Washington Mission 2: Shoreleave At 14

"Transphasic Trouble"
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Transphasic Trouble

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Starbase 14


The crew of the USS Washington repairs the ship after the attack from the unknown ship.

Ships Involved:

USS Washington

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Upon stopping Councillor Amabo from taking the transphasic torpedo into the hands of the Federation's enemies, the crew of the USS Washington plots a course for Starbase 14 and shoreleave.


After the attempted theft of the torpedo, Cmdr Aishel Enor and LCdr Kejal Buris are debriefed at Starbase 14, in orbit of Auron Colony. During her debriefing, Cmdr Enor is notified that her second officer is to be Lieutenant JG Deke Franklin, with a promotion to Lieutenant. She is also notified that once the USS Washington has had their shoreleave, she is to report to her new fleet in Task Force 11 in the Eleventh Fleet, otherwise known as Pegasus Fleet. Surprised and pleased with this news, Cmdr Enor goes to find Franklin and tell him of his promotion, and to tell him to take advantage of shoreleave. However, he convinces her to go to the planet with him to enjoy themselves together. In the meantime, Lieutenant JG D'Espall Ranor has arrived from Starfleet Academy and is trying to make her way through this new universe and make her way back home. Doctor T'Stala is ordered to take time off, not wanting to do it willingly, and is convinced to try it by Nurse Jackson. He convinces her that not all fun is bad. Tannenn Locke is assigned to the Washington as Lounge Manager, and has a list of chocoholics items ready for the crew. With shoreleave winding down to an end, the crew is ready to head to the Galactic South and the range of the Eleventh Fleet, or Pegasus Fleet.

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  • "Shoreleave At 14" officially began on 29 March 2011.

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