USS Shepherd

USS Shepherd
Technical Details
Class: Sentinel-class
Registry: NCC-83357
Status: Active
Task Force: Task Force 56
Task Force CO: Lieutenant Commander Canaan Serine
Crew Information
Commanding Officer: Commander Richard Wayne
Executive Officer: Major Shraq Th'qaalnel
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"When the Wolf stares you down. Will you be the lamb that cowers in fear or will you be the SHEEPDOG who stares back and takes action."
    —The Shepherd

The USS Shepherd NCC-83357 is a newly commissioned Sentinel class ship. It is tasked to Pegasus Fleet in Task Force 56 under the command of Commander Richard Wayne. In the year 2392 the Federation is still rebuilding from the Dominion War, the Hobus Supernova, and other political issues.

The Galactic North has turned into the Wild, Wild West. Crime, pirating, and fugitive hold outs plague the worlds in the North with little influence from Star Fleet. That has changed. The USS Shepherd is the beacon of light. Designed as a Fugitive Apprehension Strike Team they are tasked to track, capture, and bring to Justice those that hide in the North.

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