USS Poseidon

USS Poseidon
Technical Details
Class: Miranda-class
Registry: NCC-42635
Role: Anti-Piracy Convoy Escort (Destroyer)
Status: Active
Task Force: Task Force 11
Task Force CO: Fleet Captain Jasmine Lynne Somers
Crew Information
Commanding Officer: Captain Franklin S. Johnson
Executive Officer: Commander Kanaka "Kana" Shakura
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USS Poseidon (NCC-42635) is a Miranda-class starship assigned to the 11th Fleet's Task Force 11. Poseidon is currently under the command of Captain Franklin Johnson and first officer Commander Kanaka Shakura.


Construction and Original Shakedown

In 2318, the USS Poseidon has her keel laid and finishes construction in the Proxima Yards, in the Proxima Centauri Star System within the span of one year. She was officially designated NCC-42635 and entered into active service in response to growing tensions with the Klingon Empire and the Romulan Star Empire. Captain William J. Horrace was the first Commanding Officer of the USS Poseidon. In 2321, Command was handed over to Captain Edgar Paladin following a successful three-year shakedown cruise under Captain William J. Horrace, whom retires from Starfleet shortly after.

The Early Years and First Reserve

In 2330, the USS Poseidon undergoes a refit for a period of two months to bolster the 2293 designs for the Miranda-class. Many of the systems are upgraded or improved, with very little interior renovations done. Shortly after the renovations, Captain Edgar Paladin is promoted to Commodore. In 2334, following a battle with a marauding band of Orion Pirates, Commodore Edgar Paladin is killed in the line of duty. His first officer, Commander James Wallkeen, is promoted to Captain and given command following one month of drydock repairs. In 2344, after the incidents surrounding the Battle of Narendra III and the resulting Klingon-Federation Alliance, the USS Poseidon under the command of Captain James Wallkeen is placed into reserves. Most of the crew move on to better, more modern ships. Captain James Wallkeen is promoted to Starfleet Command under the rank of Commodore.

Reactivation, First Cruise, and Second Reserve

Following First Contact with the Borg in 2367, the USS Poseidon is brought back into service after receiving extensive updates to weapons and defenses. No interior changes are done, save for more advanced console screens and interfaces. Commander Henry T. Paladin is given command of the Poseidon. A few years later in 2370, the USS Poseidon is redesignated as "fleet support ship". Commander Henry T. Paladin is promoted to Captain following the redesignation ceremony. In 2371, following a period of relative peace, the USS Poseidon is placed into reserves. Plans are made to offer her up as a museum ship. Captain Henry T. Paladin heads the initiative.

The Dominion War

Following the declaration of war on behalf of the Federation against the Dominion in 2373, the USS Poseidon is swiftly reactivated. Captain Henry T. Paladin is given command again and instructed to report to the front lines. For most of the war the USS Poseidon conducted operations as a fleet support ship, ferrying supplies between warzones. Soon enough, in 2374, Captain Henry T. Paladin is given instructions to report for a new operation; Operation Return. The ship sustained heavy losses in the ensuing battle, with Captain Henry T. Paladin killed in the line of duty. Commander T'Miak, a Vulcan, successfully assumes command to finish their role in the battle and return to a shipyard for repairs. Later that same year, the USS Poseidon briefly participated in the Battle of Betazed, however was thereafter recalled to assist in the First Battle of Chin'toka. Following heavy damage, but with minimal loss of life, the USS Poseidon return to Federation space for repair and refit.

One year later, in 2375, the USS Poseidon is assigned as destroyer escort for several starships, continuing her primary role as fleet support in more than one occasion. Commander T'Miak is promoted to full Captain this same year. The Poseidon would go on to participate in the Battle of Ricktor Prime. Following this, the USS Poseidon and her crew would defend Earth in the Breen attack on Earth, destroying at least one Breen ship and sustaining moderate damage. Following the conclusion of the Dominion War, the USS Poseidon is returned to reserve status. Captain T'Miak accepts a commission on board a Nebula-class starship to further his career in Starfleet.

A Brief Interlude: Mothball and Pegasus Fleet

In 2376, despite the several attempts by ancestors of Captain Henry T. Paladin and his previous First Officer, T'Miak, to return the Poseidon into the status as a Museum Ship, Starfleet mothballs the ship. In 2387, following years of mothball, the USS Poseidon is briefly brought back into service to assist with evacuations and refugees from the destruction of Romulus. She is thereafter returned to mothball, given under the authority of Pegasus Fleet for further consideration.

A New Sim: 2017 Shakedown Cruise

In 2392, Commander Gregory Paladin, veteran of the Dominion Wars and antecedent of Captain Henry T. Paladin, takes command and commission of the USS Poseidon. He leaves behind an instructors position at Starfleet. Lieutenant Commander Rudolf Kaufmann joins the vessel from the USS Ben-my-Chree as his first officer. In drydock, the systems of the Poseidon are extensively updated, save for the interior, as it is considered non-essential to replace. After a brief shakedown, and following the tragic events of losing both parents, his wife and kids, and a sibling in an accident Commander Gregory Paladin takes leave from Starfleet. The USS Poseidon is returned to mothball after Lieutenant Commander Rudolf Kaufmann transfers to another fleet.

