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Spock in the 2260s
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Spock in the 2360s
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Physical Appearance/Distinguishing Features

Spock was a tall, slim humanoid male who appeared as a Vulcan male, but was in fact half human. He had a long face, a large nose, thin lips, and black hair and brown eyes and his ears were pointed and his eyebrows upswept as were all Vulcans’.


Spock has always had interests in art, music, philosophy, and literature. He was very adept at playing the Vulcan lyre and often lent it to Uhura, his friend. Spock was a man with a foot in two very different cultures, and did his best to walk the line between them. He was very good at three dimensional chess and often played with his long time friend, James T. Kirk.

Short Biography

Spock was born on Vulcan in 2230 to a Vulcan scientist and diplomat and a human school teacher and had an older brother, a full Vulcan, named Sybok. Spock’s childhood was filled with trying to master his unruly human emotions and trying to act more Vulcan so as to be better accepted in Vulcan Society. He attended the Vulcan Science Academy prior to entering Starfleet, becoming the first of his race to enter the long-standing establishment. He graduated in 2250 and held an A7 computer expert.

Historical/Current Significance

Spock was the first Vulcan to enter Starfleet and served on the USS Enterprise under two captains: Christopher Pike and James Kirk. Spock eventually became Kirk’s first officer after the death of Commander Mitchell. It was here that Spock started to become a very influential person within the Federation. Spock, being Vulcan, took an interest in the Romulans and began pondering whether they were related to his people. Upon the infiltration of the warbird, Spock and Kirk were able to steal he Romulan cloaking device and bring it back to the Federation. Spock was also at the signing of the Organian Peace Treaty between the Federation and the Klingon Empire.

When the USS Enterprise’s five year mission was over, Spock determined to go home to Vulcan and try to purge himself of all emotion through the ritual known as the kohlinahr. In the 2290s Spock was recalled to active duty to attend to the V’Ger crisis. It soon became apparent that V’Ger was an Earth interstellar probe that had been sent among the stars to learn about the cosmos. Its programming became corrupted and it began killing people who it learned were not its creators. When V’Ger was finally destroyed, Spock, along with Kirk, Spock and the crew of the USS Enterprise were sent to retrieve a project known as Genesis. They failed in retrieving the technology, but succeeded in keeping it out of unfriendly hands although the effort involved killed Spock. His body was launched in a torpedo tube to the Genesis Planet’s surface, causing him to be resurrected, though without his katra, or his soul, which he had put inside Dr McCoy who felt compelled to return to the Genesis Planet after this. When Spock’s mind and body were finally reunited, he followed his father’s footsteps and became a diplomat, and was one of the people who helped negotiate the First Khitomer Accords where Spock opened up negotiations with the Romulan ambassador to reunify the Vulcan and Romulan peoples, which continued into his later years. Spock attempted to solve the problem of the Hobus Star, ultimately failing, and being pulled into the singularity himself.