Vanessa April

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Vanessa April (Prax)
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Human (Joined with a Trill symbiont)





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United Federation of Planets Starfleet


Head Nurse

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"There's nothing out there; absolutely nothing."

"Well it's a damn ugly nothing."

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Vanessa April was a Human nurse serving Starfleet in the early 24th Century.

With no Trill on board the ship when Torin Prax was killed in battle, the decision was taken that a human be implanted with the Prax symbiont to save its life, with the symbiont to be removed at the earliest opportunity, so as not to permanently harm its new host. Vanessa as the chief nurse volunteered, having harboured a secret crush on Torin, and Prax was joined with its first female host a mere hour after the death of Torin.

Unfortunately, though the ship was successful in the battle, it was a bitter-sweet victory. The ship, badly damaged, was losing power, and was forced to crash-land on the surface of an unnamed planet in a then-to-be-explored region of the Alpha Quadrant. It would be eight long, painful years for Vanessa before rescue, with the human body slowly dying as it attempted to cater for the new life form living inside of it. Requiring almost constant medical attention even when the body was in a fit enough state to move around easily and accomplish tasks vital to setting up the survivor's new life, Vanessa died on the first transport to arrive to rescue the long-lost crew members.

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