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Starbase 48
Technical Details
Registry: SB-48
Role: System Security and Coordination
Status: Operational (NPC)
Crew Information
Commanding Officer: Captain Tansk
Executive Officer: Commander Thy'liss
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Starbase 48 is a Federation space station in operation during the 24th Century as the orbital facility that acts as counterpart to the Starfleet Command Complex in Pike City on Cestus III. The facility was constructed between the outbreak of the Dominion War in 2373 and 2382 to assist in the coordination of defence and traffic in and around the Cestus system, but has had its responsibilities expanded since the reformed Eleventh Fleet chose the planet below as the location for its headquarters.


Construction on Starbase 48 was ordered immediately after the cease-fire between the Klingons and Federation was ordered by Chancellor Gowron when the crew of Deep Space Nine were able to expose the changeling posing as General Martok as a spy. Whilst the world of Cestus III had seen ever growing numbers of space traffic which had been taxing the planet-based coordination facilities already in place for years, it was the threat of a Klingon or even Gorn attempt to take control of the planet in the future which prompted Starfleet Command to order the construction of the starbase in orbit. Construction of the station began in 2373, but suffered various interruptions due to the war that broke out with the Dominion shortly after the project began. With a diversion of personnel and resources towards regions closer to the front lines, followed by a severely damaged and rebuilding Federation, the station was not completed to a stage suitable for it to begin operations until 2380, though it would be a further two years before the station was fully operational.

The station began testing in coordination with the old ground-based facility shortly after the various systems were brought online in late 2379, which were followed by the station assuming full control of system traffic shortly after the station's commanding officer, a Denobulan captain named Tansk arrived on board to assume control of the operation.

Station Layout

Support Vessels

Starbase 48 has a number of support vessels assigned to it at any given time in order to perform a variety of functions, from personnel and material ground-to-orbit transport and transference between the station and other vessels, to providing emergency assistance to nearby ships in need.

The station is assigned two Grommet-class vessels, the USS Park and USS Baker, and one Wallace-class vessel, the USS Sallis, assigned primarily for emergency starship assistance. Both are equipped with powerful sublight engines and tractor beams, enabling them to tow much larger vessels in distress. In order to fulfill the other wide variety of tasks the station is required to perform, the starbase is assigned a number of Danube- and Delta Flyer-class runabouts, each assigned to a docking pad which retracts into the large dome structures at either end of the station, totalling eight runabout-class ships.