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  • Borg Shipyard
Native Species:
  • El-Aurian

El-Aurian System, Delta Quadrant



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El-Aurian was the homeworld of the El-Aurian people and is located in the Delta Quadrant within Borg space. Sometime around 2365 the Borg launched a massive attack against the population and assimilated both the planet and the people who were unable to escape the attack.


Prior to the Borg invasion of El-Aurian the people primarily focused on the arts, exploration, and sciences. They had a strong economical standing in the Delta Quadrant and had multiple trade routes where their people traded information for goods. After the Borg invasion the planet was stripped for its minerals which the Borg continue to use for constructing their starships. The planet still contains many minerals that will continue to sustain the need for supplies by the Borg as they have also constructed a shipyard in orbit around the planet.

Geographical Data

At one time the planet was dominated by clear waterfalls and lush gardens that the El-Aurian people glorified as their homes. The planet had large jungles that covered entire continents until the Borg invasion. Now the planet is dark as large machines have dug out all of the gardens and lush jungles that once dominated the planet. The large bodies of water have all been drained by the Borg in order to mine beneath them. The oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere has been replaced by an sulphuric acid atmosphere due to the amount of machinery that are constantly in operation. From space a person would see a planet covered in scars and a lack of any body of water.