USS Omaha

USS ShipName
Technical Details
Class: Ambassador-class
Registry: NCC-68022
Role: Cruiser
Status: Waiting for Crew
Task Force: Task Force 37
Task Force CO: Vacant Vacant
Crew Information
Commanding Officer: Commander Jason Faulkner
Executive Officer: Lieutenant Commander Briar Tovan
Dedication Plaque
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USS Omaha is a Ambassador-class starship assigned to Pegasus Fleet in Task Force 37 under the Command of Commander Jason Faulkner and Executive Officer Briar Tovan.


Construction and Launch

USS Omaha was launched in early 2358, under the command of Captain Selas ka'Thanton. It was part of the last flight of Ambassador-class starships; the construction of USS Galaxy was underway and Starfleet had such confidence in the program that additional Ambassadors were cancelled in favor of the new class or smaller Galaxy-era second rates like the New Orleans and Cheyenne classes. With that said, at the time it was still the most advanced vessel in Starfleet, if only until the first Nebula-class cruiser left Utopia Planitia.

For much of its early life, Omaha was assigned to diplomatic duties, showing the flag outside of Federation space. This included several planned first contact missions, follow-up to new encounters, and assisting the Federation Diplomatic Service in a wide variety of negotiations. While there were still scientific missions, the crew's focus was more toward social rather than physical studies. In the 2370s, these assignments increasingly focused on gathering allies as the Federation found itself facing new threats.

Omaha saw action in the Dominion War, acting as a command ship for a cruiser squadron tasked with guarding several Federation protectorates at the edge of the conflict zone. She was directly involved in over a dozen skirmishes, as well as several evacuations and two planetary assaults. Following the war, the ship remained in Cardassian territory, enforcing treaty terms and providing humanitarian aid. This sort of mission continued through the 2380s as other large-scale disasters occurred, most notably the Romulan supernova.

In 2392, Omaha was pulled back home for a much-delayed comprehensive refit. Over the next two years, the last three decades' technological advancements were incorporated into the ship, including features such as holoemitters, bioneural gel packs, and the latest sensors and defense systems. The ship still shows plenty of signs of its age, particularly with regard to interior spaces and its somewhat slow warp drive, and cramming so much new technology in beside the old has left it with more than a few bugs that still need hammered out.

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