USS Sinnan

USS Sinnan
Technical Details
Class: Danube-class
Role: Scout/Escort
Status: Operational
Task Force: Task Force 56
Task Force CO: Lieutenant Commander Canaan Serine
Crew Information
Commanding Officer: Commander Caymen Greener
Executive Officer: TBD
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The USS Sinnan is an Atlantic-class runabout retrofitted for long-term missions with a focus on advanced sensors and communications as well as intelligence and information gathering. She is not stealthy, but she is nimble and has the gear to be aware, perceptive, and even predictive in what the enemy or target will do.

Her missions are not always covert, and the crew may object to questionable orders and tactics. But the point is to get in, find something out, and get out. And she does it well. Transfer today!


The USS Sinnan's site can be found here:


Active Manifest
R-o5.png Commander Caymen Greener, Commanding Officer
Y-o3.png Lieutenant Rianna Sojurn Repatha, Engineering Officer
T-o3.png Lieutenant Emelita Enyeart, Medical Officer
R-o2.png Lieutenant JG Tyrio Veyn, Diplomatic Officer
DS9Black.png Orec, Civilian Advisor

Mission Listing

Below is a current listing of missions, with links to each one on the Sinnan's page.

Mission 2 - Shakedowns The Sinnan is newly launched, heading out on a somewhat-sleuthy mission to gather information on a very specific target, closer to the Romulan Border. How will the Sinnan and her crew perform? And will their target figure them out before the exercise is done? Current
Mission 1 - Onboarding The crew of the Sinnan is assembled and they get used to their new, cramped quarters. The nickel tour doesn't take long at all. Completed

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