The Sim Strikes Back: 2019 Reactivation

In 2393, the USS Poseidon is brought out of mothball to begin updates to her weapons and defensive systems, as well as sensors, consoles, a more compact computer core, and other essential and non-essential areas. She is assigned to Commander Franklin Johnson, who departs the Norway-class Starship USS Tennessee, and redesignated as an Anti-Piracy Convoy Escort. Lieutenant Commander Phoebe Graydon is assigned as the ships Executive Officer, who departs the USS Highlander from her tenure as XO onboard. Commodore Gregory Paladin returns to the USS Poseidon from his leave and subsequent promotion to Starfleet Command as Director of Academy Operations, acting as Mission Advisor on board the testbed for Academy Operations, the USS Poseidon.

A Change of Pace: Death of a Crewmember and a Notable Promotion

In 2393, just a day into the shakedown cruise of the USS Poseidon, a gryphon fighter piloted by Lieutenant Jonas Pavan explodes off the bow of the Poseidon during a routine training exercise. The USS Poseidon is ordered back into berth at Starbase 99 pending an investigation. Lieutenant Karn, the ships Chief Security and Tactical Officer, leads the investigation with the assistance of various notable Officer's and crew on board. With the critical medical supplies still on hold inside the Poseidon's cargo bay, the primary mission of the Poseidon to deliver the supplies to Starbase 129 near Cardassian space is placed on hold.

Following the investigation and the additional arrival of new crewmembers from Starbase 99, the ships First Officer, Lieutenant Commander Phoebe Graydon, requests to step down to the position of Second Officer. Commander Franklin Johnson accepts the request and promotes Lieutenant Commander Kanaka Shakura to the position of Executive Officer, who had been the Poseidon's Second Officer previously. Starfleet Command is anxious to see how this situation as a whole will unravel.

The Return to the Mission

In 2393, a few days after the Death of Lieutenant Jonas Pavan, an investigation conducted jointly by the crew of the Poseidon under the supervision of the ships Chief Security and Tactical Officer, Lieutenant Karn and Starbase 99 revealed that while there wasn't outstanding evidence of sabotage, there was evidence of bad warp plasma which led to the catastrophic explosion of the fighter during early maneuvers. With the remains of the deceased veteran fighter pilot handed over to Starbase 99 personnel, it was revealed in the Second Senior Officer's Meeting by the ship's Chief Medical Officer, Lieutenant Nivora T'vek, that he highly suspected foul play. With equal reservations noted by those present, including the Chief of the Boat, Master Chief Petty Officer Charles Payne, Commander Franklin S. Johnson made the decision that the mission would move forward. The Chief Medical Officer would conduct a sanctioned investigation on behalf of the Commanding Officer to look into the bad warp plasma with any help necessary, all the while the ship and crew would move forward to continue on their mission to deliver the critical supplies that were reloaded during their short layover period following Pavan's accident.

Following the aftermath of the Second Senior Officer's Meeting, a few of the crew decide to take up considerations for promotions and reassignments, with new crew joining the tour at the last minute. With blue skies ahead, fresh faces, and no further need for a shakedown, the USS Poseidon makes way to start its three week journey to the edges of Cardassian Space.

The Battle of the Bright Nebula

The Bright Nebula, a span of nebulous gasses a few lightyears across sitting near a straight path three-quarters of the way from Starbase 99 to Starbase 47, was a realitively unimportant area of Federation space. The Nebula itself, formally catalogue as Nebula 82247-B by a science cadet on an Oberth-class science vessel and thusly imformally named after said cadet, was comprised of roughly 70% hydrogen, 30% helium, and 0.1% heavy elements. It was here in the vacinity of the Bright Nebula that the USS Poseidon would be ambushed by apparent rogue elements of Starfleet. Two Sabre-class vessels, the USS Cain and USS Abel, were using illegally obtained technology to hide themselves as they stalked the USS Poseidon along her route.

Very shortly, the crew gets its first hints of something suspicious thanks to the assistance of the Poseidon's Chief Diplomatic Officer and Asssistant Chief Engineering Officer (A Mystery, Part 1: Listen to the Message). Later, with the additional involvement of the Chief Intelligence Officer, Group Commander, and Chief Engineer the investigating members of the Poseidon discover and crack a curious code being sent through the ether in Eldar Futhark ([A Mystery, Part 2: Interpret the Message). With a plan in place, the Commanding Officer of the Poseidon hatches a plan with the Group Commander of the Fighter Wing, Lieutenant Neteri "Ikran" Shannon, to bait whomever may be tailing them (>>placeholder A Mystery, Part 3: Act on the Message<<). The attempt at baiting the enemy out of hiding works, almost too well, and the enemy gains a brief advantage as the Poseidon is hit hard, unsheilded, by a photon torpedo and phaser blasts.

