USS Tomcat

USS Tomcat
Technical Details
Class: Akira Class - SUBTYPE
Registry: NCC 62114
Role: Semi Independent Combat Support Cruiser
Status: Active
Task Force: Task Force 11
Task Force CO: Fleet Captain Jasmine Lynne Somers
Crew Information
Commanding Officer: FCapt.Jasmine Lynne Somers
Executive Officer: Cmdr Maia Sterling
Second Officer: Lt. Cmdr Alexanderia CahillMD
Dedication Plaque
Tomcat Plaque.png
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USS Tomcat Service Record

On Stardate 61428.2, Commander Jennifer Foster was relieved of command on board the USS Tomcat and reassigned to Deep Space 19 as the new Strategic Operations Department. In her stead, Commander Sutherland, the previous Executive Officer of the USS Stuttgart has assumed command as previously intended by Starfleet Command.

  • On Stardate 61474.7, Commander Sutherland was promoted to the rank of Captain with all of the rights and privileges there unto. Additionally, he was promoted to the position of Task Group Alpha's Commanding Officer in Taskforce 21, RR (Rapid Response). Unit.
  • On Stardate 62270.80 Commander Sampson Foster was provided command status of the USS Tomcat, NCC-62114. This Akira-class starship was attached to Task Force 21, operating within Task Group Tango as the Task Force's Crisis Response Vessel.
  • On Stardate 62328.2, the USS Tomcat was dispatched by Task Force Command to the Mira System to commence a second attempt at charting this unknown region of space. The first attempt was conducted by the USS Sioux (Nova-class) but was a failure due to the vessel and crew being destroyed by pirates of unknown origin. The officer originally assigned to oversee these efforts was a Commander Kelvin Wood who has, once again, been designated as the supervisor for the mapping of this sector.
  • On Stardate 62123.6, the USS Tomcat was reassigned to Task Force 25.
  • On Stardate 63259.17, the USS Tomcat was reassigned to Task Force 46 a Marine based Unit.
  • On Stardate 63727.00, the USS Tomcat was reassigned to Task Force 27 a Special Operations Unit.
  • On Stardate 63825, Captain Luke Seavers was promoted to Commodore and assigned to the position of Task Force Executive Officer. The USS Tomcat was then assigned to Second Officer Lt. Commander Katie Clarence
  • On Stardate 63937.00, command of the USS Tomcat was given to Lieutenant Commander Jane Thomas
  • On Stardate 63679.45, The USS Tomcat was reassigned to Task Force 33
  • On Stardate 63773.08 The USS Tomcat began its new Mission on mapping the Hydaransz System
  • On Stardate 238701.05 Transferred over to 22nd Fleet for missions that reuired Plausible deniability, thus the ship underwent a refit to remove and replace its Starfleet tech .
  • On Stardate 238803.15 The USS Tomcat returned to Utopia Planita to undergo a rapid refit as it was to be reassigned to a new Fleet.
  • On Stardate 238906.15 Joined Pegasus Fleets Task Force 44 - New chapter began in Tomcats History
  • On Stardate 239012.12 Assigned a Mission to halt rogue Orion Slavers and the Orion Syndicate making themselves know out in the Mira Sector and the Galen System.
  • On Stardate 239206.01 The USS Tomcat is assigned to the Mira Sector and the wild unclaimed little-charted space beyond the furthest of the Federations borders.
  • On Stardate 239201.01 The USS Tomcat was reassigned to Task Force 11

USS Tomcat

The USS Tomcat is a modified Akira Class Heavy Cruiser/Light Carrier equipped the accommodation of 462 Marines and their equipment plus their shuttles and ground equipment, the Marines on the Tomcat are Rifles from the newly reconstituted 95th Rifle Regiment. The ship currently has 125 Rifles serving on her, and I am looking for someone who knows how to do MCO duties as I want to develop the Rifles on the ship. The Marine Commanding Officer on the Tomcat takes more of an active role in missions, unlike larger ships or Starbases due to the size of the ship. The Tomcat is a Fleet/Marine commanded ship, while it is marine orientated she does have Fleet officers serving on her, i.e. NOT marines. Unlike other Akira class ships, the Tomcat is a sub-type or modified, as in she has 3 Squadrons of Gryphon class fighters each Squadron has 12 fighters. There is a Fleet Squadron where the CAG is a fleet Officer, a Marine Squadron pilots of the 95th and a Klingon Squadron. The ship mainly patrols the border regions of the Mira Sector but does occasionally do missions deeper in Federation space. Currently, her missions are set in unclaimed space and the ships major base of operations ia Starbase 51 (NPC) which is constructed on the border of Federation/Unclaimed space whose nearest planetary system is New Xindi Systems and the Talarian Union and the Neutral planet of Galen IV


The USS Tomcat is a Sub-Type class Akira, while its weapons and defences have not changed.

