USS Nakatomi

USS Nakatomi
Technical Details
Class: Ronin-class
Registry: NCC-91864
Role: Cruiser
Status: Active
Crew Information
Commanding Officer: Commander Garrett Rosa de Sanchez
Executive Officer: Lieutenant Commander J'Kodran
Second Officer: Lieutenant Traenai
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Laid down in 2387 the USS Nakatomi took two years to construct before finally being prepared to be commissioned in the year 2389 she is a Ronin-class vessel commanded by Commander Garrett Rosa de Sanchez a Dominion War veteran and long time officer of Starfleet. Rosa de Sanchez was announced as the Commanding Officer four months before completion after a short stint as an Executive Officer in order to train him in commanding a vessel of his own. The Nakatomi is named for a Japanese clan from Ancient Earth. The ship is the first Ronin Class vessel to be commissioned and assigned to serve the Eleventh Fleet in Task Force 44 under command of Commodore John Thompson.

Ship History

Construction & Launch

In 2375 Starfleet decided that there were a few weaknesses that could have been filled during the Dominion War, and following developments in technology made by Starfleet Headquarters and the Corps of Engineers the Ronin-class was born. Eleven years later in 2386 Starfleet ordered the construction of the USS Nakatomi (NCC-91984) one of the first of its class to be placed within the Eleventh Fleet also known as Pegasus Fleet. Originally Rear Admiral Kelly Davis had intended for the ship to be her flagship, however she saw a greater idea. And, early in the year 2387 after construction on the Nakatomi had begun Admiral Davis approached her superiors with her suggestion. While the ship was being constructed the argument began on who would command this new ship and she proposed to them that instead of her taking command she wished for a person that served during the Dominion War. And, she went so far as to suggest that several key positions on board be filled by war heroes such as First Lieutenant Jonathon Gunn.

The Admiralty flatly disagreed with her on this because they felt that those people were too dangerous to give a new warship designed by the Federation, however she continued to push the subject. Finally after nearly a year of debate the Admiralty reluctantly agreed with her decision, and it was announced that Lieutenant Commander Garrett Rosa de Sanchez an injured war hero would be given command of the starship. The crew would be determined, and the ship would be completed in the year 2389, launched, and commissioned all in that same year.


The U.S.S. Nakatomi was prepared for their first tasking involving the ship and crew to unravel a mystery surrounding a Gul Takar from the Cardassian Union, and the intent of destroying an already brittle alliance between the United Federation of Planets and the Cardassian Union. During the investigation it was determined that the Gul and his small fleet of ships were constantly a step ahead of the Federation Starship and the small Cardassian task group assigned to stopping the threat.

Gul Tukar fought as hard as he could against the U.S.S. Enterprise, but unexpectedly the Nakatomi arrived in time to save the day and the Cardassian ships fled in an unknown direction. Following an interrogation with one of the Gil officers on board the Enterprise it was determined that the attack squadron was heading for Deep Space Nine intent on recapturing the station and sealing the fate of Bajor. The Nakatomi chased them barely arriving in time to prevent the attack, but a battle ensued.

Fighting was fierce, but the Nakatomi come out on top and Gul Tukar was cornered on his ship while one Cardassian ship had been destroyed in combat things for the Cardassian Union were not looking good. Gul Tukar saw no other way out and committed suicide, and Starfleet Command commended Lieutenant Commander Garrett Rosa de Sanchez for saving the day. He was promoted to Commander while the ship sat in space dock at Deep Space Nine to undergo repairs and the next set of orders were prepared.

The ship was under orders soon to begin patrolling along the borders of the Klingons and the Romulans following the destruction of Hobus Star and the chaos it had brought. While on patrol however a distress beacon alerted the Nakatomi to a small planet just outside the Federation border and in between the Klingon and Romulan borders. There they located an old Federation NX class starship known as the U.S.S. Jakarta that had gone missing sometime in the year 2162 shortly after the formation of the United Federation of Planets.

After a brief investigation into the ship it was determined that the distress beacon was set to go off more than two hundred years after the death of the communications officer's Lieutenant Commander Aaron Sanchez the distant relative of Commander Garrett Sanchez. The cause of death was determined to have been starvation after Commander Aaron Sanchez was unable to gather food for himself. The Jakarta was sent deep into Klingon territory after an anomaly known as a spacial wave struck the vessel and sent it a great distance. Also discovered was information showing the fate of J'Kodran's family, and Commander Garrett Sanchez underwent emergency surgery.

As the Romulans withdraw from their shared border with the Klingons for unknown reasons the Nakatomi no longer has a reason to remain on it's patrol route. And, Doctor Talivan Reche a member of the Galactic Anthropology Committee has gone missing during an archeology expedition. The Nakatomi is the closest vessel and therefore sent to investigate. But, they will find the answers to many questions at the same time all along an unexplored area of space known as the Typhon Expanse.


Season One

Ep. 1 - Tip of the Sword
Ep. 2 - Jakarta
Ep. 3 - On the Edge


Commanding Officer R-o5.png
Garrett Rosa de Sanchez
Executive Officer R-o4.png
Second Officer T-o3.png
Captain's Yeoman R-e5.png
Emanuel Hunter
Flight Control
Chief Flight Control Officer R-o1.png
Edgar Locksbee
Tactical & Security
Chief Tactical/Security Officer Y-o2.png
Kevin Enola
Chief Engineering Officer Y-o3.png
Trevan Axlyn
Propulsion Specialist Y-o1.png
Rhys Dhalan
Chief Operations Officer Y-o2.png
Chief Science Officer T-o3.png
Assistant Chief Science Officer T-o2.png
Jia Stadi
Stellar Cartographer T-o1.png
Dyson Leahy
Medical & Counseling
Chief Medical Officer T-o3.png
Chief Counselor T-o2.png
Lissan Endiley
Diplomatic Detachment
Chief Diplomatic Officer V-o3.png
Sarah Crawford
392nd Marine Detachment
Marine Commanding Officer G-o3.png
Jonathon Gunn
Marine Executive Officer G-o2.png
Erin McMahon
Corpsman T-e4.png
Isaac Lewis

Departed Crew

R-o3.png Tobie Hutchinson, Executive Officer
Y-o1.png Melanie Love, Tactical Officer

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