Work in Progress for Zerin

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Status: Active
Date of Joining: July 2018
Role: Staff, Player
Discord User: CorvusZephyr#1770
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Player Information

Living in New England, Zerin is a Firefighter/Paramedic that has been simming on and off for over a decade, and has been in Pegasus Fleet for approximately a year. Prior to working as a Fire Medic, he has worked in a number of different fields, and tries to use his varied past in the creation of his different characters. He can often be found on PF's Discord.

Active Characters

  • LT Kee’Bhor, USS Valhalla
  • LT Calvin Morgan, USS Astraea
  • LT Carson Fleming II, USS Newton
  • LT Daisuke Hafan, USS Vesta
  • Viktor Kassai

Inactive Characters

  • Zerin Rolfe
  • Emelita Enyeart
  • Sada Raisa