Ships Roster <-OLD Page DO NOT USE

Ship Roster

Commanding Officer

Jasmine Lynne Somers
First Officer

Maia Sterling
Second Officer

Alexanderia Cahill
Mission Advisor

Chief Helm Officer

Serina 'Reaper' Donovan
Chief Operations Officer

Lamia Arderne
Chief Engineering Officer

Remington Dodd
Deputy Chief Engineering Officer

Nicole Taggert
Chief Security Officer/Tactical

Cody Parker
Assistant Chief of Security/Tactical

Paul Winchester
Chief Intelligence Officer

Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer

Position Open
Chief Science Officer

Maia Sterling
Deputy Chief Science Officer

Position Open
Chief Medical Officer

Alexanderia Cahill
Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Amiri Aldana 365
Chief Councellor

Iria Walon
Assistant Chief Councellor

Amiri Aldana 365

Position Open
95th Rifles (Marines)
Marine Commanding Officer G-o2.png
1st Lieutenant Regan Risum
Deputy Marine Commanding Officer G-o1.png
30th Combat Air Wing
Commander Air Group

Serina 'Reaper' Donovan Raider 1
Deputy Commander Air Group

Position Open Raider 2
Squadron Leader Rebel 1

Position Open
Executive Officer Rebel 2

Position Open
Squadron Leader Red 1 (Klingon Character Only)

Position Open
Executive Officer Red 2 (Klingon Character Only)

Position Open

Ship specifications

  • Class Name: Akira
  • Type: Heavy Cruiser/Marine Support/Light Carrier
  • Ship construction: Ongoing
  • Commissioned: 2363 - present
  • Diplomatic Capability: 3
  • Expected Hull Life: 100 years

Refit Cycle:-

  • Minor: 5 years
  • Major: 20 years
  • Time between Resupply: 3-5 years

Known Active ships:-

  • NCC 624971 USS Akira
  • NCC 63293 USS Rabin
  • NCC 63549 USS Thunderchild
  • NCC 62114 USS Tomcat


  • Length: 464
  • Width: 316
  • Height: 87
  • Decks: 21 (20 are Habitable)
  • Mass: 3,055,0004 metric tons

Crew: 1641 (Incl. Officers, Enlisted and Pilots, Troops excl. 20 Passengers)

Ship's Crew Compliment exc Troops and Pilots:-

  • Officers: 84 (Including CO/XO/2XO)
  • Enlisted: 420
  • Marines: 462 (all 95th Rifles 12 are NPCs and are the CO's Personal guard)
  • Pilots: 675 = 3 Squadrons of 36 craft inc replacements)
  • Passengers: 20
  • Max Evac: 2,096 Persons


  • 6x Type X Enhanced Phaser arrays
  • 1x Pulse fire Photon torpedo launcher pod with 500 rounds (PDS) Point Defence System
  • 6x Photon torpedo launchers 4 Front 2 rear can be loaded with Quantum Torpedoes.

Defence Systems:-

  • Ablative armour
  • Standard shield System
  • Standard Duranium/Tritanium Double hull
  • Standard level Structural Integrity Field

Warp Speeds:-

  • Normal Cruise: 6
  • Maximum Cruise: 9.3
  • Maximum Rated: 9.8 for 12 hours

Auxiliary Craft:-

  • 3x Type 18 Shuttlepods
  • 2x Type-6 Personnel Shuttle (UPRTD)
  • 2x Danube Class Runabouts
  • 1x Venture Class Scout
  • 10 work bees
  • 2x Dragoon Class Troop Shuttles
  • 36x Gryphon Fighters - uses straight-through flight hanger to launch

Some Auxillary Craft Assigned to USS Tomcat

36x Gryphon Class Fighters

Gryphon 1.jpg

  • Crew: 2
  • Length: 20 meters
  • Height: 14 meters
  • Beam: 3.5 meters
  • Decks: 1


