Washington Mission 3: Trading Insults

"Trading Insults"
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USS Washington


The USS Washington prevent a Klingon Bloodfeud and procure some goods for the Federation and for Starfleet.

Ships Involved:

USS Washington

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The crew of the Washington inspects goods and conducts trade negotiations with several businessmen from across the quadrant.


The USS Washington meets with key businessmen in and out of the Federation. At first everything seems to be going along fine. Frank Greenwood's cows, wines, workclothes and boots seem to be in very high demand, as does tr'Dethildae's art and Hagen's gems. However, when going to the lounge for lunch, one of the Klingons, a man named Klarg, is attacked by two others from RocIa's House. Halfway through the negotiations, the ships are attacked...all except RocIa's. Tannenn Locke calls Cmdr Aishel Enor, Lt Deke Franklin, and LtJG Martin Tam into the lounge to discuss the matter of the attack on Klarg. Upon learning this, Tam launches an investigation with the new Assistant Chief Security Officer, Ens Ashley Williams, and the new Chief Intelligence Officer, LtJG Jayden Sullivan. Williams and Sullivan interrogate Klarg while Tam interrogates RocIa. At the same time, a team consisting of several departments is investigating the evidence of the attack in the lounge while another investigates the ship attack. Meanwhile, LtJG Sullivan is digging up information on all parties present, including the crew themselves.

The Washington and two other ships are attacked again, this time by a B'Rel class bird of prey. Someone sabotages the Washington's shields, allowing the unknown Klingons to penetrate the more powerful ships' shields. The Washington disables the bird of prey and LtJG Martin Tam and LtJG Damion Wolfe lead a team to capture the Klingons. It is found that they are rogue Houseless Klingons who want revenge for their lost honor after the Dominion War and are using the blood feud between the two Houses to start a Klingon civil war. Although the Klingons kill themselves rather than allow themselves to be captured, RocIa and Klarg call off the feud to prevent further interference from outsiders, and allowing the negotiations to be concluded easily. The Washington is now enroute to Starbase 14 and shoreleave, but nothing is ever easy in Starfleet....

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  • "Trading Insults" officially began on 13 May 2011.

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