Washington Mission 4: Rest and Repair

"Rest And Repair"
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Starbase 14


The USS Washington takes some R&R.

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USS Washington

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The crew of the Washington takes some R & R on Auron Colony as the ship is repaired in space.


The crew of the USS Washington goes to Starbase 14 for repairs and R&R. Soon, the new counselor, Lieutenant JG T'Kai, comes to Captain Enor's ready room to report in. She begins with a surprising way of taking note of the captain's mental health. Soon, however, T'Kai meets Ensign Ashley Williams who has a panic attack and threatens the counselor with a phaser, saying she is a security risk. T'Kai takes notes of this, bringing the recording to Commander Enor who then makes a recommendation to Starfleet Medical that Ensign Williams be forced to confront her past and her abilities, or leave Starfleet. Lieutenant JG Damion Wolfe is brought in to help her with the telepathy and empathy, while Counselor T'Kai is to help her with the trauma. Refusing either one's help, Williams is stripped of her rank and honorably discharged from Starfleet.

Meanwhile, the new Chief Diplomatic Officer comes aboard, who is also a Romulan Liaison Officer. Lieutenant JG Tikal and her Reman lover come aboard the USS Washington and are yet unable to make themselves at home. Doren is happy enough to be the cook and gets along well with Tannenn Locke, but Tikal is unable to make friends as she isolates herself. Ensign Diego Nunez holds a party for the science department in his quarters and invites Lieutenant JG D'Espall Ranor and her husband, and Tikal. When D'Espall encourages her to relax, Tikal is a little more relaxed and enjoys herself more at the party.

On the planet, Lieutenant JG Damion Wolfe goes to La Colonia Estrella in the Latin settlement. There he meets Lieutenant Deke Franklin and Commander Aishel Enor. They talk for a bit about Wolfe's family and his past. Soon, however, he sees that Deke wants to be alone with the commander and leaves them to find a date of his own among the many women at the bar. When Aishel says, she worries about him, Deke reminds her that she is to leave the captain persona on the ship during shoreleave.

However, all too soon, it is time for the next mission and the crew of the USS Washington leaves Auron Colony well rested.

Memorable Quotes

"Let me rephrase. I'm busy. Get out." - Lieutenant JG T'Kai

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  • "Rest And Repair" officially began on 22 August 2011.

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