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Jess Middleton
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173cm (5'7")


56kg (125 lbs)





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United Federation of Planets Starfleet


USS Kumiho


Executive Officer

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The Sebiestor are of slight build, but are lithe and often graceful. Pale, taut skin and thin frame is the norm and these looks lead many to belief they suffer from constant malnutrition and sickness. Jess is slightly more muscular than the normal Sebiestor and doesn't have the malnutrition look either.

Female Sebiestor are generally kind and intelligent, and like their male counterparts have a natural talent for mathematics for Jess mathematics was mainly statistics especially in ratios and using math in negations.

Jess was born as a hermaphrodite, or intersex when used for Humans which means physically she is female or feminine in appearance but has a a larger-than-average clitoris (clitoral hypertrophy). Jess is stage 1 which means a mildly large clitoris and slightly reduced vaginal opening size. This degree may go unnoticed or may be simply assumed to be within normal variation.

Jess is a strong and determined individual who doesn't want to be coddled and held on a pedestal and at times she can be very cold and calculating this also leads to guilt and sadness with her ruthless pragmatism.

Like everyone she is still struggling to find self identity which is made difficult with the condition she was born with. Jess was born as a hermaphrodite, or intersex when used for Humans which means physically she is female or feminine in appearance but has a a larger-than-average clitoris (clitoral hypertrophy). Jess is stage 1 which means a mildly large clitoris and slightly reduced vaginal opening size. This degree may go unnoticed or may be simply assumed to be within normal variation. Jess has decided to identify as a female but does struggle with certain aspects of being a female which leaves her sexual identity still up in the air.

Jess also has a nervous tic in the form of uncontrollable hiccups whenever she is afraid.


At a early age Jess's life was rocked with the death of her mother in 2372 on top of that her father had to sell of their possessions to payoff the gambling debts racked up by her older brother Kyle but the debt collectors allowed Jess to keep one thing she ended up keeping a stuffed bear she had since she was young that was a gift from her father. With the family home sold along with all their possessions their accounts drained their father was able to pull some strings which allowed enough credits to last about 90 days.

Luckily their father was able to find work which just paid enough to keep the roof over their head; by this point Kyle had disappeared presumed dead, and food on the table but eventually her father climbed the ladder and was able to buyout the owners of the fresh market that the worked at. But while her father worked Jess was going through changes mostly puberty which is normally tough an anyone but Jess was born a hermaphrodite, or intersex; for Jess she was born with with a sexual anatomy that is typically female or feminine in appearance with a larger-than-average clitoris (clitoral hypertrophy). The only person that knew this was Jess's mother who stayed quiet seeing as there was very little outward sign while she was a child; ages 1 through 12, so when her father found out about this he kicked her unable to deal with another complication in his life.

Luckily she had made a close friend in Marjory Delaqua who was just a few years older than her who lived in an apartment just a few streets down and in a heart beat Marjory took Jess in after she heard what happened. Even after learning about her condition Jess kept positive or at least tired to and when she couldn't Marjory was always there to help reassuring her that she was still the same lovable daughter she always was and that her father would eventually come around. Eventually Jess finished school while bartending with Marjory at the "Twisted Marionette" a dive bar located near Starfleet Academy both girls were also stealing identities of the patrons to make extra credits by selling them to a women named Scarlet Briar a one women crime organization.

As the two got deeper and deeper with Scarlet the closer and closer they became this eventually led to a physical relationship which had it's kinks as Marjory worked on understanding the physical and mental side of Jess's condition. But to Jess's surprise Marjory held in as they both navigated the uncharted waters together which bonded them even more than either of them could imagine but the future had other plans for the two of them. Later that month Starfleet security raided the "Twisted Marionette" after a sting operation completed this resulted in the arrests of Jess Middleton and Marjory Delaqua. After several hours of interrogation both girls gave up Scarlet Briar's location which give them a reduced sentence.

Starfleet Career

It was only after a few months that both girls realized they weren't in a normal penal facility they knew they got a very very light sentence but the location was essentially a mansion with over the top security and this was when a women named Kasmeer Meade finally revealed herself to them. At first she would do basic psych evals along with other tests both mental and physical somewhere by themselves while others were done in pairs but the women remained silent outside of saying "begin" and "stop". But than one day she walked into their room told them to get dress with what was put on their beds; they were charcoal grey pants and top and the only other instruction was to meet down stairs in the foyer.

Stepping outside there were two vehicles with Kasmeer waiting in-between them it took her awhile to explain everything from all the testing, the isolation in the house and that the time in house wasn't their sentence Marjory struggled with the what, how and why while Jess just accepted it. After Marjory calmed down Kasmeer went on to explain that everything they did got them through the academy along with intelligence training and both were coming out as junior lieutenants and that both of them were gonna to excel in this world. Marjory was more tapped for the field work while Jess was better at data collection, research and truthfully convincing people to something they aren't truly willing to do. So she was sent to Federation embassies acting as a diplomatic aide as a civilian in reality she was the embassies spy acting as a handler, middle person for intelligence and turning foreign government employees and or spies her first assignment was on Farius Prime mainly trying to turn Syndicate members along with any Farius government employees that she believed was on the take.

While she was working in the embassies Jess caught the eye of one of the ambassadors a Betazoid-Human hybrid named Taimi Mai Trin who decided like Kasmeer did take her under her wing and show her the ropes of the diplomatic corp, law and the art of diplomacy. Which Jess seemed more suited at than intelligence but Jess was able to bridge the two together which made her an even better intelligence officer especially when it came to convincing people to turn on their own. The relationship between Jess and Taimi Mai Trin was complicated in that emotionally Taimi Mai Trin was very much filling the role of Jess's mother but at the same time like with Marjory Taimi saw past the physical and saw the potential in Jess eventually this led to another physical relationship for Jess but it was very very different from what she had with Marjory she was able to connect more emotionally with Taimi.

In her spare time Jess also worked on getting certified as a security officer figuring at some point Starfleet Intelligence well be having her take on different positions or even work as embassy security even though that usually fell as the SFMC (Starfleet Marine Corps) duty but ambassadors sometimes requested additional security from the Starfleet Protection Detail.

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Executive Officer

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