USS Nicholson

USS Nicholson
Technical Details
Class: Akira-class
Registry: NCC-67819
Role: Cruiser
Status: Inactive
Crew Information
Commanding Officer: Cmd. Joe Rhimer
Executive Officer: Lt. Cmd Ileana Cortez
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Crew Manifest

Commanding Officer R-o5.png
Commander Joe Rhimer
Executive Officer R-o4.png
Lt. Cmd. Ileana Cortez
Flight Control
Chief Flight Control Officer R-o2.png
Lt. JG Tanner Dale
Security and Tactical
Chief of Security Y-o2.png
Lt. JG Ethan Cain
Chief Engineer Y-o2.png
Lt. JG Cor Cordale
Assistant Chief Engineer Y-o2.png
Lt. JG Katlynn "Kitty" Fox
Chief Science Officer T-o2.png
Lt. JG Muriel
Medical and Counselling
Chief Medical Officer T-o2.png
Lt. JG Serabe Kora
Marine Detachment
Marine Commanding Officer G-o4.png
Major Bryan Pershing

USS Nicholson Mission Log

USS Nicholson Missions by Season
Pilot – 2012 The Shakedown
Season 1 - 2012 to Present The Chimera

USS Nicholson Missions by Type
Main Missions The ShakedownThe Chimera
Shoreleave Missions None
Planned Missions Dealing in ShadowsDeadman SwitchMarket NoirBig Game
Pegasus Fleet Story Arc Missions Planned Sojourner Crisis Missions for Season 2

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