Valkyrie Class

Class Identification
Class: Valkyrie-class
Affiliation: Federation Starfleet
Era/Universe: post-Nemesis (Prime)
Date Introduced: 2393
Size: Huge (1000-5000 meters)
Range: Long-range (3-5 years)
Role: Command Carrier
Projected Hull Life: 75 years
Time Between Resupply: 3-5 years
Time Between Major Refit: 10 years
Crew Compliment: 6,060 persons
Officers: 1,010 persons
Enlisted: 5,050 persons
Marines: Battalion (300-800 marines)
Starfighters: Wing (240-500 personnel; 48-100 craft) (x2)
Passengers: 1,000 persons
Maximum (Evacuation) Capacity: 35,440 persons
Speed and Propulsion
“Efficient” Cruising Velocity: Warp 5.2
Maximum “Sustainable” Velocity: Warp 7.9
Emergency Velocity: Warp 8.9 (for 12 hours)
Propulsion Systems: Standard Deuterium-Fusion Impulse Drive
Linear Matter/Antimatter Warp Drive
Length: 2406 meters
Width: 1209 meters
Height: 605 meters
Decks: 172
Auxiliary Craft

Shuttlebay: 30 (center hull, port, & starboard)
Launch Bay: 12 (center hull, top & bottom)
Docking Bay: 2 (aft, between impulse engines)

Captain's Yachts:

None (N/A)


None (may be equipped upon request)


Type 9 Shuttlecraft: 24
Type 11 Shuttlecraft: 12


Danube-class Runabout: 20

Scout Ships:

None (may be equipped upon request)

Science Craft:

None (may be equipped upon request)


Argo-class Transport: 8
Dragoon-class Transport: 38
Serenity-class Transport: 4

Ground Vehicles:

M-705 Battle Tank: 44


Gryphon-class Advanced Tactical Starfighter: 140
Viper-class Advanced Tactical Starfighter: 10

Maintenance Craft:

Workbee-class Cargo Management Unit: 140

Support Vessels:

Defiant-class Strategic Support Vessel: 2

Armament and Defensives
Defensive Systems:

Ablative Hull Armor
Duranium/Tritanium Double Hull
Structural Integrity Field

Shielding Systems:

High Capacity Shielding System


Type XIII Phaser Array: 27

Torpedo Types:

Point Defense Turret: 66
*Type U Pulse Phaser Cannon: 132 (2 per turret)
*Micro-Torpedo Launcher: 132 (2 per turret)
*Micro-Photon Torpedoes
Burst-Fire Torpedo Launcher: 4 (two forward, two aft)
*Photon Torpedoes

Special Systems:

None (N/A)

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General Overview

The Valkyrie-class starship was a Federation long-range command carrier vessel that first entered service during the latter half of the twenty-fourth century (c. 2393) as a large, mobile command platform capable of supporting Starfleet operations in unstable or otherwise dangerous situations. Because of the enormous resource cost as well as the potential diplomatic concerns, only one Valkyrie-class dreadnought has ever been constructed and placed into active service.

Class History

The origins of the Valkyrie-class starship can be traced back to the early 2380s. Some among the leadership believed the emphasis on smaller, more specialized vessels had left gaps in Starfleet’s ability to adequately field the necessary resources to support largerscale operations. Experiences from the Cardassian Reconstruction as well as the USS Enterprise’s encounter with the Scimitar appeared to justify their concerns that something more was needed.

They called upon Starfleet engineers to develop a new design capable of serving as a mobile command platform. Not only did the vessel have to deploy relatively quickly to politically or logistically unstable environments, it had to have the ability to operate on location for extended periods of time before redeploying again to a new location just as effectively. It also needed to be able to support various operations including peacekeeping missions, combat and enforcement, diplomatic negotiations, and large-scale relief efforts.

Construction of the prototype USS Valkyrie began in 2386 at the Utopia Planetia Fleet Yards. It was the largest starship construction project ever undertaken by Starfleet engineers to date. In fact, the Valkyrie was so large, engineers ended up having to incorporate many approaches and techniques often used when building starbases.

Engineers encountered several logistical delays during the construction process, many of which were due to the vessel’s enormous size. Key systems were expanded, duplicated, or completely reimagined to accommodate the ship’s needs. Even some of the more “ordinary” systems such as turbolifts could not be taken wholesale from traditional practices and had to be adapted along the way. This question of intra-ship transportation presented an issue that was eventually solved by employing a three-tier system of standard turbolifts, high-speed turbolifts, and hardline site-to-site transporter systems to help personnel move about the ship.

Official trials were conducted starting in mid-2390. These demonstrated many of the strengths of the new design, but they also revealed several shortcomings. Engineers were forced to revisit the power distribution systems multiple times to adjust for sudden drop-offs. They also redesigned the defensive systems by adding several more point-defence turrets to provide the Valkyrie with additional protection. The first completed Valkyrie-class vessel was finally deployed to the field in 2393. Due to the incredible resource costs as well as the potential diplomatic concerns of fielding such a large vessel, production has been limited to only the initial prototype USS Valkyrie. It is unknown at this time whether a smaller, more efficient version of the vessel that addresses these concerns will be developed.

Technical Data

Physical Arrangement

Deck Listing

Deck Description
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