Over twenty-five crew are lost in the first few moments of the battle, along with the Poseidon's ability to enter warp, forcing her to stand her ground. After the Poseidon went to red alert following the attack, and with the assistance of the Group Commander Lieutenant Neteri "Ikran" Shannon and Wing Commander Lieutenant Amelia Forsyth-Coyle fighter wing, the tides of the battle begin the change as they strike back hard at the enemy and offer critical distractions. Under the direction of the Chief Security and Tactical Officer, Lieutenant Karn Karn, the Poseidon strikes back viciously as it fights for its life despite initial damage to her hull.

Internally within the Poseidon, however, the battle grew more intense. Commander Kanaka Shakura, whom had been previously undertaking command work in her office, was thrown aside in the first moments of the enemy attack. Taking the initiate, Kanaka finds acquires her aide, Cadet Freshman Grade Daisy Stanier, and begins operations to assist the crew of the vessel during the beginning moments of the fight.

Shortly after, boarding action had taken place when the USS Abel came close, resulting in two enemy assault teams transporting on board the Poseidon during the first moments of the fight. Decks 8 through 6 were engaged by both Ships Security, and the Marine compliment led by Staff Sergeant Maximilian Pfaffenheim engaged the enemy toe to toe. A thwarted attempt to sabotage the Poseidon's photon torpedo stores, first reported by Lieutenant Hibiki Zh'kallas and shortly after diffused by Lieutenant Lazarus Kord, pushed the enemy to the brink of breaking as they struggled with already overwhelming odds. This reprieve gave the defenders the advantage they needed to win the day. In the end, a few of the enemy forces had been captured alive, ships Chaplain Lieutenant Damian Kane providing aid where needed, and the remainder killed or vaporized by friendly defenders.

The Battle of the Bright Nebula came to a close with the arrival of the old and aging Akula-class USS Pitchfork. A short exchange later in defense of the Poseidon saw the Pitchfork destroy one of the enemy vessels and drive off the other. After a brief exchange of assistance between the Pitchfork and Poseidon, the recovery of all fighter assets, and patchwork repairs to make the Poseidon warp capable again, the Poseidon resumed her course to Starbase 47 to lick her wounds and proceed directly to repair.

With the Poseidon entering the dock, the crew were given leave, with newer faces coming on to replace those leaving and those dead...

Reassignment at Starbase 47

Following the events of the Battle of Bright Nebula, Starfleet Command has relieved the U.S.S. Poseidon of its originally assigned mission of ferrying relief to Cardassian Space due to the circumstances that have presented itself. Starfleet Command has therefore assigned the Poseidon to be based out of Starbase 47 for the foreseeable future, to conduct patrols in the nearby space when necessary for the protection of both the Starbase and the local sector from increased pirate activity. What awaits to be found by the Poseidon during her routine patrols remains to be seen.


Deck Listing


Command Crew

Personnel assigned to Command the Poseidon:

Senior Officers

Personnel assigned as Senior Officers of the Poseidon:

Junior Officers

Personnel assigned as Junior Officers of the Poseidon:

Enlisted Crew

Personnel assigned as Enlisted Crew of the Poseidon:


Civilian crewmembers of the Poseidon:

Retired/Departed Crew

Personnel who either are in the process of departing, have departed, or retired from the Poseidon:

Killed In Action/Missing In Action

Personnel killed or missing in the line of duty onboard the Poseidon:

  • Killed In Action
    • Lieutenant Jonas Pavan (2393-2393 - PC - Prior Group Commander for Fighter Wing - KIA due to fightercraft explosion.)
    • Master Chief Petty Officer Brian McColm (2393-2394 - NPC - Prior Transporter Specialist - KIA during violent console explosion on station.)
    • Staff Warrant Officer Kendall Williams (2393-2394 - NPC - Prior Yeoman - KIA by falling debries on bridge.)
    • Lieutenant JG Sydney Allen (2393-2394 - PC to NPC - Prior Quartermaster - KIA when blown out into space from catastrophic damage to crew lounge from enemy ship weapon fire.)
    • Ensign Charlie Honey (2393-2394 - NPC - Prior Science Officer - KIA when blown out into space from catastrophic damage to crew lounge from enemy ship weapon fire.)
    • Ensign Dok (2393-2394 - NPC - Prior Biologist - KIA when blown out into space from catastrophic damage to crew lounge from enemy ship weapon fire.)
    • Civilian Miranda Von Furst (2393-2394 PC to NPC - Prior Lounge Manager - KIA when struck by falling debris in Recreation Lounge)

Embarked craft

Poseidon has a compliment of 1 Type 11 Shuttlecraft, 2 Type 9 Shuttlecraft, 4 Workbee-class Cargo Management Unit, 2 Razor Interceptor Fighters, 1 Gryphon Class Fighter.


Season One: The Paladin Conspiracy - Prelude:

Season One: The Paladin Conspiracy - Act One:

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