USS Valhalla

USS Valhalla
Technical Details
Class: Intrepid class
Registry: NCC-XXXXX
Status: Operational
Task Force: Task Force 56
Task Force CO: Rear Admiral Niamh Devane
Crew Information
Commanding Officer: Commander Kee'Bhor, House of Maal
Executive Officer: Rank Character Name
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In 2393 a crew of crack starfleet officers were sent to a Breen prison by Federation court for a crime they didn't commit. This is the story of how they promptly escaped, borrowed the Intrepid class, USS Valhalla, and proved their innocence.

The Valhalla takes place 16 years after the end of the Dominion War and is a proud member of Pegasus Fleet . Conditions in the Cardassian Sector are in flux. While the Cardassian Union is currently under the guidance of Elim Garak, order is not assured and many planets are suffering. Likewise, the opening left by the retreat of the Union has lead other powers to take advantage. These are the types of conditions that require emergency response. The Valhalla will help to bring supplies and safety and a diplomatic presence to the area of space.


Construction and Launch

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In Service

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Command Crew

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USS Valhalla Missions by Season
Season 1 – Year to Year Mission 1Mission 2
Season 2 - Year to Year Mission 1Mission 2

USS Valhalla Missions by Type
Main Missions Mission 1Mission 2
Shoreleave Missions Mission 1
Planned Missions Mission 1Mission 2
Pegasus Fleet Story Arc Missions None
Guest Appearances None

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