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USS ShipName
Technical Details
Class: ShipClass-class
Registry: NCC-XXXXX
Role: Ship Role
Status: Operational/Waiting for Crew/Mothballed (etc.)
Date of Decommission: Leave Blank if Still Active
Task Force: Task Force XX
Task Force CO: Template:TFXXCO
Crew Information
Commanding Officer: Rank Character Name
Executive Officer: Rank Character Name
Second Officer: Rank Character Name
Dedication Plaque
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Introduction Blurb


Origins & Design

Main article: ShipClass-class

Overview of the origins and design of the vessel. This area is typically used for vessels which are the first of their class or otherwise involved a significant origin prior to official construction. (If this does not apply to the vessel, do not include this section.)

Construction & Launch

Information on the history of the vessel's construction and launch.

Active Service

Subsection (YYYY-YYYY)

Information on the vessel's active service may be subdivided to make it easier for readers to observe different seasons, tours of duty, major events, etc. in the vessel's history.

Subsection (YYYY-YYYY)

More information on the vessel's active service.

Significant Contacts

First Contacts

Commanding Officers

Notable Commanding Officer (YYYY-YYYY)

Brief overview of a notable commanding officer who played a major role in the history of the vessel. This should include who they were, when they assumed command, and the impact their leadership had on the ship, its crew, etc. as well as any major, defining events that happened under their command.

Notable Commanding Officer (YYYY-YYYY)

Another overview of another notable commanding officer.

Command Crew

For a full listing of ShipName crew past and present, see USS ShipName personnel.

A listing of the command crew. This list should only include senior staff positions (i.e. command officers, department heads, etc.).

(Note: If there has been more than one commanding officer, the command crew listing may be subdivided according to those who served under each commanding officer.)

Alternate ShipNames


Brief overview of alternate versions of the vessel which may exist (or have existed) in alternate timelines, universes, etc. This description should include what separates or sets the alternate version of the vessel apart from the "prime" version.



Listing of every "mission" or "episode" in which the vessel actually appears.


Listing of every "mission" or "episode" in which the vessel is merely mentioned or referred to.

Background Information

Additional description and background information, primarily from an out-of-character perspective, that gives greater context and/or history to the vessel including explanations for certain developments, characteristics, etc.

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