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Status: Active
Date of Joining: July 2018
Role: Staff, Player
Discord User: CorvusZephyr#1770
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Player Information

Living in New England, Zerin is a Firefighter/Paramedic that has been simming on and off for over a decade, and has been in Pegasus Fleet for approximately a year. Prior to working as a Fire Medic, he has worked in a number of different fields, and tries to use his varied past in the creation of his different characters. He can often be found on PF's Discord.

Active Characters

Rear Admiral William Kelly Chief of Fleet Operations
USS Valhalla
Commander Kee'Bhor, House of Maal Commanding Officer
USS Astraea
Lieutenant Calvin Morgan Chief Medical Officer
USS Vesta
Lieutenant Daisuke Hafan Chief Tactical Officer
Lieutenant J.G. Zerin Rolfe (NPC) Physician Assistant

Inactive Characters

  • Emelita Enyeart
  • Sada Raisa
  • Nelson Morris
  • Viktor Kassai