Washington Mission 4: Wargames

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Mabron III, Gorn Hegemony


USS Washington crew rescued

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USS Washington

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The Washington is sent to uncover the mysterious disappearance of the mining personnel on a planet called Mabron III. Three crewmembers are thought to be killed in an explosion. Instead, they have been taken prisoner to an underground circuit of gladiator like games.


Captain Aishel Enor is ordered to investigate the disappearance of several miners from the mining colony of Mabron III. When the ship gets there, something is not quite right. Andreas is unwilling to help them as much as he should. When an away team is sent into the mines to investigate, they are forced to split up. However, an explosion apparently claims the lives of three of them: Commander Deke Franklin, Lieutenant JG T'Kai, and Lieutenant JG T'Stala. Upon further investigation, it is found that they are not dead, but rather transported to a cloaked ship in orbit. The ship had taken them deep into Gorn space to a planet of crime. Here, they were sold to a Gorn game master of the local arena and forced to fight to the death. It is here that they met Mignon Mejia, who was kidnapped from a shuttle while departing from Starbase 332. Back at the ship, the captain and Chief Intelligence Officer, Lieutenant Damion Wolfe, decide who will accompany Wolfe on a dangerous mission to the heart of the enemy territory to rescue the three officers while the USS Washington is waiting for permission to enter Gorn space. Wolfe decides that Nurse Randy Jackson, Lieutenant Martin Tam, Lieutenant JG Jonathon J. Kearns will accompany him. The engineering teams are to paint the Argo black to match the void of space and to turn off its transmitter to make it virtually invisible to sensors. Dressed in civilian clothes, they go into Gorn space and find the three officers at the arena. Finding their way into the crowd of the arena, they decide that Wolfe should contact Mignon since they both Betazoid. The only way to do that is to purchase her services that night. Thus, Wolfe does so and makes contact with her, informing her of the time that they are going to break them out. Mejia goes back and informs Franklin and T'Stala and also Chaka who has been taking care of Mignon since he saved her life in the arena. She also informs Wolfe that a second Vulcan never came to the arena. Lieutenant T'Kai is never found. At the mark, Wolfe, Tam, and Kearns tore into the tunnels to free them. Mejia, T'Stala and Franklin run out with a bunch of other prisoners, but take Chaka with them and, with the crew's help, breakout of the arena. Hiding out for a week, Franklin was more concerned with T'Stala than Mignon, and Jackson ignored almost everyone's injuries except Franklin and T'Stala. At the end of seven days, they snuck back to their Argo and headed for the rendez-vous point with the USS Washington. They were closely followed by a Gorn freighter and were pursued closely. A console exploded and Kearns gave his life to protect the others. However, they still had injuries as Wolfe was forced to crash land in the shuttlebay of the USS Washington. After they were safely into Federation space, Captain Enor offered Mejia a home aboard the USS Washington, and she accepted.

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  • "Wargames" officially began on 8 September 2011 - a mere month before the one year anniversary of the ship.

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