  • Efficient Cruising Velocity: Warp 3
  • Maximum Sustainable Velocity: Warp 4
  • Emergency Speed: Warp 4.5 (6 Hours)
  • Standard Impulse: .25c


  • 2x Type U+ MicroPulse, 4x Type VII Array
  • 2x Micro-Torpedo Launcher
  • x16 Micro-Photon, x8 Micro-Quantum

6x Type 18 Shuttlepods

Type-18 smallShuttlePod.png

Type: Medium short-range sublight shuttle. Accommodation: Two; pilot and system manager. Power Plant: Two 800 Milli Cochrane impulse driver engines, four RCS thrusters, four sarium krellide storage cells. Length: 4.5 m; beam, 3.1 m; height 1.8 m. Mass: 1.12 metric tones. Performance: Maximum delta-v, 16,750 m/sec. Armament: Three Type-V phaser emitters.


Type-7 smallPersonnel.png

Type: Light short-range warp shuttle. Accommodation: Two flight crew, six passengers. Power Plant: One 50 Cochrane warp engine, two 750 Milli Cochrane impulse engines, four RCS thrusters. Length: 6.0 m; beam, 4.4 m; height 2.7 m. Mass: 3.38 metric tones. Performance: Sustained Warp 3. Armament: Two Type-IV phaser emitters.

2x Danube Class Runabouts

Danube Class Runabout.png

  • Officers and Crew: 12-15
  • Evacuation Limit: 40
  • Overall Length: 23.1 meters
  • Overall Draft: 5.4 meters
  • Overall Beam: 13.7. meters
  • Full Impulse:.25c
  • Cruise Speed: Warp 4, Maximum Velocity Warp 4.7 (for twelve hours)
  • Transporters: One standard 2-personnel


  • Standard 6 Type V phaser arrays
  • 1 torpedo launcher (optional)

1x Talon Class Scout:-


  • Specs: Scout, Length in Meters: 24, Height in Meters: 5, Width in Meters: 16
  • Mass in Metric Tons: 12,500
  • Decks: 1
  • Standard Crew Compliment: 2

  • Maximum Personnel Capacity: 2
  • Phaser Type: VI
  • Torpedo Launchers (Total): 1
  • Warp Reactor: M/ARA
  • Normal Cruising Speed: Warp 5
  • Maximum Cruising Speed: Warp 7
  • Maximum Speed: Warp 8.5 Time Maximum Speed Can Be Sustained: 2 Hours


Workpod smallSphinx.png

Type: Light industrial manipulator (Sphinx M1A), medium industrial manipulator (Sphinx M2A), medium tug (Sphinx MT3D). Accommodation: Pilot (M1A, M2A); pilot and cargo specialist (MT3D). Power Plant: One microfusion reactor, four alfinium krellide power storage cells, four RCS thrusters. Dimensions: Length, 6.2 m; beam, 2.6 m; height 2.5 m. Mass: 1.2 metric tones. Performance: Maximum delta-v, 2,000 m/sec. Armament: None

Troop Transports:-

image to be added

Type: Medium short-range Troop shuttle. Accommodation: Two; pilot and system manager plus 24 Marines (fully kitted) 48 troops (with minimal kit) Power Plant: Two 800 Milli Cochrane impulse driver engines, four RCS thrusters, four sarium krellide storage cells. Length: 4.5 m; beam, 3.1 m; height 1.8 m. Mass: 1.12 metric tones. Performance: Maximum delta-v, 16,750 m/sec. Armament: None

The Troop shuttles share the same basic performance specs as that of a Type 18 shuttle pod minus the weapons

USS Tomcat

USS Tomcat upon her re-assignment to Pegasus Fleet.


  • Season 1:
    • Mission# 1: Arrival (On new Forums)
    • Mission# 2: New Duty (Lost in Fleet Transition)
    • Mission# 3: To Boldly Go (Lost in Fleet Transition)
    • Mission# 4: Forward the Brave (Partially completed - ETA Completion Unknown)
  • Season 2:
    • Episode# 1: An Old Enemy Completed on PBF

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Nova Sims: Season 3

    • Episode# 1: Family of Slaves IN PROGRESS
    • Episode# 2: TBA