USS Poseidon

USS Poseidon
Technical Details
Class: Miranda-class
Registry: NCC-42635
Role: Destroyer
Status: Active
Task Force: Task Force 11
Task Force CO: Captain Jasmine Lynne Somers
Crew Information
Commanding Officer: Commander Gregory Paladin
Executive Officer: Lt. Commander Rudolf Kaufmann
Second Officer: Lieutenant Gabriella Dawson
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USS Poseidon (NCC-42635) is a Miranda-class starship assigned to the 11th Fleet's Task Force 11. Poseidon is currently under the command of Commander Gregory Paladin and first officer Lieutenant Commander Rudolf Kaufmann.



Poseidon entered drydock in late 2392 to undergo a refit and crew rotation. Commander Gregory Paladin took command of the vessel in December 2392 after leaving an instructors position at Starfleet, with Lieutenant Commander Rudolf Kaufmann joining the vessel from the USS Ben-my-Chree as his first officer.


Command crew

Personnel assigned to Poseidon:

Embarked craft

Poseidon has a compliment of five shuttlecraft, two Razor interceptors and one Serenity modular transport.


Present and upcoming missions

  • Mission 1: The Wild Yonder (current)

Completed missions

  • Mission 0: Drydock


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