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Construction and Launch

The ship currently known as USS Dauntless began life in a very inauspicious way. Construction on what would eventually become her primary hull started in the 2280s, as a part of the Excelsior program, also known as the Transwarp Program. She is registered as being constructed at Utopia Planitia Shipyard, Mars, with a Commission Number listed as NX-2000/β-ii (Decoded:USS Excelsior-secondary hull, second (or first backup) component candidate) The truth, however, is more complex. She, like her sisters, were built in three places. The outer hull was in fact constructed on and above Mars, but her Matter/Antimatter Reactor was built on Earth at the Daystrom Institute, due to the experimental nature of the system. Finally, her initial internal sensors were provided by a combined team of Tellarites, Humans, and Vulcans, who came together both from the SCE and from civilian warp theorists to form the Transwarp Project. Some of these devices have been replaced over time, but all have followed the design specs suggested by Project members and which have been shown to have increased sensitivity over commonly-available sensor designs.

After the Excelsior was reconstructed, following the meddling of Engineer Montgomery Scott and her command was given to Hikaru Sulu, there was no longer a need for a second experimental hull sitting around - especially since standard production models were now becoming fairly common.

Sitting around in orbit of Mars, the Engineering hull along with several of the spare saucer sections were used by the Academy as a training facility and as parts of the Helm Control simulator ship, the HMS Neversail. It was assumed by most that this would be the destiny of the ship which would be known as the Dauntless.

Unfortunately, the Dominion War made for... other plans. The destruction of ships against the Jem'Hadar and Cardassians made some of the more enterprising engineers conceive of a group of vessels that would be known as the "Frankenstein Fleet". Among these was the Curry-type USS Dauntless. She was a short-term use vessel serving out of Starbase 311, with a crew made up primarily of Betazoid crewmen. As can be imagined, this was one of the many vessels whose crew fought both in space and on the ground during the Battle of Betazed.

With the conclusion of the Dominion War, a few vessels of the Frankenstein Fleet, including USS Raging Queen, maintained their wartime configurations. However, a few SCE Engineers had gained a respect for the Dauntless, and she was given back her proper shape as an Excelsior-class vessel, though the remodel done for the Curry design had required she be updated to primarily Refit standards, even though she retains the transwarp devices and display unit.

In this way, the USS Dauntless has proven herself well-suited to the role of R&D testbed within the Fleet.

In Service

Command of the USS Dauntless was transferred to the 11th Fleet in the year 2387, and as a result the vessel was transported to Cestus III and an SCE repair facility was set up for it at Starbase 48. She remains the second-oldest ship still in service, with the first being USS Zeus. Given the stigma of commanding an "old" ship, many commanders refused her for the option of newer vessels. When the offer was extended to Kejal Buris, he jumped at the chance.

Perhaps he jumped a little too fast. It was not long before he found that he had a traitor among the crew, who used the cover of a malfunctioning holodeck simulation to harm several officers and escape in a shuttlecraft, though he was shot down not long after, when he would not respond to hails or an order to return to the ship. Soon after that, a trade deal with Ferengi went very far south and ended up with the crew being boarded by Orion Pirates. They were resisted, but just barely, and the Dauntless needed to be hauled back to dock.

After months of work by the SCE, she now appears to be once again shipshape and ready to serve in Pegasus Fleet

Significant Contacts

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Crew Manifest

Commanding Officer Kejal-buris.jpg R-o5.png
Comander Kejal Buris
First Officer Image Pending.png R-o3.png
Lieutenant Scarlett Pickern
Second Officer T'Stala.jpg T-o2.png
Lieutenant JG T'Stala
Flight Control
Chief Flight Control Officer Image Pending.png R-blank.png
Position Vacant
Strategic Operations
Chief Strategic Operations Officer Image Pending.png R-o2.png
Lieutenant JG Lucius MacLeod IV
Security and Tactical
Chief Security and Tactical Officer Image Pending.png Y-blank.png
Position Vacant
Chief Operations Officer Image Pending.png Y-blank.png
Position Vacant
Chief Engineer Image Pending.png Y-o2.png
Lieutenant JG Nora Reagan
Chief Science Officer Image Pending.png T-o2.png
Lieutenant JG Artim Sequoia
Medical and Counselling
Chief Medical Officer T'Stala.jpg T-o2.png
Lieutenant JG T'Stala
Chief Counsellor Image Pending.png T-blank.png
Position Vacant
Chef Image Pending.png W-blank.png
Position Pending

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USS Ship Name Missions by Season
Season 1 – Year to Year Mission 1Mission 2
Season 2 - Year to Year Mission 1Mission 2

USS Ship Name Missions by Type
Main Missions Mission 1Mission 2
Shoreleave Missions Mission 1
Planned Missions Mission 1Mission 2
Pegasus Fleet Story Arc Missions None
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