USS Livonia

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USS Livonia-A
Technical Details
Class: Sovereign-class
Registry: NCC-79916-A
Role: Explorer/Ship of the Line
Status: Inactive
Crew Information
Commanding Officer: Captain James Cohen
Executive Officer: Vacant
Second Officer: Vacant
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The USS Livonia-A is the second starship to bear its name the first being an Akira-class starship struck down and completed between 2385 and 2386 was destroyed while engaged with an unknown alien species. The newly constructed ship was built as a much larger and more powerful Sovereign-class starship. She is under the command of Captain James Patrick Cohen.

Starship History

The USS Livonia was originally planned as an Akira-class starship in service under the banner of Starfleet Intelligence Department operating as the Intelligence Director's sword in a volatile area of space near the Breen border. The ship was placed in the command of then Commander William Sagan and after becoming fully staffed with the 392nd Marine Detachment and the 403rd Airwing the starship set off towards her destination along the Breen and Federation border. The original plan was to monitor Breen activity from the Federation side of the border when word was received of a Breen superweapon. The Federation enlisted the help of Captain Adrek of the SS Gortax a Ferengi freighter however the vessel vanished shortly after being dispatched with an entire intelligence infiltration unit. Deciding at the last possible second to cross into Breen space the Livonia quickly discovered that she was outmatched and outgunned. To make matters worse they faced the superweapon head on and were nearly destroyed when the ship was sent spiralling a few dozen lightyears into Breen space. The starship and the surviving crew managed to rescue the survivors of the Gortax, but not without cost of lives. After weeks of being stranded the ship managed to return home though it was not the welcoming they'd expected.

After narrowly escaping death and the chance of a mutiny on the vessel the Livonia found itself sidelined all while politics around them played out. It was quickly discovered that some sort of plot was about to play out, and while the crew of the starship remained locked away. Emotions continued to run high for many of the crew feeling disenchanted with Starfleet some made the decision to abandon Starfleet all together. However, before any reaction could be made it was discovered that the Director of Intelligence had been replaced by an imposter and both were later found dead. Without any luck in identifying who the imposter was and with the threat of another imposter looming the crew once again were able to set off. Leaving Starbase seven four seven with a psychopathic murderer who'd been on the run for nearly ten years the crew would once more be returning to Earth. However, nothing went according to plan at all when the second and third imposters chose that exact moment to strike by convincing a wayward marine to release the prisoner. As the prisoner rampaged through the ship they managed to successfully drive off a mutiny and capture the vessel. Before the alien ships which the imposters were awaiting for could reach them however, the crew of the Livonia killed the prisoner and retook their ship. But, by then the alien ships were close enough that they'd managed to nearly overtake the Livonia before the ship escaped. The escape was quickly foiled when almost overrun once again the crew made the decision to crash the vessel into the side of a planet.

Once more surviving tragedy the crew of the Livonia found themselves in an uncertain situation their home had been destroyed and many of them wondered if their careers had been destroyed as well. However, this was not the case as the crew quickly learned that Commander Sagan had been promoted to Captain and that the crew was being given a fresh chance to start over. They witnessed as the Sovereign-class starship USS Livonia-A was presented before them. Now with a new ship and a new chance the crew have finally banded together for what they've always dreamed of...A chance to see the stars through the galaxy.