with him to this day. Exercise is another valuable release and Ty uses holodeck simulations to help him release his more violent urges. Ty knows full well what happens if he doesn't indulge himself even in pretend. Ty has always enjoyed tinkering with things and fixing what is broken, so it is no surprise that he is an engineering officer. Ty likes to cook but he is definitely not a world-class chef. Ty's main talent is what he has made a career out of. Ty has a hobby of drawing and art, and keeps a sketchbook in his quarters although it is more a private hobby.

Personal History

Samuel met Keriael, Ty's mother, when he was stranded in Kzinti space after his messenger craft was disabled. He was taken captive on a Kzinti vessel called Mayren and subjected to interrogation. Keriael was in charge of it and after two days finally decided to let him go. Samuel didn't understand why as he was under the impression he was to be killed but took the opportunity. Unbeknown to him was that Keriael was in the mating cycle of all Kzinti and decided Samuel was interesting. This was unheard of as Kzinti are extremely xenophobic and would never mate outside of their species.

Keriael already formed a telepathic bond with Samuel so unfortunately there was nothing that could be done about it. Keriael didn't want Samuel to die so she let him go and expected to never see him again. But Keriael was already in line to be exiled because of her betrayal so Samuel decided to take her with him and they both took off in his repaired craft. Getting back to Federation space on impulse took them six months and in that time they got to know each other.

Samuel eventually fell in love with Keriael and the two of them made it back to Earth where it was found out that Keriael was pregnant. That surprised both of them as their species was so different it wasn't possible to have a natural pregnancy but there it was. Samuel was a believer in the old-Earth religions and was convinced it was a miracle. Ten months later Ty was born. Samuel took Keriael's clan-name since it was the cultural norm for Kzinti and he didn't want her to feel unwelcome by him so Ty's name was Ty Casma as opposed to Ty Estes.

Ty grew up on Earth in Ecuador with his mother and father in their modest house. There were challenges in Samuel and Keriael's marriage but the two loved one another enough and loved Ty enough to work through them. Keriael told her son all of the great stories of her people, balanced with Samuel's own dedicated stories of their family and heritage. Interestingly enough Ty looked mostly Human instead of Kzinti, Samuel and Keriael were both convinced that their child would look more like her since, well, she was a rather dominant presence. But genetics didn't seem to work like that. Ty was the first Kzinti/Human hybrid born and the first Kzinti hybrid born outside of rape or necessity.

Ty learned early on in his childhood that when he got mad, other people got hurt. The children in the neighborhood didn't want to play with him because his anger was like a storm. Eventually in the schoolyard he managed to put one of his classmates in a coma and it was decided to pull him out of class and teach him at home. Keriael didn't know what to do. On her homeworld things like that were simply common, and an entire society was built off of it. Even Keriael herself had a temper issue but could control it because she had received training in the military. It was the only solution she knew, but Samuel forbid his son to be raised in a militant fashion so they simply did the best they could at home.

The only thing that seemed to calm Ty down was fixing things and engaging his mind. This turned their home into one of the most sturdily built on the street and the furniture inside to be all hand-crafted, but it didn't help Ty until he began to try. As Ty grew older he eventually realized the destructive capabilities he had so he began to try harder himself. By the time he was thirteen years old he was ready to go back into the school system. He took a placement test and was entered into the ninth grade.

This time Ty didn't seem to even have a temper. People would make fun of him and it would roll off of him. Ty had matured into a quiet young man who excelled at his studies. He didn't have any other incident of violence against him. The child that he had harmed when he was eight was in his class at the time and he even apologized to him. The other boy didn't seem phased and eventually Ty and Jason became friends. Ty was known in his class as the uptight one. He always followed the rules and did was he was supposed to do. The only one who seemed to understand why was Jason. If he didn't do things properly, people got hurt.

As time went on in school Ty formed a few friendships but mostly he was rather awkward socially. He did the best he could but he found he was the most comfortable with one or two people or if he was at home. He just wasn't like his mother in that regard. Unless he was angry or operating on his instincts he really wasn't a very dominant presence. His classmates gave him the nickname of Iceman as he passed through the grades and yearbook photos show a man with a calm face and a fiery stare.

Ty graduated high school when he was sixteen and enrolled in college. His passion throughout his life had always been fixing things and creating things, so he went to trade college to study engineering. He spent four years in university and one of those was postgraduate before he went away to New York to work abroad. Keriael and Samuel finally had to let their child go. He had grown up into a responsible adult. For two years Ty worked in construction.

One day Ty was sitting in a bar, indulging in the one past time that he could not seem to kick before he was approached by a recruiter from Starfleet. Ty could remember the fights his parents had about raising him in the military fashion and wondered if that was something that could help him. And despite that he didn't want to work in construction for the rest of his life. He had the qualifications to enter Starfleet Academy and he could do what he liked to do most: fix things. He was half-Human sure but his entire life he had always known he was an outsider. Maybe space was where he belonged. So he spent a week in a rehabilitation facility and picked up a Starfleet package on his way out to San Francisco.

Ty took the placement examination for the Academy and was surprised to found out that they accepted him, and in his chosen track which was engineering. Ty found a lot more acceptance in Starfleet than he had growing up. Even though most of the adults in Quito city had accepted him and no one was outright mean to him, the children there who knew what his mother looked like always made fun of him for it. It was the one thing that always caused dispute for him. But here it seemed like there was a huge variety of different species, including quite a few Caitians.

Ty had never seen another felinoid until going to Starfleet Academy. He was hesitant but eventually approached the trio expecting to be laughed away from their table but it seemed like they could understand a little bit what he had went through. Though none of them knew what it was like to have the instincts of someone who wanted to rip things apart. In Caitians it wasn't nearly as bad as in Kzinti, but it was a welcome reprieve. Ty made his first lasting friendships with the group and remained close to them throughout his four years of Academy study.

Ty graduated when he was twenty-six and called his mother on subspace before choosing his assignment. Her and his father seemed proud of him and Ty was sad he wasn't able to see them before his requested shuttle left space-dock. But it was time to start his career so he boarded the shuttle and left Earth for the first time in his life where he was assigned to Velara Colony as its chief engineer.

Service Record

Quito Public Schooling - 16 yrs

Central University of Ecuador - 4 yrs

Drake Construction Limited - 2 yrs

Starfleet Academy - 4 yrs

Velara Colony - >1 yr