USS Praxis

USS Praxis
Technical Details
Class: Luna-class
Registry: NCC-87032
Role: Explorer
Status: Active
Task Force: Task Force 11
Task Force CO: Fleet Captain Jasmine Lynne Somers
Crew Information
Commanding Officer: Captain Suvaal
Executive Officer: Lt. Commander Emily Volante
Second Officer: Lieutenant Bavan Tajx M.D.
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The USS Praxis (NCC-87032) is a Luna-class starship under the command of Captain Suvaal and her Executive Officer is Lt. Commander Emily Volante. She is part of Pegasus Fleet's Task Force 11 which is under the command of Fleet Captain Jasmine Lynne Somers. She was under construction from 2388 until 2390 when she underwent her first series of trials. The vessel returned to drydock after six months of trials and underwent further upgrades to her systems before officially being commissioned in 2391. Starfleet Headquarters announced the ship's Commanding Officer late in 2390 and he reported aboard early 2391. The ship was sent to Cestus III in order to gather the remainder of her personnel before taking her place within Task Force 11.

The USS Praxis gets her namesake from the moon in orbit around Qo'noS within the Klingon Empire. The moon was destroyed in 2293 due to over-mining of the moon for resources by the Klingon Empire. This catastrophic event led to a lasting peace between the Federation and Klingons and eventually resulted in the signing of the Khitomer Accords.

Current Episode

Season 1, Episode 1: Where the Angels Fear to Tread

Summary: The USS Praxis Luna-class starship registry NCC-87032 under the command of a Vulcan that goes by the name of Suvaal. Six months ago the ship completed her trials and was fully commissioned before being assigned to the 11th Fleet. Furthermore, the Klingons have requested that the Federation assist them in surveying a system they feel may be suitable for mining.

The Praxis, named for the moon that’s destruction led to the Khitomer Accords, is under orders to leave Cestus III and proceed to the M’Char system. The system is within Klingon space however has not been noticed until recently. The I.K.S. D’Mok has been assigned to the system to work in collaboration with the USS Praxis on this endeavor. But, perhaps others may want the prizes tucked away in the M’Char system?

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