USS Hendrix

USS Hendrix
Technical Details
Class: Defiant-class
Role: Escort
Status: Destroyed (2375)
Crew Information
Commanding Officer: Lieutenant Commander Benjamin J. Byrne
Executive Officer: Lieutenant Commander Drayton Vyers
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The USS Hendrix was a Defiant-class Federation starship that was in operation during the war with the Dominion in the mid-2370s.


In 2373, Lieutenant Commander Benjamin J. Byrne was given command of this vessel by Commodore Gates, in a decision which was considered dubious by many in Starfleet Command due to Byrne's young age. The decision was allowed to stand however, due to the at-war status the Federation found itself in.

The Hendrix was a ship that had been rushed into production and commissioned for the sole purpose of aiding Starfleet against the Dominion, and as such most of its service was in that capacity; that of a warship, serving in battles, skirmishes and raids. Due to the unique design characteristics of the Defiant-class starships, the Hendrix was often chosen for some of the more dangerous missions, behind the enemy front lines.

3 months after its commissioning, the ship was assigned to destroy a Dominion resupply depot, and hid the ship in the wake of a comet which had managed to find its way into subspace.

The crew of the Hendrix was gathered within just one week, and all from officers and crew members which were available on-the-spot, and not currently assigned to another post that required them to stay. Most of the crew were described as mediocre, but Benjamin commented later that there were three good officers in the bunch; Commander Vyers, his tactical officer, Warrant Officer Roberts, and Chief Engineer Ledrah.

The ship was destroyed in the Battle of Cardassia at the end of the war, and its surviving crew sent to different posts.

Command Crew

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